"Dada Vaswani says that there is a lot to learn from the qualities of dedication and devotion in Shri Modi’s life"
"Dada Vaswani showers generous praise on Shri Modi"
"Dada Vaswani prays to God to shower his blessings on Shri Modi"
"Dada Vaswani looks forward to meeting Narendra Modi again"
"Dada Vaswani abundantly praised Shri Modi for his qualities at the event"
"Dada Vaswani said that Shri Modi is a doer and believes in doing things"
"Dada Vaswani praised Shri Modi for his simple and humble lifestyle"
"Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the Sadhu Vaswani College of Nursing on Pune"

Dada Vaswani sent a message of gratitude to Shri Narendra Modi for inaugurating the Sadhu Vaswani College of Nursing on 14th June 2013. In his message, he said to Shri Modi ,“you came, you saw, you conquered!” He was full of praise for Shri Modi’s speech at the event. Dada Vaswani further added that he looks forward to meeting Shri Modi again. Impressed by Shri Modi’s qualities of devotion and dedication, he said that there are a lot of things to learn from him. He prayed to God to bestow blessings on Shri Modi for his work in the service of Bharat Mata.

Shri Narendra Modi attended the inauguration ceremony of the Sadhu Vaswani College of Engineering in Pune on Sunday 14th June 2013. The Sadhu Vaswani College was jointly inaugurated by Shri Narendra Modi and Dada Vaswani.

Dada Vaswani gave an inspiring speech on the occasion. He expressed gratefulness for Shri Narendra Modi for coming all the way to Pune to inaugurate the College. Dada Vaswani said that Shri Modi wanted to be a Sanyasi in childhood, and he is a true Sanyasi at heart. He praised Shri Modi for his simple life style which includes not consuming alcohol, tobacco or non vegetarian food. He further lauded Shri Modi’s writings and said that Shri Modi  is a prolific writer and a poet. He opined that most importantly Shri Modi is a doer and believes in doing things. He said that the world is blessed by men who don’t just talk of doing things , but those who do them. He is also said that India needs men and women of character today and he adored Shri Modi for being a man of character. Dada Vaswani also appreciated Shri Modi’s oratory skills.

Dada Vaswani admired the qualities of simplicity and humility in Shri Modi and his family and told the audience that Shri Modi’s younger brother goes to office in a bus. Dada Vaswani also recalled an inspiring incident when Shri Modi as a child found a one rupee coin on the ground but instead of using it for himself he chose to donate it to a poor man’s daughter so that she could buy books. Elaborating Shri Modi’s humble and simple nature he also recollected that Shri Modi’s mother said that Shri Modi did all work like washing clothes and ironing by himself. Even in the harsh cold of winter, he takes a bath with cold water.

Dada Vaswani said that the real challenge ahead of us is of building a true Indian nation, which is free from provincialism, parochialism and casteism. He opined that it is character, which builds a nation. Dada Vaswani further added that we need a Swaraj which will serve the people as well as save the people. He felt that we need to rejuvenate the nation from the gloom of corruption prevailing today.Dada Vaswani said India needs the shakti of silent service. “We need leaders who will not scramble for power” said Dada Vaswani. Dada Vaswani told the youth of India to seek not power, but seek service. He urged the youth to be Indians first and volunteer for India first. Dada Vaswani also called for an end to the cult of empty commercialisation.

This is not the first time that revered personalities or saints have showered praise on Shri Modi. In the past too, saints from different sects have time and again praised Shri Narendra Modi and lauded him for the good work done by him.


Watch : Dada Vaswani Praises Shri Narendra Modi's Qualities

Watch : Dada Vaswani Thanks Shri Modi for coming to Pune

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