"Shri Narendra Modi addressed rallies across Uttar Pradesh"
"We are proud of the sacrifices of Rani Laxmibai. This is a blessed land. There are rivers but there is no water for people: Shri Modi in UP"
"There is a government here where gun licenses are more than the families that are there. What law & order set up is this: Shri Modi in UP"
"Enough of these games, 5 years SP and 5 years BSP. Not to mention how Congress controls everything from behind: Shri Modi in UP"
"I saw Rahul ji's statement this morning and I could not resist laughing. Forget nation, will they run Congress like this: Shri Modi"
"Guj's population is 6 crore but Rahul Baba said 27000 crore jobs are vacant in Gujarat. What are you saying: Shri Modi in UP"
"SP is divided into 4 groups- 1 is the small Lohiaite group. There is Sukhwadi Party, Stree Virodhi Party & 4th Samaj Virodhi Party: Shri Modi in UP"
"These SP and BSP, who survive on Congress oxygen...and Cong runs on their oxygen. Their games will be clear: Narendra Modi"
"I was hearing Uma ji's speech, she knows the problem this region faces. She is totally devoted to the development of this region: Shri Modi in UP"


Addressing massive rallies across Uttar Pradesh on 27th April, Shri Narendra Modi spoke of the misrule in UP under SABKA (SP, BSP and Congress) and urged the people to end their divisive and destructive politics by voting in large numbers for the BJP. Shri Modi spoke at Jhansi, Mahoba, Fatehpur, Unnao and Sidhauli, and exposed the Congress’ falsity, whereby their only aim was to tarnish Shri Modi’s image and stop him from becoming the Prime Minister.

The divisive and deceitful strategies of SABKA (SP, BSP and Congress) were exposed by Shri Modi who spoke of their hidden tactics, through which the SP and BSP took turns to rule the State and ruin its people, even as the Congress backed them both from the Centre. SP, BSP and Congress they are one. They are not different. These SP and BSP, who survive on Congress oxygen...and Cong runs on their oxygen, their games will be clear: SP is divided into 4 groups- 1 is the small Lohiaite group. Second is Sukhwadi Party, third being Stree Virodhi Party & fourth being the Samaj Virodhi Party,” said Shri Modi.


Shri Modi criticized the Congress President and Vice President for their ignorance of facts, and spoke of how the Congress VP’s recent claims of Gujarat not having a ‘Lokayukta’ were merely baseless accusations. He urged the Congress VP to get his facts right, and shared the recent report submitted by the Lokayukta in Gujarat which actually indicted Congressman Late Shri Amarsinh Chaudhary for his role in illegal deforestation activities. Lokayukta also submitted a report & that report indicts a former CM whose son is a minister in the UPA. Amarsinh ji is no longer with us. Keeping that respect in mind, we were silent but please see the lies you spread,” said Shri Modi. He further stated how the Congress had influenced reputed institutions like the CBI, IB and RAW to trouble Shri Modi since they feared his meteoric rise.

Stating how the Congress VP’s irrational statements were nothing less than an amusement programme, Shri Modi spoke of how Rahul Gandhi had claimed of Gujarat having nearly 27000 crore jobs lying vacant, without even considering that the entire population of Gujarat was only 6 crores. He also stated how the Congress VP had thoughtlessly claimed that ‘2 out of 1’ children were malnourished in Gujarat. “You have seen the Kapil Sharma TV serial. That will shut and TV will show these speeches by Congress leaders for entertainment,” said Shri Modi.

Watch : Fatehpur (Uttar Pradesh): Shri Narendra Modi addresses a Public Meeting

Shri Modi attacked the anarchy witnessed in UP, wherein every family had to keep guns for their personal safety, and said, “It would be better if youth had a pen and the farmer has his produce rather than people having guns in their hands.”

Stating how the Congress feared losing, Shri Modi said that this was evident in the fact that none of its ministers were willing to contest the elections. He also spoke of how the Prime Minister refused to acknowledge the Modi wave in the country, and stated that this didn’t come as a surprise to many, since the PM had never acknowledged the grave concerns of price rise, corruption and unemployment too.

The Congress’ laxity in working for its people was also revealed by Shri Modi when he stated how, despite claiming to provide jobs to nearly 5 crore through NREGA, just about few lakhs had till date been employed. He also stated employment figures of Amethi and Rae Bareli, wherein only 2700 families out of 67000 families and 3300 families out of 123000 families, respectively, were given jobs. He further exposed the misdoings of State government Ministers in UP, wherein some of them did not even shy away from making money out of schemes meant for the handicapped. The lack of basic amenities, like water and sanitation across various parts of the country, deeply portrayed the inefficiency of the Congress and their inconsideration for the people, said Shri Modi.

Watch : Unnao (Uttar Pradesh): Shri Narendra Modi addresses "Bharat Vijay" rally

Acknowledging and appreciating Smt. Uma Bharti’s commitment to serve the people of UP, Shri Modi said that her familiarity with local issues and her devotion towards the people will certainly enable the BJP to serve the region better.

Affirming how the voting till date has asserted the ousted of the Congress and laid the foundation for a strong and stable government in Delhi, Shri Modi urged the people to support the BJP and enable the formation of a strong and stable government in Delhi.

Photos : Jhansi (UP), Shri Modi addressing Bharat Vijay Rally





Shri Narendra Modi addressed rallies across Uttar Pradesh



Photos : Unnao(UP), Shri Modi addressing Bharat Vijay Rally

Shri Narendra Modi addressed rallies across Uttar Pradesh





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