Shri Narendra Modi’s letter to countrymen on the eve of 3-day fast

Published By : Admin | September 16, 2011 | 06:07 IST

Narendra Modi's letter to countrymen on the eve of 3-day fast

“Let us take Sadbhavna Mission further”

“Anybody's suffering is CM's suffering”

“Providing justice to all is the State's duty”

“We will fulfill our duty to the best of our capability”

                                                  – Chief Minister

Gandhinagar, Friday: On the eve of his starting 72-hour fast for Sadbhavna Mission from Saturday morning, Chief Minister Narendra Modi today exuded confidence the mission would get the people's blessings and lend further strength to the nation's unity in diversity.

In a fervent appeal, he writes an open letter to the countrymen that India's history has been witness to the reality and Gujarat has realized that the poison of casteism and communal fanaticism do not serve anybody. Gujarat has risen over the distortions in society and national life to march on to the path of progress, peace, unity, harmony and brotherhood.

Mr. Modi said that the Constitution of India is supreme for him. There could be no favorite, no foe of a State. As the Chief Minister, he said, anybody's suffering is my suffering. Providing justice to all is the State's duty. He wished he gets everybody's blessings on this occasion to serve the people better.

(The letter follows…)

My dear Brothers and Sisters!

Sadar Pranam,

Today, I begin my 3–days fast of Sadbhavna Mission with your blessings and good wishes. This Mission is totally dedicated to the society and the Nation. It aims at Unity, Harmony and Brotherhood among all.

Twenty first century did not begin well for Gujarat. In 2001, the devastating earthquake on our Republic day, took a very heavy toll. In the subsequent year, Gujarat became the victim of communal violence. We lost innocent lives, suffered devastation of property and endured lot of pain. One can visualize what all we have gone through.

Those were very difficult and trying days. However, Gujarat has come out of these difficulties and leapfrogged on the path of development. Today, Gujarat is progressing fast. The atmosphere of peace, unity, social harmony and brotherhood has given further impetus to the process of development.

The Indian history is a witness that casteism and communalism have never done any good to society. This is also my own firm conviction. Gujarat has understood this and having overcome these evils, it has adopted the path of Inclusive Development. We are committed to work for a developed Gujarat for a developed India.

My dear Brothers and Sisters! no State, society or individual can claim to be perfect. I am grateful to all those who pointed out my genuine mistakes during last 10 years. I seek your blessings to serve the people with devotion free from all human shortcomings. As Chief Minister of the State, the pain of each and every citizen is my own pain. Ensuring Justice to all is the duty of the State.

The six crore people of Gujarat are working together for their own development and that of the State. The poorest of the poor is a partner in this process and is confident that he will get the fruits of development. Everyone has inculcated the State's ethos of ‘Development of all with Cooperation of all' (Sabka Saath – Sabka Vikaas).

During my fast, I will continue to pray to the Almighty to give me strength so that I do not develop or retain any ill-feeling or bitterness towards those who defamed Gujarat or me by making false allegations.

Our country is a shining example of Unity in Diversity. I am confident that with your blessings, this Sadbhavna Mission will further strengthen our social fabric.

I will also pray to God to give the requisite strength to all of us to take this Sadbhavna Mission forward.

Vande Mataram !

Always remains yours

[Narendra Modi]


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