Our B.S.F Jawans are capable of giving befitting reply to the evil designs of the Enemy Nation in the Language in which they understand better: Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi

Spirit of our Jawans is very high: Chief Minister offers Sweets

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi spent the first day of the New Year -2009- with the Jawans of our Border Security Force, in the border region of Kutchcha today. Chief Minister gave compliments to the Jawans for their velour, devotion and deep commitment to their duties.

Admiring the patriotic spirit of the army men and their readiness to accept any dam challenge with courage, Chief Minister said,” Our Jawans are capable of giving befitting reply to the evil designs and motives of the enemy nation in the language in which they understand better. Gujarat and the whole nation are feeling the sense of security and peace because of your vigil and surveillance on the borders. “With tight security in place, Chief Minister visited Vighakot Border Out-Post just near Pakistan Border and the Creek area of Koteshwar today.

On the first day of the New Year, Chief Minister warmly greeted the Jawans and their family members’.”Country is safe because the army is always alert on the borders. The waking of our forces ensures calm and cool sleep of the country. Inspite of the adverse circumstances, and against the all odds, our Jawans are fully committed to the integrity and security of our motherland. The tempo and spirits are too high, “added the C.M.

Shri Narendrabhai added,” India is facing a proxy war, not the direct war. Terrorism, Naxalism, separatism, these are the new forms of the proxy-war. Immense responsibility is on your shoulder, to meet the new challenges and to tackle the fresh crisis. If we take glimpse at the death toll in proxy-war, it is really too high in comparison with the death toll in the wars against Pakistan in year 1965 and 1971. Time has come now to take a tough stance and replying the enemy nation in the language in which they understand.“

Chief Minister made it very clear that Pakistan can never face our armed forces directly, nor they have the capacity or the nerve to do so , that is why they have chosen sea routes to commit a brutal terror attack on Mumbai. Time has come to give a reply. We definitely preach peace, but our peaceful stand is being considered as our weakness. The situation warrants us to initiate strict measures to destroy the strength of the enemy.

Chief Minister made some of the important announcements to ease the hardships of the Jawans, “State Government has approved a water supply scheme for Vighakot, and the water has already reached up to Dharmashala. Within 15 days time, permanent arrangements would be made. To ensure easy communications between the army men and their family members, State would pursue the Union Government in this regard. State Government will provide 20 Television Sets and Dish antennas. 66 K.V electricity supply from Vighakot Substation.”

“By destroying the terror networks, which are setting their eyes on prosperous Gujarat, we have to take urgent measures to annihilate terrorism. The 5.5 Crore Gujaraties are with you, in your stern actions against the proxy war. It is the duty of men in uniform or the ordinary citizens to realise the dreams of our country. Your spirit is really amazing jaw -dropping. Gujarat is safe due to your alert surveillances,”added C.M.

Chief Minister observed the Vighakot Pillar post and the wire fencing at the borders. He distributed sweets among the Jawans.

Inspector General of the B.S.F G.S. Shekhavat felicitated the C.M for his unique and innovative initiative to boost the morale of the Jawans. He said,” The vision and commitment of Shri Modiji to place Gujarat at the pinnacle of progress and prosperity, and the special security measures taken by him in the border region is really inspiring one.”

Principal Secretary to the C.M Shri K.Kailashnathan, D.G.P.Shri P.C.Pandey, D.I.G-B.S.F. Shri Prasad, District Collector Shri R.R.Varsani, D.D.O. Shri Rajkumar, D.S.P Shri Wamang Zamir, and Commandant of 11th Battalion of B.S.F. Shri Pramodkumar accompanied the C.M during his visit.

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