"Does Congress ruled Delhi Sultanate not consider Gujarat to be a part of India?"
"Instead of accepting the contribution of Gujarat in the development of India, why is the Centre treating Gujarat like an enemy?"
"Gujarat Ministers question the misinformation spread by Congress on the development of Gujarat "
"Does Delhi Sultanate of UPA not consider Gujarat to be a part of India?"
"Instead of accepting the contribution of Gujarat in the development of India, why is UPA treating Gujarat like an enemy state? "
"After keeping the nation under darkness for 60 years, Congress has no right to speak about education "
"After giving the slogan of Garibi Hatao to winning power, Congress is getting impatient over giving a food security bill! Such a party has no right to speak about the poor "
"Lakhs of tonnes of grains are rotting in FCI godowns. Despite orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court to give the grains to the poor, the Centre gave the grains to alcohol manufacturers. Such a party has no right to speak about mid-day meals "
"Just recently Gujarat won the Prime Minister’s Award for its initiatives in Skill Development. It has won several national and international awards as well. Silence of Shri Ajay Maken and the Congress on this is an attempt to mislead the nation"


  • Congress spokespersons are making a determined effort to paint an incorrect and negative picture of Gujarat’s development journey. Such was the mess created by 45 years of Congress rule in Gujarat that it took a long time for the BJP government to fill the ditches. Rather than accepting their own mistakes and misgovernance in Gujarat, the Congress spokespersons are blaming the BJP government, under whom unprecedented development has taken place in Gujarat during the last decade.
  • Due to hardwork and efforts of the Gujarat Government in the last 12 years,  school enrollment in Gujarat stands at a commendable 99.25%. At the same time, dropout rate for Class VII has dropped from 37% to 7% and for Class V the dropout rate is only 2%.
  • Due to the Kanya Kelavani drive of the state government female literacy in Gujarat stood at 71% in 2011 as opposed to 58% in 2001. This is an improvement of 13%. During the same period, female literacy rate in India has risen from 54% to 65%.
  • According to Shri Ajay Maken, the number of universities in the nation under the UPA have increased from 17 to 44 but in the last ten years the number of universities in Gujarat have increased from 11 to 42.
  • Gujarat has made immense strides in tourism. What did not happen during 45 years of Congress rule in Gujarat has happened in the last ten years.
  • Due to the importance given to the tourism sector Gujarat has drawn tourists from all over the world.
  • Before stating facts about Gujarat’s progress on tourism, Mr. Maken should have asked his own Government’s departments. As recently as February 2013, the tourism ministry of the Government of India gave as many as 3 awards to Gujarat in tourism. This includes awards for best marketing, usage of technology to promote tourism. Prior to that, PATA has also awarded Gujarat tourism for their campaign to promote tourism.
  • The statistics shared by Mr. Maken are absolutely incorrect and misleading. As per a report of the Government of India dated March 2013, the number of working days for mid day meals in Gujarat stand around 94-95%. In the same way, in terms of utilization of food grains in Gujarat stands at 87% whereas the national average is 84%. In primary schools, as far as cooking gas facilities, drinking water and technology utilization is concerned the national average is 91% whereas Gujarat’s average is 96%. Before speaking about Gujarat, Mr. Maken should have checked with the report of his own government’s ministry of human resource development.
  • Gujarat have given great importance to sports in the last decade. In the SGFI games, in 1996-1997 Gujarat won 25 medals and in 1998-1999 26 medals. In contrast, due to efforts such as Khel Mahakumbh, Gujarat has won 154 medals in 2011-12 and 139 medals in 2012-2013.
  • A team of women athletes who won in the Khel  Mahakumbh hail from Sarakhdi village in Junagadh. Due to extensive coaching from the Centre of Excellence, they became the national champions. Similarly the Gujarat Volleyball team has won Bronze Medal at the national level.
  • Gujarat is a champion in skating, volleyball and Yoga. Gujarat is a champion in Yoga at the international level.
  • Gujarat has also established a Swarnim Gujarat Sports University which will provide a platform for coaching and training of the sportsmen, the results of which will become evident in the coming years.
  • Here are some of Gujarat’s sportspersons who have won laurels at the national and international level
  • In the individual games, Gujarat has champion players at the national level in Swimming, Shooting, Tennis, Table Tennis, Athletics and Billiards.
  • The Khel Mahakumbh initiated during the Swarnim Jayanti celebrations have instilled an atmosphere of sports in the entire state. In the first year 2010 there were 13.5 lakh participants, in 2011 there were 15 lakh participants and in 2012 there were 17.62 lakh participants.
  • Additionally special Centres of Excellence have been started for Archery, Kabaddi and Volleyball. Due to coaching being made available in the tribal areas of Gujarat, sportsmen like Dinesh Bhil have become national champions.
  • For the game of chess, Gujarat has arranged for extensive computerised coaching in 8000 schools. Even today Gujarat holds the Guinness World Record for maximum participants in a game of chess at one place, which is 20017 participants. Similarly, Gujarat holds the Limca Record for the Vivekanandwomens chess event where 34000 women participated.
  • Gujarat also holds a special Khel Mahakumbh for the specially abled. In 2011, 58000 and in 2012, 98000 specially abled sportsmen participated in it, which is also a world record. Recently, a specially abled sportsperson from Gujarat, Maya Devipujak won at the World Level in Hockey.
  • Neel Contactor- Winner at the National Junior level in 50, 100 metres free style and back stroke. He also represented India at the Asian Youth Championship.
  • Anshul Kothari- National Gold Medal winner in 50 metres free style and back stroke
  • Maana Patel- This 13 year old girl in the Junior Category has broken   the national record of 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke in the senior category.
  • Rahul Choksi- Winner of National Gold Medal in 200m and 400m butterfly.
  • Shooting- Gujarat’s LajjaGoswami has won the Silver Medal at the recently organised ISSP World Championship and made India proud.
  • Tennis- AnkitaRainais currently India’s no 1 player and is a member of the Indian team.
  • Table Tennis-Harmit Desai is a member of India’s national table tennisand a source of pride for Gujarat.
  • Athletics- Babubhai Panecha is the national champion in the 20kms walk.
  • Triathlon- Puja Choksi represents India in triathlon.
  • Billiards- Rupesh Shah is the current world champion in Billiards.

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It is now time to leave the 'Chalta Hai' attitude & think of 'Badal Sakta Hai': PM Modi
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India to have over 2 billion vaccine doses during August-December, enough for all: Centre

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For the first time, farmers of West Bengal will benefit from this scheme
Wheat procurement at MSP has set new records this year
Government is fighting COVID-19 with all its might

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi released 8th instalment of financial benefit of Rs 2,06,67,75,66,000 to 9,50,67,601 beneficiary farmers under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) scheme today via video conferencing. Prime Minister also interacted with farmer beneficiaries during the event. Union Agriculture Minister was also present on the occasion.

While interacting with beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) scheme via video conferencing, Prime Minister appreciated Arvind from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh for providing training to young farmers of his region on organic farming and new farming techniques. He lauded Patrick from Car Nicobar in Andaman and Nicobar Islands for doing large-scale organic farming. He praised the efforts taken by N Vennurama from Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh for guiding more than 170 adivasi farmers of her region. PM appreciated Revistar from Meghalaya for producing spices like Ginger powder, turmeric, cinnamon, etc in the hilly areas of Meghalaya. He also interacted with Khurshid Ahmed from Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir who cultivates vegetables like capsicum, green chillies and cucumber organically.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minsiter said for the first time, the farmers of West Bengal would be getting the benefit of this scheme. He lauded the efforts of the farmers who have made record produce in food grains and horticulture amidst the difficulties during this pandemic. He said Government is also setting new records in procurement at MSP every year. Paddy procurement at MSP had set new records and now wheat procurement at MSP is also setting new records. He added that so far this year, about 10 percent more wheat has been procured at MSP, compared to last year. So far, about Rs. 58,000 crores for wheat procurement has reached the farmers' account directly.

Prime Minister remarked that the Government is constantly trying to provide new solutions and new options in farming. Promoting organic farming is also one of such effort. Organic farming delivers more profit and is now being practiced across the nation by young farmers. He said that now organic farming is being practised on both banks of Ganga and within a radius of about 5 kilometers, so that the Ganga remains clean.

Prime Minister stressed that during this COVID-19 pandemic, Kisan Credit Card’s deadline has been extended and instalments can now be renewed by 30 June. He said more than 2 crore Kisan Credit Cards have been issued in recent years.

Prime Minister said that this once in a century pandemic is challenging the world, as it is an invisible enemy in front of us. He said the Government is fighting COVID-19 with all its might and ensuring that every government department is working day & night to ease the pain of the nation.

Prime Minister remarked that Central Government and all the State Governments together, are making continuous efforts to enable more and more countrymen to get vaccinated at a rapid pace. He said so far, around 18 crore vaccine doses have been given across the country. Free vaccination is being done in government hospitals across the country. Prime Minsiter urged everyone to register for the vaccine when their turn comes and ensure covid appropriate behaviour at all times. He added that this vaccine is an important means of protection against corona and will reduce the risk of serious illness.

Prime Minister said Armed forces are working with full strength to ensure oxygen supply in these tough times. Railways are also running oxygen express trains. The pharma sector of the country is manufacturing and delivering medicines at a large scale. He requested the State Governments to ensure strict laws to counter black marketing of medicines and medical supplies.

Prime Minister remarked that India is not a nation that loses hope in tough times and hoped that this challenge would be overcome with strength & dedication. He warned about the spread of COVID-19 in rural areas as well and urged the village panchayats to ensure proper awareness and sanitation in their respective areas.