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Grand welcome for Narendra Modi at Pune airport

Author: admin
November 1, 2013 #

Grand welcome for Narendra Modi at Pune airport

India can reach new heights on the strength of the people: Narendra Modi

Am travelling across the country and can see that the direction of the wind is changing. Congress will not stay in power: Narendra Modi

Under Morarji Desai and Atal ji’s governments price rise was kept under check but when Congress forms a government or supports one, prices of commodities rise: Narendra Modi

PM is theirs, the Government is theirs but they still keep asking Modi for answers: Narendra Modi

When the people bless the BJP to serve them in 2014, the Government would answer the people not every five years but every year: Narendra Modi

The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Shri Narendra Modi landed in Pune to a very grand welcome by Maharashtra BJP leaders and Karyakartas. Speaking to the Karyakartas after landing at Pune airport, Shri Narendra Modi expressed confidence that India can reach newer heights of progress on the strength of the people of India but took on the Congress led UP government for its failure to harness this potential of 125 crore people of India. “India has immense skill but this Government in Delhi neither harnessed these skills nor gave jobs to the people,” he said. Narendra Modi stated that he is travelling across the country and it is evident that the direction of the wind is changing and that the Congress Party will not stay in power. He also affirmed that the Congress was trying to spread all kinds of lies and misuse central agencies but the blessings of the people of India and the path of truth keep him going. Shri Modi avowed, “I have faith in your blessings. I will live for you and will devote my life for you.”

Shri Modi affirmed that the nation has seen Governments run by various parties be it the Congress, the Left, regional parties, coalitions and they have seen the work of BJP governments. He called for political pundits to set common parameters to study the work of each of these governments and expressed confidence that when this happens, the question of whether to make the BJP victorious or not will never arise because it will be very clear that wherever the BJP has served, they have fulfilled aspirations of the people.

He said that there were two Governments in the Centre that the BJP (and its previous form the Jana Sangh) was a part of namely the Morarji Desai Government and the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government and in both the cases the governments did not allow prices of commodities to rise. However, when Congress forms a government or supports one, prices of commodities rise, Shri Modi affirmed.

Continuing his attack on the UPA, Shri Modi pointed that in a democracy the Government has to answer the people but the Congress-led UPA government has not answered the people in the last 9 years and only preferred to make allegations. He commented that the PM is theirs, the Government is theirs but they still keep asking Modi for answers. Shri Modi assured the people that when the people bless the BJP to serve them in 2014, the Government would answer the people not every five years but every year! Dilli me Shasak nahi Sevak baithnachahiye. Nath nahi, Janata ke das hone chahiye,” Shri Modi opined.

The BJP’s PM candidate categorically urged the Congress not to mislead the people of India in the name of asking questions on Gujarat because 10 months ago, when Gujarat voted the Gujarat government answered all their questions and that is why the people of Gujarat blessed them with a third consecutive term with a 2/3rd majority. This despite concerted attempts by the Congress to spent lies, he added.

Shri Modi asked the Congress-led UPA what happened to the series of promises they made, including to bring down prices in 100 days. He further said that those who make false promises cannot stay in Delhi. He asked why is Delhi unsafe for women despite the Congress President and the Chief Minister of Delhi being women.

Maharashtra BJP President Shri Dev Fadnavis, Rajya Sabha MP Shri Prakash Javdekar and several other leaders were present on the occasion.

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  • leena November 2, 2013 Today’s speech in Pune was really touching.You seemed stressed out,Sir.Take rest and please do not lose momentum,Wish you all the goodness on earth.
  • Sridharan Raghavachary November 1, 2013 Modiji you are absolutely right. Only during the Janata rule and BJP rule of Vajpayee the prices did not rise like poison. It is because of the corruption of congress and its allies. They just indulge in loot and allow corrupt people and black marketeers to loot.

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