Shri Modi meets BSF Jawans at India-Pakistan border in Kutch

Published By : Admin | August 15, 2013 | 20:22 IST
"CM dedicates war memorial for soldiers who devoted themselves for the protection of India"
"CM dedicates water supply pipeline, is confident that it will solve water problems for Jawans"

On the occasion of Independence Day Shri Narendra Modi visited the BSF Jawans at the Dharamshala Border Post at the India-Pakistan border in Kutch. Shri Narendra Modi is in Kutch to attend the state level Independence Day Celebrations. On the occasion Shri Narendra Modi dedicated a war memorial and a water supply pipeline on the occasion. Shri Narendra Modi profusely lauded the contribution of the BSF in safeguarding the borders of the nation. He said that is a matter of immense pride that these Jawans are ready to fight for the Tricolour in every circumstances, including in this desert district of Kutch.

The water pipeline project that Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated is 27.50 kms long and is built at a cost of Rs. 8.27 crore. The pipeline will bring the water of the Narmada and will permanently solve the drinking water issues of the BSF Jawans, said Shri Modi. The pipeline will reach the further most post at the India-Pakistan border.

Speaking about the war memorial, Shri Modi said that this was one pledge of his, dedicated to all the brave soldiers who sacrifice their lives for the nation. The war memorial has been built at a cost of Rs. 85 lakhs.

In a time when the security of the nation is under immense threat, Shri Modi spoke out against the decision of the Central Government that has withdrawn the BSF’s right to retaliate at the India-Bangladesh border. Shri Modi affirmed that it is the right of every soldier to have the honour to fight for the country and demanded that this order preventing them to do so must be immediately withdrawn by the Centre.

Shri Modi announced that the Gujarat Government has waived off the VAT on those commodities that are available at the canteen for the Jawans.

Present on the occasion were Chief Secretary Shri Varesh Sinha, BSF Gujarat IGP Shri AK Sinha, IG Shri AS Rathore, DIG Shri MPS Bhati, Commandant Shri KS Johal, Water Supply Board Member Secretary Shri Mahesh Singh among other dignitaries.

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PM visits Science City in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
September 27, 2023

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi visited the Science City in Ahmedabad, Gujarat today. He toured the Robotics Gallery, Nature Park, Aquatic Gallery, and Shark Tunnel and also took a walkthrough of the exhibition showcased on the occasion.

The Prime Minister posted a thread on X:

“Spent a part of the morning exploring the fascinating attractions at Gujarat Science City. Began with the Robotics Gallery, where the immense potential of robotics is brilliantly showcased. Delighted to witness how these technologies igniting curiosity among the youth.”

“The Robotics Gallery Showcases DRDO Robots, Microbots, an Agriculture Robot, Medical Robots, Space Robot and more. Through these engaging exhibits, the transformative power of robotics in healthcare, manufacturing and everyday life is clearly visible.”

“Also enjoyed a cup of tea served by Robots at the cafe in the Robotics Gallery.”

“The Nature Park is a serene and breathtaking space within the bustling Gujarat Science City. It is a must visit for nature enthusiasts and botanists alike. The park not only promotes biodiversity but also serves as an educational platform for people.”

“The meticulous walking trails offer diverse experiences on the way. It imparts valuable lessons on environmental conservation and sustainability. Do also visit other attractions like the Cactus Garden, Block Plantation, Oxygen Park and more.”

“Aquatic Gallery at Science City is a celebration of aquatic biodiversity and marine marvels. It highlights the delicate yet dynamic balance of our aquatic ecosystems. It is not only an educative experience, but also a call for conservation and deep respect for the world beneath the waves.”

“The Shark Tunnel is an exhilarating experience showcasing a diverse array of shark species. As you walk through the tunnel, you will greatly marvel at the diversity of marine life. It is truly captivating.”

“This is beautiful”

The Prime Minister was accompanied by the Governor of Gujarat, Shri Acharya Devvrat and the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Bhupendra Patel.