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PM Narendra Modi’s government has laid unprecedented focus on Ease of Living for all. Across many endeavours like procuring passports, IT refunds, digital payments, ease of process has been ensured. New gen infra is making life comfortable. In this section know all about it.

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Ease Of Living Ensured Across Various Domains

Ease of Living has been ensured across multiple domains by the Modi government. From a seemingly small measure like self-attestation to a big decision like RERA, Ease of Living has been at the core of the government’s reforms.
March 19, 2019

All-Round Infrastructural Growth Easing Lives

Infrastructure, be it housing, urban transportation, rural roads or railways, boosts Ease of Living for the people. The Modi government is at the forefront of building massive infrastructure for India.
March 19, 2019

Ease of Living Becoming a Reality in the Lives of Millions of Indians

With aspirations of homes, education, health and an easier daily life being fulfilled, Ease of Living is becoming a reality in the lives of crores of Indians under the Modi government.
March 19, 2019