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Ahmedabad, Sunday: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi continued to get an unprecedented response on the second day of his three-day fast for his Sadbhavna Mission with people from all sections of society and all walks of life virtually making a beeline to the venue at Gujarat University Convention Centre here today.

They included national, state and local leaders, young and old, men and women, eunuchs, jean clad urban youth, farmers, tribal, maldharis, many in their traditional attire, individually and in groups, each representing their nativity, showing their solidarity with the Chief Minister on his mission.

They included people belonging to different religious groups, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Bohras and Jains, some shouting slogans like ‘Bharat Mata-ki Jai’.

It appeared as if all roads lead to the University Ground. Often, the crowd eager to meet their favorite leader on the dais posed a tough time for the security people control the rush. The event kept busy the TV crew which converged from the Metros and other centers not to miss a moment.

The event provided fast business for makeshift tea-stalls, food joints dishing out local cuisines like ‘fadda-jalebi’ and restaurateurs serving sophisticated menus, forcing many to requisition fresh orders by the afternoon.

Narendra Modi receives stream of leaders and commoners in support of his mission for ‘Inclusive growth through collective efforts’

Karnataka Chief Minister Sadanand Gowda saw Sadbhavna Mission’s potential in joining nation through peace and development

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi continued to receive a stream of visitors on the second day of his three-day fast at the sprawling Gujarat University Convention Centre here today, expressing their solidarity with the Sadbhavna Mission for peace, unity and harmony.

They included national, state and local leaders and commoners, belonging to different religious and linguistic groups, castes and creeds, from different sections of society and walks of life, virtu ally m aking a beeline to the venue, some shouting slogans like ‘Bharat Mataji Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’.

There were a large number of people from different regions and districts of the state in their tr aditional attire, men and women, young and old. Mr. Narendra Modi he artily reciprocated the gesture, greeting each and everyone on the dais, waving hands to the crowds.

A high-level delegation from Karnataka, led by Chief Minister Sadanand Gowda and BJP Secretary Anant Kumar, flew down here to greet Mr. Narendra Modi on fast for the last two days for Sadbhavna Mission. They conveyed former Chief Minister B.S. Yedurappa’s good wishes to Mr. Modi.

Mr. Gowda, who began his short speech in English to switch over to Hindi, said that Sadbhavna Mission has the potential to join the nation through the message of peace and development for high ideal. Karnataka has adopted the Gujarat model of development and is also on the development mode. He s aid the Gujarat model has been acknowledged at international levels. It has become a model for the youth, too.

Other leaders from Karnataka included Law Minister Suresh Kumar, BJP leader Laher Singh and Mr. Narendra MAndola.

Prominent among other national leaders and those from different states who spoke on the occasion included:

Mr. Prakash Javdekar, national spokesperson of BJP, s aid that Mr. Modi’s fast for Sadbhavna Mission, linking peace, unity and harmony with development should help the nation too, and not just Gujarat. It sends also a message of ‘Inclusive growth through collective efforts’ to the world. The entire nation’s attention is nowadays focused on Gujarat, which has got an able leader, because of which Gujarat now challenges Maharashtra as Number One State. While farmers are committing suicide in Maharashtra, agricultural scientists like Swaminathan are in praise of agricultural growth in Gujarat.

Dr. C.P. Thakur, BJP President of Bihar, s aid that Gujarat has reached a height of development in the country which other states have to follow suit. Talking about the tr adition of Sadbhavna in Bihar, he said that Bhagwan Mahavir, Gautam Buddha and Emperor Ashoka began t heir message for Sadbhavna from the soil of Bihar. So was Mahatma Gandhi from Gujarat.

Mr. Anant Gite, Leader of Shiv Sena in Lok Sabha, said Mr. Modi is the first Chief Minister who went on a fast for the welfare of the people. It is a new experience. It should provide a new direction to body politics. He also conveyed Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thakarey’s blessings and working president Uddhav Thakarey’s good wishes for the mission. Gujarat and Maharashtra have become image of each other. Mr. Gite said that Gujarat has surpassed Maharashtra in the race for development and he wished Gujarat remained Number One.

Ms. Sumitra Mahajan, Member of Parliament from Madhya Pradesh, conveyed the greetings of the people of her state for the mission. She described Gujarat as an island of peace. She s aid fasting means prayer with purity of he art to seek divine blessings. She prayed the divine blessing encompass the entire nation.

Former Minister of Panjab Mr. Manoranjan Kaliya s aid that Gujarat has gained such a capacity that now it paves the way for others to walk on it. Gujarat is witness growth in every sectors be it agriculture, industries, rural or urban. Due to the able leadership of Mr. Modi Gujarat’s has become exemplary state for others to follow.

Dr.Rajaramji, Shivanand Ashram, Chennai, s aid the message of Sadbhavna Mission will spread from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Mr. Modi is a man of honesty and integrity and his government is ‘for poor’ and ‘with poor’ in true sense.

Dr. Mahesh Mehta, President, Overseas Friends of BJP, said with the names like Lord Krishna, Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel, Gujarat has given leadership to the entire world and now Mr. Modi’s name is also discussed in this line.

Mr. Vidhyasagar Rao, former Union Minister and Andhra Pradesh leader, said that Sadbhavna Mission is an effort to include all classes of people into the process of growth and the Mission will be instrumental in uniting the country. Talking about the significance of ‘September 17’ for Haidarabad he said that because of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s efforts Haidarabad could hoist the national flag for the first time on September 17, 1947, some 13 months post independence.

Mr. Sotai Cary, Vice President, BJP, Arunachal Pradesh, said that Gujarat has become the number-one state in the country because of the leadership of Mr. Modi. People of Arunachal Pradesh support this Mission aiming at peace, security and harmony within the country.

Mr. Rameshwar Chaurasiya, Bihar MLA, s aid that there is no need to look towards other countries for the model of development as Gujarat serves the best model. Any one in the country would like to associate with the state which demonstrates a good work. Gujarat has made such a growth in just a decade that people in helm have not achieved even after the 60 years of independence.

Mr. Ashwinikumar Choubey, Bihar Health Minister, s aid that Gujarat has become the second name of development. While Mahtma Gandhiji spread a message of Sadbhavna through his Satyagraha, Gujarat is spreading the message of peace, unity and harmony through Sadbhavna Mission.

Mr. Vijendra Gupat, Delhi BJP President, said that people playing narrow politics in the name of religion fear that they will have to shut t heir shops if Sadbhavna Mission succeeds in its objectives. They tried defaming Mr Modi but he has answered t hem back with his patriotism and his deeds. Gujarat’s development and Mr Modi are the subjects of talk in every nook and corner of Delhi.

Mr. Mahesh Sharma, Ch airman of Pandit Dindayal Rese arch Foundation, s aid it is unique that a Chief Minister is observing fast for the peace and harmony in his state. Unfortunately some elements have kept on criticizing Gujarat to malign its image. But Gujarat has given them a befitting answer by achieving new heights of growth.

Mr. Jagdish Mukhi In-charge, Jammu and Kashmir, conveyed greetings of the people of J&K and Delhi on Mr. Modi’s birthday and wished that Mr. Modi serves his leadership to the country for a long time. Mr. Modi has put Gujarat on top in all the parameters of good governance and has made the state a shining example of good governance.

Delhi’s former Mayor and BJP General Secretary Ms. Arti congratulated Mr. Modi for, she said, out of the 200 best initiatives selected by United Nations, six were of India and three among it were from Gujarat only.

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