Be humble and brave: Give your best to sports

Published By : Admin | November 15, 2010 | 12:26 IST

Mirra Richard, who was born in Paris, in her Sri Aurobindo saw Maha Saraswati –called her Mother- , she gave special thrust to sports which she considered a healthy body to be an important base for mental development even spiritual development. Under her guidance Sports classes were conducted for the disciples.

Sports play a crucial role in overall development of student’s personality. It also plays a major role in improving their efficiency. Play like pass in volleyball and basketball promote team-spirit. What sports-ground gives, a classroom can not give. Sports teach them to take victory and defeat equally. Winning is not everything, but the spirit of participation matters most. Players must give their best to sports.

Scripting History:

Chief Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, who has transformed the state as one of the fastest growing economy –Gujarat has made strides in all the sectors under his visionary leadership. His exquisite touches did inspire confidence and whole hearted participation of coaches in organising the biggest sporting mega event- Khel Kood Maha Kumbh. Addressing 5,000 physical instructors training camp at the Tridev Mandir complex at Adalaj near, he said that participation in sports inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and leadership qualities in every youth, which is necessary in every walk of life.

Shri Modiji noted that the physical instructors teaching secondary school students have an additional duty of making the young minds strong and fit in body too. This will serve as a supplement to 'Vanche Gujarat' campaign launched earlier, to create interest among youth to read books, make them intellectually strong and a knowledge storehouse. Those excel in mental and physical strength will have a chance to join the Raksha Shakti University and serve the nation. He further added that it is for the first time in the history of the state that such training camp of physical instructors has been organized, jointly by the Youth Services Sports & Cultural Affairs and the Education Department.

Chief Minister’s vision of involving around 12 Lac players is a masterpiece. The Khel Kood Maha Kumbh is exciting to players- as players of the arid are to catch up with their counterpart in cities in terms of opportunities. The same thrill is obvious at municipal and taluka-seat level competitions. Bright players are to be streamed to district and State Level. Call it a stepping stone for youngsters dreaming to make a mark in Gujarat’s sports. Khel Kood Maha Kumbh provides competitive opportunity to all. We really laud the recent efforts that every player has a key role to play.

Players ought to play their natural game. Make optimum utilisation of the opportunity. One of the most prestigious sporting event, It is aimed to nurture the innate talent. What is more astounding is how nicely the entire event is managed- From Taluka and District Panchayat Seat level to Municipal Seat level it offers a broad participation.

State has pledged unequivocal support, State is very proactive, and it facilitates growth of enormous sporting potential. State has many talented players. Mission: To talented players to attain excellence.

Advantages of Sports:

Sports improve physical fitness, which also help improving children’s grade. Sedentary lifestyle invites many ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, digestive problems and other physical illnesses. Remember; play hard to keep diabetes at bay. Time has arrived to understand importance of healthy and balanced lifestyle.

According to Carlos Costa, who is Tennis Player, “The 90% of success is in the head, discipline- consistency- energy and perseverance are the qualities that a player has to work with. “

Team work and positive outlook matters most, also important is the patience and alertness of brain. We need our players compete at highest level.

Ethics and values are important in every discipline -including sports. Be humble, be brave, and give your best to sports.

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat…. Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat……..

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