United Nation’s coveted Public Service Award to SWAGAT

Published By : Admin | August 4, 2010 | 13:05 IST

State has adopted State wide Attention on Grievances by Application of Technology-SWAGAT- , through which State reiterates its commitment to citizens, who can get appropriate remedy to their problems pertaining to the services of Government of Gujarat. Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi is the driving force behind the success of the On-Line complains’ redressal mechanism. He firmly believes in Good Governance, which is a key to social justice and inclusive growth. We are a democratic nation, not an authoritarian system. In democracy: People’s voice is always supreme and sovereign. Governments are obliged to protect rights and defend interest of the citizens. Delay in disposal is a bane for the society. Shri Modiji has found one stop solutions to people’s grievances through SWAGAT on line programme.

Under the dynamic and foresighted leadership of Shri Narendra Modi Gujarat has witnessed a remarkable transformation. Chief Minister, who dares to make impossible possible, says that the flow of complain is an indication to take corrective measures in time. Administration must be proactive in solving problems of citizens, officials must sit together to find out lasting solutions of the problems faced by people. For, five to ten complains are enough to take the right standing. Emphasis is to enhance the sensitivity of administration.

For the first time, when SWAGAT was implemented in April-2003, in his address through video-conferencing to district top brass CM asserted that if citizen has to approach Gandhinagar for trifle matters, it is not at all a good sign for the Government. Village level problems must be solved at village level and Taluka level problems must have solutions at Taluka places only. He stressed on the need to change the attitude of governance. CM always says there is life in file; attend to each issue with utmost sensitivity and dedication.

Technologically Gujarat has changed and progressed a lot. SWAGAT was originally designed by National Informatics’ Centre, a web-browsed programme that not only preserves the applicant’s data, but also enables follow-up, gives reminder after 15 days. Status of application may be explored through internet by entering the specific I.D. number being allotted for to that particular complain. Scrutiny of application helps administration plotting the charts and drafting people centric policies. Complain documents are scanned, the E-File is prepared, and it reaches up to concerned secretary or collector. On 4th Thursday of every month, after giving patient hearing to applicant, CM gives directives to officials for the solution. Through video conferencing, CM can listen to applicant; he can interact with the applicant. Chief Secretary, senior secretaries and district administration participates in SWAGAT, which is being held on 4th Thursday of each month, giving full solutions to complain lodged by applicant, within the framework.

SWAGAT, now extended up to Taluka places, till date received 100349 complains, out of that 98203 have been solved , if we take a glimpse on break up- 51170 complains received under State and District level SWAGAT programme, out of that 50810 found prompt solutions, in Taluka level SWAGAT programme -49179 complains were received out of that 47393 were solved. This is a shining example of people centric governance.

United Nations observes Public Service Day on 23rd June. Administrative and Management Department of Economic and Social Affairs adjudged SWAGAT programme as the best functioning programme, for bringing about quality enabled changes through modern technology; it also considered transparency and accountability factors. SWAGAT scored a double triumph when the coveted public-service award came while Gujarat is celebrating Golden Jubilee of its inception. It has happened because of disciplined efforts and meticulous planning. The achievement is attributed to better work culture, which gives assurance of time-bound solutions.

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