The overall Goal is to Enhance Agro-Based economy:Hon'ble CM

Published By : Admin | May 22, 2010 | 20:15 IST

Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi has made a fervent appeal to the farmers to cooperate in land-acquisition procedures paving way for constructing canal-network in the command area of Sardar Sarovar Project.

Unleashing a tide of creative potential, Gujarat is moving ahead with a vision filled with innovations in agriculture and live stock management, added Hon'ble CM.

Referring to the national recognition for Bunny-Buffalo, Chief Minister said Gujarat has the strength to convert a crisis in to an opportunity. To get rid of the unabated growth of Babul (Gando-Baval), we moot small power –generation units by utilizing babul as the fuel, along with the project organic-honey project. The Bunny-Buffalo has opened up bright avenues for organic-milk, said Hon'ble CM.

Concentrating on accelerated growth in agriculture, the 6th Edition of Krushi Mahotsav is going to cover all 18000 villages of State. Dantiwada Krushi University witnessed overwhelming response from the farmers of North-Gujarat.

On the Occasion, Progressive farmers and live stock owners were recognised; they were honored with Krushina Rushi Awards. Chief Minister also dedicated Maize Research Station Bhiloda, Cotton Research Centre Talod, Wheat Research Station Vijapur, Advanced Research Lab of Radhanpur, and newly constructed buildings of Amirgadh Agri-Polytechnics from the dais.

Braving the sweltering heat, farmers and live stock owners are participating the Krushi Mahotsav, it charts a unique path to progress and prosperity, added CM.

The creative energy and financial resources have been plunge in to action, braving scorching heat the scientists are moving farm to farm, aiming to improve economic efficiency of agriculture sector, also finding solutions to farmer’s need, said CM.

In 21st century, environmental changes and scanty resources demands innovative changes in agriculture. In a bid to boost efficiency of agriculture sector, State has undertaken the massive exercise, having participation of small and marginal farmers; Chief Minister outlined the theme and vision of Krushi Mahotsav .He also motivated the farmers to adopt modern technology by sharpening creative zeal.

Gujarat Government has protected the farmers in many ways, ensuring them electricity supply, irrigation facilities through Narmada and Sujalam –Sufalam water. Krushi Mahotsav has brought revolutionary changes in the mindsets of small and marginal farmers, motivation to them for better results.

On the occasion, CM gave a new formula, 1) Utilizing every inch of their fertile land, farmers ought to go for scientific agricultural methods, 2) Improve milk production taking maximum advantage of available resources and infrastructure, 3) adopt tree-farming. It will not only make them prosperous but will change the entire scenario, also benefiting them with multiple incomes from agriculture produce- milk production and income from trees.

Horticulture crops are extremely beneficial, said Hon'ble CM.

Panchayat Minister, Shri Narottam Patel said that Krushi Mahotsav have succeeded Gujarat’s farmers, they have now adopted scientific methods.

Agriculture Minister, Shri Dilip Sanghani asserted that Gujarat’s agriculture performance is the best in India. Gujarat has attained and retained phenomenal 10% growth rate in agriculture.

Minister of State Water Resources and Cooperation Shri Parbat Patel, Ex. Agriculture Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama enumerated the benefits of Krushi Mahotsav.

Beneficiaries of Gujarat Horticulture Mission received financial assistance worth Rs.1.20 Crores. In event accidental deaths, insurance claim cheques were distributed to the beneficiaries.

Revenue Minister Smt Anandiben Patel, Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Shri Fakirbhai Vaghela, Minister of State Shri Jaysinh Chauhan, M.P.Shri Jayshriben Patel, Shri Natuji Thakor, Deputy President BJP, MLAs Shri Vasant Bhatol, Shri Govind Prajapati, Shri Mafatbhai Purohit, Banas Dairy Chairman Shri Parthi Bhatol, Vice Chancellor Dantiwada Krushi University Dr.R.C.Maheshwari, Principal Secretary Agriculture Shri R.K.Tripathi, District Collector Shri R.J.Patel, eminent leaders, and farmers in large numbers attended the function.

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