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For the Congress party, only one family is everything; for us, the people of India are our family: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed two huge public meetings in Sumerpur and Dausa in Rajasthan in his penultimate leg of election campaigning in the state before it goes to the polls on 7th December. Both the rallies saw PM Modi urging his supporters to reject the negative and divisionary politics of the Congress.

Beginning his address to supporters in Sumerpur, PM Modi gave the mantra of ‘Mera Polling Booth, Sabse Mazboot Polling Booth’ to the numerous party Karyakartas present at the event. Prime Minister Modi then criticized the Congress party for its decades of misrule and for spreading divisions in the country based on caste and communal lines.

He said, “This party that has divided us on the basis of caste, class and community, has no right to govern a remarkable state like Rajasthan.” In this regard, he further listed out several major corruption scandals that took place under the Congress rule and blasted the Congress for letting such massive corruption cases happen right under its nose. Describing how the some of the biggest names of Congress, including its leader are out on bail on corruption cases, PM Modi asked his supporters, “Can such leaders can be trusted with the huge responsibility of governing Rajasthan? Corruption is the norm for the Congress.” 

At his second and last rally in Dausa before the state elections, Prime Minister Modi began his address by reminding people how despite ruling the country for 4 generations, the Congress party never felt the need for a separate Ministry for the tribal people of India.


He said, “Why didn’t the Congress make a separate Ministry for the welfare of our tribals despite being in the government for decades? It was a BJP government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji who created a separate Ministry for the benefit of the tribal people. The Congress must answer the people.”

PM Modi also talked about the Khadi fabric industry, which was used by Mahatma Gandhi for making India self-reliant during the independence struggle, to express his dismay at the Congress for completely neglecting the Khadi sector during its decades in power.

He contrasted this with his government which has revived the Khadi sector, as a result of which, Khadi is now not only a hugely profitable sector but is also giving employment to the people in record numbers. 











The election campaigning in Rajasthan came to a halt with the conclusion of this rally where PM Modi urged his supporters to vote in huge numbers for the BJP in the upcoming elections.  

Click here to read PM's speech in Rajasthan

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