Kailash Kher

I had an opportunity to meet the Prime Minister to extend an invite for the wedding of my sister. Till then, I had only seen him on TV and heard about him meeting people from others.

What I experienced that day I will remember forever. He gave us undivided attention. No distractions, phone calls…his complete attention was towards our conversation. His sense of humour and wit is remarkable. He asked me about my family, about my journey and my music. It was humbling.

India has always been known as a country of living legends. Individuals whose thoughts, vision and work have immortalised them in the pages of time.

Born from India’s diversity, built in its unity and nurtured by its tenacity for greatness, they have defined India’s history and thereby its future too.

One among such great individuals is our beloved prime minister, Shri. Narendra Modi. On his 66th birthday, I bow to him in salutation and respect and thank him for giving our India its deserving place on the global stage and for lighting the path of our youth to help them achieve global dreams.

Kailash Kher