PM Modi addresses rally at Thrissur, Kerala

Published By : Admin | January 27, 2019 | 15:55 IST
In 2014, only 55% of all homes in India had a cooking gas connection. Today that number stands at over 90%: PM
In the last four and a half years, the NDA government in the Centre has transformed the culture of Governance in India: PM Modi
Be it the Congress or the Communists, they have zero regard for any institutions. For them, every institution, the armed forces, the police, the CBI, the CAG…everyone is wrong but they are right: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a huge rally at Thrissur as part of his Kerala visit today. The visit saw PM Modi dedicate the newly expanded Kochi Refinery and several other crucial projects relating to the petrochemicals sector to the people of the country.

Describing the rapidly growing energy needs of the country and the initiatives taken to address these challenges, PM Modi listed out schemes like Ujjwala Yojana under which gas cylinders have been distributed to the people at a massive scale. He further added, "India's energy needs are growing. That is why we have sped up the development of oil and gas infrastructure in the country."

PM Modi talked at length about the efficient governance of his government across various sectors which have further enhanced India's growth prospects. He said, "In the last four and half years, the NDA government in the Centre gas transformed the culture of governance in India. Today, India is the fastest growing major economy in the world. Five years ago, the world had given up on India, but today, the world wants to come here and invest. Our perception has improved and so has our performance."

Lashing out at the ruling CPI(M) government in Kerala for its utter disregard towards the cultural ethos of people of Kerala, Prime Minister Modi said, "The issue of Sabarimala Temple has caught the attention of the entire nation. The people of India are seeing the manner in which the Communist government of Kerala are disrespecting all aspects of Kerala's culture. I fail to understand why the Communists are undermining our culture and civilisation, which has stood the test of time spanning centuries."

PM Modi also took on the 'Mahagathbandhan' of Opposition parties that have formed an alliance against the BJP-led government for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections saying "My friends in the Opposition are bankrupt when it comes to any positive and constructive agenda for the development of our nation. All they have is their hatred for Modi. Their day starts with abusing Modi and ends with abusing Modi. I want to tell them- Abuse me as much as you want but don't put barriers in India's progress. Abuse me as much as you want but don't abuse our great nation."


He further criticized the recent doubts posed against the Election Commission of India by Opposition parties, particularly the Congress and remarked, "The entire nation was amused to see a press conference in London, where, on foreign soils, India's democratic ethos was questioned. And, who was spotted in that press conference? A topmost Congress leader. Is this your respect towards our institutions and our democracy? Is this what our politics has come to, that now, you will even go to foreign lands to undermine the mandate of the people of India?"

The wide-ranging address at the rally concluded with PM Modi speaking about former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan being conferred with a Padma Award by his government recently. In this regard, he said, "It is an honour that our government had the opportunity of conferring a Padma Award to Nambi Narayanan. We value each and every person who is working to make India stronger."

PM Modi further assured his supporters and the people of the country that he won't allow corruption to take place as long as he is in power and urged his supporters in Kerala to come together and work towards saving the culture of Kerala, to create a New India, a Positive India.


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PM Modi is the world's most popular leader, the result of his vision and dedication to resolve has made him known globally

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PM Modi is the world's most popular leader, the result of his vision and dedication to resolve has made him known globally

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