Shri Modi Educates the Congress on Education

Published By : Admin | December 4, 2012 | 11:00 IST

Shri Modi educates the Congress on education

CM shatters Congress propagated myth that education is expensive in Gujarat and there is privatization of education in the state

Shri Modi points out that not only does Gujarat have more government engineering colleges than Congress ruled states, the fees Gujarat charges are significantly lower than that in Congress states

Another lie of Congress nailed!


For the last 12 months, the people of Gujarat have been subjected to a daily dose of lies by the Congress Party, whose sole aim is to derail the development journey in Gujarat of the last 11 years! The lies spread by the Congress takes various forms and covers a wide range of issues.

One such issue on which the Congress has shamelessly resroted to spreading canards is the cost of education in Gujarat. Congressmen argue that education is not only expensive in Gujarat but also the state has become a den of privatization of education.

In his speeches and through his unique style, Shri Narendra Modi completely shattered this myth and gave solid facts and figures to show that while education in Gujarat is cost effective, it is Congress ruled states where it is expensive and in the hands of few private individuals. By lying on the state of education, the Congress is only trying to mislead the youth of Gujarat!


More Government run engineering colleges in Gujarat as compared to Congress ruled states!

Shri Modi pointed out that Gujarat has far more Government run engineering colleges as compared to Congress ruled states. Take a look at the data below:
State Party in power Number of Government engineering colleged
Maharashtra Congress (for 12 years) 7
Andhra Pradesh Congress (for 8.5 years) 10
Rajasthan Congress 10
On the other hand, Gujarat surges ahead of these states with 19 government engineering colleges!

Despite being a smaller state, Gujarat has more government engineering College than the above mentioned states.


Engineering fees lowest in Gujarat

Now, compre the free structure in government engineering colleges in Congress ruled states vs Gujarat. The result punctures yet again the lies spread by the Congress.
State Fees
Maharashtra Rs. 25,000
Rajasthan Rs. 45,000
Haryana Rs. 40,000
GUJARAT Rs. 1,500
One wonders how can students of poor or middle class background send their chidlren to government run engineering colleges in Congress ruled states.

Again it can be seen that the fees in Gujarat are Rs. 1,500, which makes the doors of education open to everyone. Not only that, women, students of Dalit and Tribal community are not charged even a penny as frees and OBC students are admitted to these colleges with a consession on the fees.

Under Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat has emerged as a state that is creating opportunties, not charging exhorbitant fees that become a deterrant to studying.


Privatization of education rampant in Congress ruled states.

There is a reason that Congress ruled states do not promote Government run colleges and the reason is simple- most Congress leaders own educational institutes in states ruled by them and they have made it a lucrtive business of making money through exhorbitant fees.

For example, Maharashtra, which has just seven government engineering colleges, has 536 private engineering colleges and Andhra Pradesh, which has only 10 Government colleges, has 671 private engineering colleges. Congress leaders or their families run most of these private Institutes.

Thus, not only has Shri Narendra Modi shattered this Congress lie, he has also given a lot of food for thought.

Can we give Gujarat’s future to a party that believes in creating obstacles and not opportunties so that the pockets of their leaders can be enriched?

Do we want our future generations to become engineers at the mercy of a Congress leader, who will set up a College with high fees or do we want the state Government to provide quality and affordable education?

It is time we come together and say yet again- Ekmat Gujarat, Bane Bhajap Sarkar

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