Congress is giving a free run to the perpetrators of violence in Chhattisgarh: PM Modi
Congress is weakening the security apparatus of our nation: PM Modi
Disgraceful and unacceptable of Naamdar to term an entire community as thieves: PM Modi
From Bofors to helicopter deals, Congress marred with scams: PM Modi

Continuing his campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed two public meetings at Korba and Bhatapara in Chhattisgarh today. The rallies saw people turn out in large numbers to support the Bharatiya Janata Party. At the rallies, PM Modi urged the voters to exercise their franchise and elect a stable and development oriented BJP government.

Highlights from PM Modi’s rally at Korba:

At the public meeting in Korba, Prime Minister Modi began his speech by paying tributes to Shri Bhima Mandavi and the jawans martyred in a recent naxal attack. Referring to the unfortunate incident, PM Modi said, “At the time of Vidhan Sabha elections, I had cautioned about Congress’ mindset. They had termed naxals as revolutionaries. It is the same Congress that after assuming office in the state is giving a free run to the perpetrators of violence.”

 Shri Modi alleged that the Congress was inefficient in tackling naxal activities as a result of which tribal communities in the state were suffering. “It is only the BJP government that can teach them a lesson”, he affirmed. PM Modi also accused the Congress of weakening the security apparatus of our nation. Condemning Congress’ plan of removing AFSPA, PM Modi said, it would not weaken our country’s forces but in turn strengthen those who wanted to divide India. 

PM Modi said that Congress was cut off from the people. He added that if, by mistake, Congress ever came to power, they would form a Majboor government and do what they are best at – loot the country. He reminded how one hand, the BJP led government was committed to ensure a pucca house for every poor by 2022 but on the other side, Congress was blocking welfare measures to reach the poor. He mentioned how the Congress government in Chhattisgarh blocked Ayushman Bharat Yojana and PM-KISAN, which impacted several poor families and farmers in the state.

Highlights from PM Modi’s rally at Bhatapara:

In Bhatapra too, PM Modi slammed the Congress for its mis-governance and lacklustre approach to run the state. Referring to Naamdar’s remark of terming all Modis as thieves, PM Modi said, “It is disgraceful that Naamdar termed an entire community as thieves. Such things cannot be acceptable at all. This shows what kind of a dynastic mindset they have! Today they are commenting about a particular community, tomorrow they might abuse the tribal communities.”

Further taking pot-shots at the Naamdar family, PM Modi stated, “Members of the Naamdar family are out on bail on corruption charges and yet they did not shy away from passing such comments.”

Shri Modi said that the Naamdar family was marred with corruption charges from Bofors to helicopter deals and now the latest from the Congress stable was the – ‘Tuglak Road Chunav Ghotala.’ He added, “Congress looted money allocated for welfare of malnourished children and mothers.”

Click here to read full text speech of Korba

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PM’s Meeting with Mr. Tony Abbott, Former Prime Minister of Australia
November 20, 2019

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi met Mr Tony Abbott, Former Prime Minister of Australia today.

The Prime Minister conveyed his condolences on the loss of life and property in the recent bushfires along the eastern coast of Australia.

The Prime Minister expressed happiness at the visit of Mr. Tony Abbott to India, including to the Golden Temple on the 550th year of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Prakash Parv.

The Prime Minister fondly recalled his visit to Australia in November 2014 for G-20 Summit in Brisbane, productive bilateral engagements in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne and his address to the Joint Session of the Australian Parliament.

The Prime Minister also warmly acknowledged the role of Mr. Tony Abbott in strengthening India-Australia relations.