North-East has witnessed record development under the NDA: PM Modi in Assam
The choice in the upcoming elections is between a decisive government or a dynastic government: PM Modi
People of Assam have been decieved many times by the Congress party and will never support these ‘Maha-milawati’ forces with their future: Prime Minister Modi

Amidst his electoral campaigning spree in the North-East, Prime Minister Modi adressed two huge rallies in Assam followed by a similar one in Arunachal Pradesh earlier today. 

Addressing the large crowd of workers and supporters in Dibrugarh, PM Modi said that the overwhelming support of the Assamese people made it possible for him to take bold reforms and decisions. He further added, “When we took over in 2014, only 40% of Assamese households had access to electricity, now five years later, it gives me immense happiness to share that nearly every household has access to electricity now. A similar story is true for access to gas cylinders and other social security schemes.” In this regard, PM Modi listed out several key statistics to demonstrate the scale and pace of development taking place in Assam. He explained that his government believes in taking everybody along and so every section of society had benefitted in one way or other during the last five years. 

Lashing out at the Opposition parties, particularly the Congress for their opportunism and decades of neglect towards the people, Prime Minister Modi asserted that the upcoming voting day will be a fine opportunity for the people to give a befitting reply to the petty politics of the Congress and its allies. He also remarked upon the lack of strong anti-terror responses from India during Congress rule as responsible for bringing a great nation as India down to the perception of a weak state in the world. He contrasted the Congress tenure of weak responses with that of his government and said that today’s India is an emerging power, excelling in its abilities and matching up to global superpowers. 


Highlighting the significance of voting in the upcoming General elections in another rally at Gohpur, PM Modi asked his supporters to celbrate the grand festival of democracy and vote in large numbers to show their support for the inclusive model of development of the BJP-led NDA. He added, “The choice in these elections is between a decisive government or a dynastic government. The choice to the voters is between a government that puts the nation first or a government that puts family first. The Assamese people well know how the Congress and its allies have decieved the people of Assam time and again for their selfish gains and not for strengthening national security or improving the lives of the people. So, they will never support such ‘Maha-milawati’ people in the future.” 

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Prime Minister says Government open to discuss all issues in Parliament
November 18, 2019

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi described the current session of Parliament as a very important one as it would be the Rajya Sabha’s 250th Session and also the 70th Year of the Indian Constitution.

Prime Minister was addressing the Media before the commencement of the Winter Session of Parliament today. He praised the Rajya Sabha for playing a major role in putting India on the track of progress.

“Friends, this is the last session of Parliament for 2019 and also an important session as it is the 250th Session of the Rajya Sabha, which played a pivotal role in the development and progress of India” On 26th of November India would be observing its 70th Constitution Day. The Indian Constitution was adopted on the 26th of November 1949 marking the completion of 70 years this year.

Prime Minister said the Constitution as the great doctrine that upheld the Unity, Integrity and Diversity of India.

“On the 26th of November we are celebrating the 70th Constitution Day completing 70 years since the its adoption. This constitution upholds the country’s Unity, the country’s Integrity, India’s diversity. It encompasses in itself the beauty of India. And it is the driving force of the country. This session of Parliament should become a source of awareness to the public about the 70 years of our constitution”

Prime Minister appealed to all the MPs to actively and positively participate in various discussions as was the previous session, in order to help the country get the best out of their discussions, so that it can be used for the progress and welfare of the country. “Last few days we had the opportunity to meet the various leaders of almost all parties. This session, like the previous one which met immediately after the formation of the new government, should also involve the active and positive participation of all the MPs. The last session saw unprecedented achievements. I have to publicly acknowledge with pride that these achievements belong to neither the Government nor the treasury benches but to that of the whole Parliament; all the members are the rightful owners of these achievements.

I once again express my gratitude to all the MPs for their active participation and hope that this session also would with renewed vigour work for the progress of the country. We want a discussion on all issues and it is necessary we have great debates either for or against and use the best solutions that come out of it for the betterment and welfare of the country.

I wish all the Members their very best.”