BJP’s historical win in Kathlal despite dirty politics of Congress

Published By : Admin | September 17, 2010 | 06:57 IST

Kathlal is known to be a Congress reign, a seat that Congress never lost since Independence of India. Just as the myth stays for long it was believed that Congress can never lose here. With BJP’s victory with whopping margin of 21547 votes, Kathlal is no more a Congress Reign.

The daydreaming of the Congress Party to win the by-election of Kathlal Assembly seat, Congress party's over confidence, game of dirty politics and GOBELS is now disclosed to all and moreover disclosed the hidden agenda to win in the elections of Local Self Governments is also known to people by taking support of these things. The Congress had a false and unachievable target which could never be achieved through this game plan.

With the support of Central Government and thinking that the Kathlal Assembly Seat is their "Own Cup of Tea" or "Own Constituency", the Congress Party planned that the by-election may be conducted in the phase of heavy monsoon by influencing the Election Commission of India, a Constitutional body and compelled it to conduct by-election earlier in September-2010 which could have been planned to conduct in November-2010.

Normally, The Election Commission of India does not prefer to conduct the elections in monsoon, but adding a new chapter in the history of injustice to the State of Gujarat, the commission has become the instrument of Congress Party by conducting the by-election at the time of heavy monsoon.

As a part of the provision a by-election for filling any vacancy is held within a period of 6 months from the date of occurrence of vacancy of the seat. (Either by death of elected member or by any other reason) which is Representation of People Acts Provision. The same pattern could have been applied for the Kathlal Constituency seat's by-election. Late Hon'ble Shri Gautambhai Zala passed away on dtd. 17/05/2010. Keeping that date in mind the entire Election Process could have been completed up to the dt. 16/11/2010. Though the Congress Party's greed for power and useless efforts to cover and regain the credit which is already lost, The Congress Party misused its power on The Election Commission of India and arranged the by-election in September-2010 instead of in November-2010.

If, the Congress Party follows the moral and Constitutional ways which are bound to any Indian, it could have been planned in same pattern which is followed in The State of Bihar, where the by-election of a Parliament Seat in Bihar is going to be conducted with the assembly elections in the State of Bihar.

But The Seat of "KATHLAL" which was considered " a cup in hand" by the Congress Party, which could not be afforded to lose seat having since 1960 with Congress party and lose everything which affects directly to Congress Party Workers and get depressed and ultimately affecting the elections of Local Self Governments. Having a great fear in their mind, Congress' present Ministers Shri Dinsha Patel, Shri Bharatsinh Solanki and so called big shots SHATRIYAS of Congress tried to make this plan only to maintain their power and by misuse of the influence at Central level and on the election commission of India. As a result of the dirty game plan the by-election for the Kathlal Constituency was scheduled earlier.

Congress has adopted the dirty politics to misuse and make instrument the institution like The Election Commission of India as a second step after the first step to misuse CBI to block the Development of The State of Gujarat by leaps and bounds.

 But it's a written on marble stone that the popularity and irresistible print in the mind and on the heart of people of the GUJARAT which would be resulted in a grand success story, a history of winning a by-election in Kathlal Constituency -"The Victory Story"of BJP.

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