Shri Modi inaugurates MCA College for women in Amreli

Published By : Admin | April 19, 2013 | 15:26 IST
"CM present at annual day celebrations of educational institutes administered by Amreli Leuva Patel Trust."
"Gujarat has made women partners in the development journey: Shri Narendra Modi"
"On auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, Shri Modi calls upon people to play their role in realizing Gandhi ji’s dream of Ram Rajya and Swami Vivekananda’s dream of Jagad Guru Bharat"
"CM talks about steps taken by Gujarat Government for women empowerment and in improving education for the people"

On the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami on Friday 19th April 2013, Shri Modi inaugurated the LM Kakadia MCA Women College in Amreli. Shri Modi stressed on the importance of integrating the Nari Shakti, be it economically or in terms of decision-making, for the development of the nation.

Extending his greetings on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, Shri Narendra Modi called upon everyone to play their part in making Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of Ramrajya into a reality. He also called upon the youth to work hard to realize Swami Vivekananda’s dream of the Jagad Guru Bharat, an India at the pinnacle of world leadership.

Shri Modi affirmed that nobody imagined that the country would be immersed in such pessimism, after we attained Independence. He pointed out that education and our culture are two essential aspects that will take the coming generations from ‘Durachar’ to ‘Sadachar.’ He spoke about the steps taken by the Gujarat Government to improve education, including the system of gradation of primary schools.

The Chief Minister said that they may like it or not, but political pundits and economists have to accept that in the last twelve years Gujarat the development that has happened in Gujarat has contributed immensely to the development and growth of the nation.

During the occasion the Chief Minister gave instances of steps taken to enhance economic empowerment among women. He gave the example of promoting seaweed cultivation among women. Shri Modi shared that the in the last twelve years the number of universities in Gujarat has gone up from 11 in 2001 to 44 at present. He added that these are not ordinary universities but are specialized universities such as Forensic Science University, Raksha Shakti University to name a few. He said that in every Taluka of Gujarat, people across all lines of caste, creed or community are contributing towards education in their own way.

Gujarat BJP President Shri RC Faldu also spoke on the occasion. He congratulated the organizers for the wonderful work they are doing. Former Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat and BJP leader Shri Narhari Amin also congratulated the organizers for the good work and spoke about the importance of education in his speech. Former MP Shri Vitthal Radadiya opined that the inauguration of the women’s college is an important step in the development of Saurashtra.

Other dignitaries who were present include Rajya Sabha MP from Gujarat Shri P Rupala, Minister of State Shri Govindbhai Patel, Lok Sabha MP Shri Naranbhai Kachhadia, former Minister Shri Dilip Sanghani among others.

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