Treaty on transfer of sentenced persons between India and Qatar

Published By : Admin | December 2, 2014 | 21:08 IST

The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, today approved thesigning of the treaty on transfer of sentenced persons between India and Qatar. 

The signing of the Treaty shall facilitate Indian prisoners imprisoned in Qatar or vice-versa to be near their families, for serving the remaining part of their sentence and shall facilitate their social rehabilitation. 

Prior to 2004, there was no domestic legislation under which foreign prisoners could be transferred to the country of their origin to serve the remaining part of their sentence, nor was there a provision for the transfer of prisoners of Indian origin convicted by a foreign court to serve their sentence in India. 

Hence the Repatriation of Prisoners Act, 2003 was enacted for serving this purpose. For achieving the objectives of the Act, a Treaty/Agreement is required to be signed with countries having mutual interest with India and later to be notified in the Official Gazette. 

The Government of India has so far signed Agreements with the Governments of United Kingdom, Mauritius, Bulgaria, Brazil, Cambodia, Egypt, France, Bangladesh, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran., Kuwait, Sri Lanka, UAE, Maldives, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Israel, Russia, Vietnam and Australia. Negotiations have also been concluded with the Governments of Canada, Hong Kong, Nigeria and Spain. 

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PM Modi addresses a mega public rally in Dhenkanal, Odisha
May 20, 2024
Even small leaders of BJD have now become millionaires. BJD did not let you benefit from the resources of Odisha: PM Modi in Dhenkanal
BJD has given nothing to Odisha. Farmers, youth and Adivasis are still struggling for a better life: PM Modi in Dhenkanal

The campaigning for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 as well as the State Assembly Election has gained momentum as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed a mega public meeting in Dhenkanal, Odisha. Addressing the huge gathering, the PM stated, “BJD has given nothing to Odisha. Farmers, youth and Adivasis are still struggling for a better life. People who have destroyed Odisha should not be forgiven.”

Kickstarting the rally, PM Modi said, “During this election time, many experts from around the world are traveling across the country, gauging the pulse of Indian voters. Everyone is surprised and astonished by the public support and blessings. Everyone wants to bring back the Modi government for a third time, especially with the high enthusiasm of our mothers, sisters, and youth. Here, one slogan resonates: For the first time in Odisha... a double engine government!”

Seeing the sorry state of affairs in Odisha, PM Modi said, "Why are the people of such a prosperous Odisha so poor? The reason is the BJD government. Even small leaders in the BJD have become millionaires. The BJD government of Odisha has not let you benefit from the state's mineral wealth. Modi has created a new mining policy. Under this, Odisha gets more royalty. Modi has created a District Mineral Fund... so that a portion of every mineral extracted here is used for local development."

Questioning the Ratna Bhandar’s missing keys, PM Modi stated, “In the BJD government, even the temple of Lord Jagannath is not safe. For the last six years, there has been no trace of the key to the Shri Ratna Bhandar. A big secret behind this is being hidden by the BJD government and close associates of the Chief Minister. The entire Odisha wants to know what is in the investigation report that the BJD has suppressed it. The silence of the BJD is deepening people's suspicion. I assure you today that as soon as the BJP government is formed in Odisha, the truth will come out. The BJP government will make the investigation report public.”

“Those who are not sensitive to the heritage of Odisha cannot protect it either. Only the children of Odisha can drive the rapid development of Odisha. That is why Modi has given you a guarantee. Form a BJP government here, and the BJP will make a son or daughter of Odisha the Chief Minister of Odisha. And you know the date of the swearing-in ceremony, right? June 10th... On June 10th, the double-engine government will take the oath here,” he added.

Coming down heavily on the BJD, PM Modi remarked, “For the first time, the BJD government's flaws are being exposed to the entire nation. The state government is completely neglectful of tribal interests. We have created the Van Dhan Yojana for tribal families, purchasing forest products at MSP. There are over 3,500 Van Dhan centers across the country, with nearly 200 in Odisha, buying over 80 forest products at MSP. But what does the BJD government do? It doesn't even give you the correct MSP for forest produce. It's been 25 years, and the BJD government hasn't implemented the PESA Act for tribal land rights, leaving many issues unresolved.”

Further illustrating the BJD government's lax attitude, PM Modi asserted, “For instance, Modi sends money from Delhi to provide you with free rice, but BJD officials put their photos on it and sell your share outside. Therefore, the BJP has devised a significant plan for the women of Odisha. The Subhadra Yojana will greatly assist every sister in Odisha. Modi is also working to reduce your electricity bills to zero. The PM Surya Ghar-Muft Bijli Yojana is expanding rapidly, with the Modi government providing over ₹75,000 for solar panels on your homes, allowing you to use up to 300 units of free electricity and earn from the surplus.”

“To ensure a double-engine government in Odisha, elect BJP candidates as MLAs and MPs, and send them to Bhubaneswar and Delhi respectively. Also, I urge you all to go door to door and convey Modi Ji's greetings and respects to everyone," said the PM.