Haripura: Subhash Jayanti-2009

A Rare Boon for the Panchayati Raj Institutions of Gujarat:

Gujarat Witnesses a new Dawn of Technology Enabled Rural Empowerment

Gujarat registers a revolutionary landmark

“A journey from Swaraj to Surajya”: Shri Modi

History has been revived from Subhas Babu’s slogan for ‘Swaraj’ (Self-Rule) to  Shri Modi’s  endeavor for   ‘Surajya’  (Good-Governance)  “Gaon-Chalo”  (Reach the Villages).

“Give me a bit of your efforts, and I will give you a Prosperous Gujarat”: Shri Modi 


Dedicating the   E-gram- Vishwagram Project to 13,693 Village Panchayats, a rare boon for the Panchayati Raj Institutions of Gujarat, Chief Minister, Shri Narendra Modi strengthened the villages through technology. He announced, this Government has infused a new life in to the entire Panchayati Raj system by introducing them to technology. An era of technology enabled rural empowerment has begun, added the C.M.

Chief Minister mentioned that Mahatma Gandhi had cherished a dream of   Ram Rajya through   Gram Rajya  (Village Rule) and Subhas Babu was determined to achieve   Su-Rajya  (Good Governance) through   Swaraj  (Self Rule). He explained that in the same way, through skilful synthesis of technology, the Gujarat Government has been show nIndia the true path of their journey in establishing   Ram Rajya through   Gram Rajya  and   Su-Rajya  through   Swaraj.

Gujarat has registered a new landmark in India, in the field of E-Governance in Panchayati Rule. Today, on the birth anniversary of our beloved freedom fighter, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose has been instrumental in creating history in the 21st century, on the historical land of Haripura of Bardoli taluka of Surat district of South Gujarat.

Linking the Gram Panchayats through Broad Band Connectivity, Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi has fulfilled the dream of our great leaders; the journey has started from   Swaraj  to   Su-Rajya.

Chief Minister had unveiled the   plaque and garlanded the statue of Netaji Subhash Babu, who had motivated the people for the  Swaraj Andolan  during the Independence Struggle in 1938. He visited the house, where Subhas Babu had stayed.  In the same manner as Subhas Babu had been taken in a decorated chariot drawn by 51bullocks to the place of the meeting by the villagers, Shri Modi was also taken through the same road in the same chariot drawn by 51 bullocks.  He also inaugurated the inspiring exhibition on the life of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

After dedicating the ambitious E -gram-Vishwagram Project, the Chief Minister announced that a mammoth task had been undertaken to telecast the progress in the work of development of village for Panchayati Raj by Channels and the wide area network of the Panchayat. Bringing about economic and social revolution in 18,000 villages by providing three phase electricity supply for 24 hours through   Jyotigram  Yojana, the Chief Minister has given a new message to the villagers of India by successfully strengthening the villages through technology.

On this occasion of the commencement of  the E-Gram Vishwa Gram  project, the villagers celebrated E-festival. The Chief Minister interacted with the villagers through video conferencing with at least four village Panchayats of Saurashtra, Kutchh, North Gujarat and South Gujarat and highlighted the immense success achieved by the project.

Shri Modi said that more than 80 countries of the world and all village Panchayats are watching the live telecast of that festival of the development revolution at tribal-friendly Haripura. He further added that, the freedom struggle and movement of   Self Rule had been given new strength by the leadership of Subhas Babu.

However, unfortunately this history was forgotten. On the Subhas Jayanti, the dream of Subhas Babu is fulfilled from Swaraj to Su-Raj through the   E-Gram  project. After India’s independence, no Government for 73 years had cared to bring the ashes of revered freedom fighter Late Shyamji Krushnavarma from Geneva, and this government had brought to light the history of this revered freedom fighter by the   Veeranjali Yatra. Just like the Jallianwala massacre, the British had massacred the adivasis of the Pal jungles of Sabarkantha. This history had been forgotten and today the Gujarat Government made a   Martyr Memorial of adivasis. And now, on the land of Haripura, in fulfilling the dream of Subhas Babu of encouraging the movement of self-rule to   good rule , it is this Gujarat Government only, who has labored to fulfill the dream of awakening the spirit of the villages through technology.

He proudly announced that the government has taken a step forward from service, facilities and   “Sukhakari mate Sarkar apne Dwar”  (Government at your doorstep for your Comfort) to “Sarkar tamari Aangli na Terve”  (at your fingertips). Furthermore, he said Gujarat has become well known in the world for its road- infrastructure network of   Rajmarg so also now it has been known in the country for   Rural Communication Digital Road Map .

Additionally, Shri Modi stated that, through the   E-Gram  project, the quality of all the services for the betterment of the people by the village Panchayat would definitely improve. The government has been working with sincere dedication and has strived since the last two years to achieve this software, as a result of which; the poor rural citizens now have access to such high quality communication services at par with the services in Prime Minister’s residence .

The power of the   E-Gram and  Jyotigram  projects is so immense that this government wishes to fulfill the dream of remarkable improvement in the education of the villages, and to see that the villages get the facility of   Telemedicine  for health care.He also stated that, after the grand success of   Vibrant Gujarat , the government of this state equally cares for its common man of the villages, and for their comforts and care.

Shri Narendra Modi emotionally called out the youth of Gujarat and said,   Subhas Babu had given the slogan of   “Chalo Delhi”  for   Swaraj  and the slogan of this government for   Su-Rajya  is   “Gaon Chalo, tum mujhe pasina do, mein tum he harabhara Gujarat donga.”

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