Gujarat CM meets a group of 27 senior officers of Armed Forces

Published By : Admin | March 12, 2012 | 16:24 IST


Gujarat poised to show path for nation’s development, coastline open for landlocked states to set up their seaports -- Narendra Modi

Chief Minister Narendra Modi today exuded confidence that Gujarat’s futuristic strategy and development model would show the path for the nation’s development.

Talking to a group of 27 senior officers from all the three wings of Armed Forces on a courtesy visit here, he said that Gujarat Government is keen to make Gujarat’s long coastline the Gateway of India to be a major global trading nation. He also invited landlocked states to set up their own seaports along the Gujarat coast.

The officers of the Army, Navy and Air Force on a study tour of Gujarat’s development were impressed by the strides made in the state. The discussion over question-answer session covered several other topics.

- Water Management: One of the biggest success stories of Gujarat is treating water as a natural resource, as a value addition to energy sector, its conservation and utilization through people’s participation. Future projects include using solar energy for generating electricity and running desalination plants to use water for drinking and industrial purposes. The other project is encouraging small and marginal farmers use green house technology and water conservation methods.

- The Chief Minister’s Fellowship Programme running for the second year has infused new ideas and original thoughts from young professionals for good governance, sure to be useful in long term.

- Gujarat is looking forward to another phase of development with the implementation of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC), about 60 per cent of which pass through Gujarat.

- Gujarat is one state which has ensured industrial development without conflict with agricultural land, on the contrary increasing land under crops by10 per cent. The state’s economic growth is equally dependent on industry, agriculture and manufacturing sectors, each contributing one-third development. The agricultural growth is attributed to scientific animal husbandry and tree farming, besides regular farming.

- The success of co-operative movement in Gujarat is based on its spirit, not so much on its structure.

- Gujarat pays attention on human resources development. It has set up a number of specialized varsities like Raksha Shakti University, Forensic Science University, Children’s University and IITE. Propaganda is being spread that Gujarat has always been a developed state, just to discredit the state’s current phase of development. Gujarat was earlier nowhere in agricultural growth, tourism or e-governance.

- Gujarat has shown the path to the nation to come out of the atmosphere of gloom to qualitative improvement with the same human or natural resources, within the constraints of the existing system. The government should be open. If Gujarat can do it, why cannot the rest of states and India.

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Unimaginable, unparalleled, unprecedented, says PM Modi as he holds a dynamic roadshow in Kolkata, West Bengal
May 28, 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a dynamic roadshow amid a record turnout by the people of Bengal who were showering immense love and affection on him.

"The fervour in Kolkata is unimaginable. The enthusiasm of Kolkata is unparalleled. And, the support for @BJP4Bengal across Kolkata and West Bengal is unprecedented," the PM shared in a post on social media platform 'X'.

The massive roadshow in Kolkata exemplifies West Bengal's admiration for PM Modi and the support for BJP implying 'Fir ek Baar Modi Sarkar.'

Ahead of the roadshow, PM Modi prayed at the Sri Sri Sarada Mayer Bari in Baghbazar. It is the place where Holy Mother Sarada Devi stayed for a few years.

He then proceeded to pay his respects at the statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

Concluding the roadshow, the PM paid floral tribute at the statue of Swami Vivekananda at the Vivekananda Museum, Ramakrishna Mission. It is the ancestral house of Swami Vivekananda.