Twin awards for Tech savvy CM

Published By : Admin | October 28, 2010 | 10:18 IST

Narendra Modi’s portal as well as the State official portal gets e-gov awards in different categories.

The official portal of Hon’ble CM Narendra Modi ( got the prestigious eGov 2.0 award for the ‘Most innovative use of social Media’. There were more than 400 entries for this prestigious award, The other two recipients in this category were Ministry of External Affairs’ Public Diplomacy Division and Delhi Traffic Police. The awards were conferred at the gala event held at New Delhi on 28th October, Thursday evening.

It’s a matter of pride for Gujarat that its State Portal ( too won an award in the same event for the ‘Most user friendly portal’.

Instituted by eGov magazine, the India eGov 2.0 Awards aim to felicitate and acknowledge unique and innovative initiatives in the use of social media tools for creating interactive platforms for improving citizen service delivery. It is also awarded for sharing and garnering information to meet the larger social development goals by the government and private sector bodies including citizens, citizen groups, NGOs and political parties. The eGov magazine is the Asia's first and only print-cum-online magazine on e-Governance, focusing on the use of ICTs in governance. has been recognized for the most innovative use of social media and web 2.0 technologies. In his message for the occasion Chief Minister said that “I am extremely happy for today’s award since it has supported my belief that we can do wonders by deploying the strength of social networking platforms- not only to remain closely in touch with people or to improve our delivery mechanisms, but also to make people actively participate in governance. It gives me satisfaction that over a period of time this portal has evolved as a strong platform for the citizens to have easy access to the highest office of the State”.

The portal in itself is built with wide social networking tools and advanced technical features through which people can share stories, ideas, views and opinions. Shri Modi’s Twitter account has 59335 followers and facebook has 66992 followers. There have been instances wherein on the basis of tweets and other communications, grave issues and grievances have come to the notice and have promptly attended to.

Besides, it has a repository of 200 audios, 255+ videos, 1000 + pictures and 21 ebooks of Shri Narendra Modi. His ebooks are made available through online publishing site Scribd. It keeps users of the portal updated with all the recent events through Newsletters and mailers. Portal has a separate section named Toshakhana that promotes noble causes like Girl Child Education through online auction of the gifts of Shri Narendra Modi. The unique feature of the portal allows people to watch live webcast of important events.

The portal is also novel in a way that it is put in 5 languages English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Sanskrit for a wide coverage of users. Another striking feature is that it has been largely managed by volunteers across the world.

State portal of Gujarat has been recognized as the most user friendly portal. It provides a unified interface to all Gujarat Government websites and acts as a logical front-end of the Government. The exclusive feature of the portal allows citizens to partake in Government by picking up various activities and hence enabling a huge participation.

Both the portals foster innovative use of technology making it user friendly. They allow people not only to interact but also effectively engage them in state activities.

Awards and recognition each day in different fields bagged by Gujarat and its CM reaffirm our faith in the following words at the top of

“Only those who keep walking get sweet returns...look at the sun's perseverance - dynamic & always on the move, never dormant... hence keep moving “.

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