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Farmer welfare is a top priority for Modi government. From sowing to selling, insurance to irrigation, read all about the steps taken for farmer welfare.

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Pro-Farmer Reforms and their Aftermath Show Government’s Good Intentions

The issue of making agriculture profitable for farmers has been discussed and debated for decades now.
May 29, 2021

PM Narendra Modi’s Long Relationship with Farmers

Independent India has seen many Prime Ministers but among them, Narendra Modi is unique. Before going onto win the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he had been Chief Minister of a state for over thirteen years.
May 29, 2021

Ushering a New Era of Farmers’ Welfare in the Last Seven Years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has always worked for farmer welfare in a methodical way. The government assesses farmers’ needs diligently and ensures that steps are taken to fulfil their needs. Modi government’s important work can be seen in each of the sectors that impact agriculture.
May 29, 2021

Aatma Nirbhar Agriculture - A Vision for New India’s Farmers

On the 12th of May 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation to convey an important message to 1.3 billion Indians. The message, in his own words, was very simple: it is time for India to realize the fact that twenty first century is truly India’s century, as has been said for years by several people.
May 29, 2020

Better Income and Security for Farmers: Modi Government’s Vision and Action

PM Modi’s vision of doubling farmer’s income by 2022 can be seen in the initiatives taken by the government. With focus on farmers, this government believes in empowering annadatas in every way possible.
May 29, 2020

Modi Government's Continued Commitment to All-Round Farmer Welfare

Agriculture is the soul of the Indian economy in many ways, as it powers Indians on a daily basis through its multifarious outputs. It also witnesses a large number of Indians practicing this occupation, who struggle on a daily basis against various kinds of factors just to perform their daily duties. Knowing fully well the struggles of the farming community, the Narendra Modi government has since 2014 been exhaustively engaged in making things easier for farmers through a series of measures by working to reduce the challenges faced by them on critical points.
May 28, 2020

Boosting Farmer Incomes Through Allied Activities - NaMo 2.0 Remains Committed

With its commitment to doubling farm income by 2022, the Modi government has been firing on all cylinders to make agriculture a remunerative profession in every sense. Prime Minister Modi brings to the table his detailed sense of the works, as shown by his government’s attention to not just farming but also the allied activities sector Animal husbandry, poultry, fisheries, dairy to name a few have received significant attention from this government over the past six years, and movement on the front has accelerated under NaMo 2.0.
May 28, 2020

Creating the Hardware and Software for Agriculture – An Article of Faith for the Modi Government

Doubling farmer income is a cornerstone of the Narendra Modi government’s outlook towards agriculture in India. Bearing this in mind, a close scrutiny of the varying policies across different sub-segments of this sector shows distinct policy paradigms emerging clearly. One such paradigm is the focus on spurring infrastructure for agriculture, and creating the ‘hardware’ and the ‘software’ necessary to enable farmer income growth in India’s agricultural system.
May 28, 2020