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Renewed Focus on Northeast

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Development is transforming India’s culturally rich and diverse Northeast at an unprecedented scale. Know more about what the Modi government has done in the Northeast.

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Addressing Legacy Issues for Lasting Peace in the North East

Today is the day for the entire North East including Assam to welcome a new beginning in the 21st century, a new dawn, a new inspiration. Today is the day to take a pledge that development and trust would continue to be our mainstay and that they would be further strengthened.
May 27, 2020

Building Infrastructure, Boosting Connectivity, Spurring Development – the Modi Mantra for North East

The role of infrastructure in spurring growth for any region is well understood. However, when that is combined with a focused effort to connect remote, often neglected parts, it transforms human lives.
May 27, 2020

Securing the Northeast for a Secure India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strategic vision of making Northeast India as the gateway to Southeast Asia includes a roadmap for making Northeast secure. This means a comprehensive plan to protect borders and working with our neighboring nations in enhancing security.
May 26, 2020