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Empowering Youth with Opportunities

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Youth are the builders of India’s future. Be it education, employment, entrepreneurship or sports, a number of initiatives have empowered youth and strengthened their hands. Know all this and more in this section.

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Creation of Massive Job Opportunities

India’s youth are transforming the nation. For their active involvement, the Modi government is helping create opportunities in tune with their skills and capabilities.
March 27, 2019

Prime Minister Modi: A Role Model for Youth

The new approach that PM Narendra Modi has brought to the highest office has been instrumental in forging his deep connection with the Indian youth who feel motivated to serve the nation.
March 27, 2019

Brand India: A force to reckon with

India is emerging as a global power, is resting its bets on 5Ts– Tourism, Trade, Talent, Tradition and Technology. On all the 5 fronts, the Modi government has made significant progress, opening up new opportunities for youth and strengthening India’s position on a world stage.
March 27, 2019

Jobs – A Promise Made and Delivered by the Modi Government

New India’s new economy is creating more opportunities to engage its youth than ever before. Be it employment or entrepreneurship, the world’s fastest growing major economy is fueling unprecedented job creation across sectors.
March 27, 2019