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Transformative Economic Growth

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Modi government's reforms and bold decisions have enabled India to become the fastest growing major economy in he world. Know more about the Indian economy's giant strides in the last 5 years.

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Moulding the Indian Economy for a Post-COVID World

The past seven years of the Narendra Modi government have seen an underlying theme driving the economic policy of the government – growth that is transformative, that is sustainable, that is healthy and is equitable and the results of which reach the poorest of the poor.
May 29, 2021

Indian Economy - Poised to Rise Again Post-COVID

The big-ticket reforms in MSME and agriculture sector, coupled with the moves to encourage increasing private sector participation, indicate a pathway for rapid growth in a post-COVID scenario.
May 29, 2020

Working Towards Sustainable Development

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been consistently pursuing policies that promise overall development of India. Continuous development across dimensions is the only route that will help India achieve its goals. However, with limited pool of natural resources and imminent challenges including water security and climate change, our policies and actions need to be cautious and not encroach the natural ecosystem required for life to sustain. Therefore, India adopted the ‘Resource Efficiency Approach’ which is markedly different from the unsustainable resource maximisation route. In its bid to achieve 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), India is aligning its policies with various social, economic and environmental dimensions. By choosing to the meet the resource needs of the country, at the least possible cost to the environment, India has embarked upon the sustainable development pathway for past 6 years.
May 28, 2020

Economy : Numbers Tell It All

To arrive at any conclusion related to PM Narendra Modi’s economic policies, once has to rewind to the 2012-13 period, when rupee was at a marked low on account of taper tantrum and India had been dubbed as one of the ‘fragile five’ economies of the world. Policy paralysis had punctured investor confidence and Indian businesses, both big and small, stared into impending distress and despair.
May 28, 2020

Reforms That Help India Perform

Financial sector reforms have been an integral part of the Modi Government. This approach emanates from the understanding that the sector is the ultimate driver of individual and collective goals. The past six years have witnessed implementation of long-overdue steps, tax optimisation to rationale being a key component behind existence or removal of archaic laws.
May 28, 2020

Paving the Path for Five Trillion Dollar Economy

Once known as the land of milk and honey, India has abundant natural resources, production capacity, a large domestic market and a vibrant democracy that helps ideas take appreciable form. On August 15, 2019 when PM Narendra Modi shared his vision for a USD 5 trillion economy, he mentioned about his Government’s will to provide an enabling environment and infrastructure to ensure India’s per capital increases in a short-span.
May 28, 2020