"Shri Narendra Modi addresses rallies in Karnataka"
"Ten years is a very long time but Madam and Shahzada are bothered about the chair over everything else: Shri Modi"
"Congress' politics is centered around ensuring people continue to face problems: Shri Modi in Karnataka"
"If you have done good, you have only done good for one family: Shri Modi on Congress ministers from Karnataka"
"I am sure in many states Congress won't even open its account and in rest of the states it won't cross single digits: Shri Modi"
"Deve Gowda ji says if Modi becomes PM I will leave Karnataka. He is like a father- if you have to leave Karnataka come to Gujarat: Shri Modi"
"Today I am going to meet Rajnikanth ji and wish him for the New Year: Shri Modi"

On the afternoon of 13th April, Shri Narendra Modi addressed rallies at Chikkaballapura, Chikmagalur and Haveri in Karnataka, and affirmed of bringing in a strong and stable government under the BJP. Stating the misrule witnessed under the Congress, especially in the past decade, Shri Modi emphasized on how their arrogance and corrupt practices had ruined the Nation, while their reckless statements of ‘India being a poor country’ had shattered India’s global image.

From the Prime Minister’s statement made to Barack Obama of ‘India being poor’, to the Recounting Minister’s statement of ‘India being poor since 5000 years’, Shri Modi spoke of instances wherein the Congress Ministers had portrayed India as a poor and dependent country. He questioned the need for this self-wailing approach and affirmed that while India, with its rich natural resources and productive human skill, was never a poor nation, it was the Congress’ thought that was poor.

Bringing to fore the Central government’s way of functioning, Shri Modi spoke of how the soon-to-be-released book ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ exposes the undemocratic hierarchy in the Prime Minister’s Office, wherein every file and every approval is sought from the Congress President instead of the Hon’ble Prime Minister. He cited the statement made by a Congress Minister which affirmed that even though Dr. Manmohan Singh was not keen on continuing as the PM, Smt Sonia Gandhi had compelled him to take charge of the office. Shri Modi stated how this unauthorized system had ruined the Nation, even as the Congress reaped returns.

Shri Narendra Modi addresses rallies in Karnataka

The failure of the Centre in addressing the concerns of price rise, corruption, unemployment and many others, and yet their arrogance of not admitting to their failure, was condemned by Shri Modi. He spoke of how the Congress had devised a way to hide their failure under the garb of secularism. Questioning the Congress on how much in actuality had the 15 point programme for Minority benefitted the section, Shri Modi stated how many schemes of the Congress were only limited to the paperwork, and never came into implementation.

Chikmangalur’s expertise in coffee cultivation was spoken of by Shri Modi, who expressed that with value-addition, effective packaging and technological upgradation, this sector could have developed immensely, but unfortunately the Centre had never bothered to give due attention towards this.

Shri Modi also stated how the killings of soldiers on the borders and farmer suicides across the country under the Congress government had altered Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri ji’s mantra of ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ and coined the new mantra of ‘Mar Jawan, Mar Kisan’. “Congress' politics is centered around ensuring people continue to face problems,” said Shri Modi.

Shri Modi spoke of how the Congress feared where they would land after the election results on 16th May, and hence was solely engaged in resorting to corrupt practices to stop Modi.  With misleading claims and disruptive strategies, through their various factions be it the Congress A team or the B team, the Congress’ only focus was to malign Shri Modi and stop him from becoming the Prime Minister.

Reacting to Shri Deve Gowda’s statement of ‘his plans to leave Karnataka if Shri Modi becomes the PM’, Shri Modi said that if he was so determined of leaving Karnataka, then he should go to Gujarat, which would warmly welcome him with open arms. Shri Modi affirmed that he would serve Shri Gowda with utmost respect and care.

Shri Modi spoke of how the 2014 Elections were not about the arithmetical calculations of the political analysts but was rather about the chemistry of the similarity of thoughts of 125 crore Indians. He urged the people to support the Lotus in the 2014 Elections and enable the BJP to form a strong and stable government at the Centre. He affirmed that the BJP’s prime focus would be on ensuring good governance and development, and highlighted how among the many people-centric initiatives in its Manifesto was the one for farmers which aimed at fixing the Minimum Support Price for the produce by adding 50 per cent to the input cost, thereby ensuring them a better life. Shri Modi further asserted that under the BJP, youth will have employment, poor will be empowered, farmers and women will lead a secured life and every person will be given an equal opportunity to grow.

Shri Modi also extended New Year wishes to the Tamilians in Karnataka, who celebrate their New Year on 14th April.

Watch : Shri Narendra Modi addressing a massive gathering in Haveri, Karnataka

Glimpses of Shri Narendra Modi's rally in Haveri




Shri Narendra Modi addressing a massive gathering in Haveri, Karnataka

Shri Narendra Modi addressing a massive gathering in Haveri, Karnataka

Shri Narendra Modi addressing a massive gathering in Haveri, Karnataka

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