April 23, 2019

When PM is your MP

Varanasi is spiritual. Varanasi is mystical. Varanasi is sacred. Varanasi represents the timeless values of Indian civilisation. The city has been carrying forward the ancient and rich legacy of traditions dating back to thousands of years.

What is so new about this oldest city!

For the first time a Member of Parliament from the city is the Prime Minister of India. If we look at the political history in India, a PM’s constituency is in the spotlight only for a brief period of time, that is when the PM is contesting and is largely forgotten till the next phase of elections.

But Varanasi, being PM Modi’s constituency has been the centre of attention for the whole country throughout the last five years. In last five years, despite from his jam-packed schedule PM has been visiting his constituency, multiple times in a year. PM Modi has a deep affection for the city and its people.

In his own words to the people of Kashi –

“Kashi owns me, I am imprisoned in your love”

In his many visits, apart from his interactive sessions with the people of Varanasi, PM Modi is seen inaugurating a hospital, or flagging off an express train, laying the foundation stone for a ring road or making Kashi the first multi modal hub on an inland water way.

Another aspect of this development process in last five years and the difference it has brought, can be seen in the completion of projects in a time bound manner. PM Modi laid the foundation stone of Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul – a trade facilitation centre for weavers, craftsmen and artisans of Varanasi in 2014 and in 2017, he dedicated the centre to the nation.

In 2015, he laid the foundation stone of Ring Road Phase 1 and the airport road and within a span of three years he dedicated the two most crucial infrastructure projects to the city. In 2014, PM Modi talked about cleaning up the city of Varanasi and especially its ghats. Today, one can see that change in the clean ghats of Varanasi.

PM Modi as an MP had interacted with the people of Varanasi on his 68th birthday celebrations and presented a report card, he said –

“You may have given me responsibility of Prime Minister but it is my duty to give you an account of my work as your member of parliament. You are my high command, you are my master and I am your ‘sevak’ (servant). So, I have to give you the account of every paisa and time spent on Varanasi.”

No Prime Minister of India may have done this in the past to the people of his constituency.

Not only is Kashi witnessing development on a large scale but people of city are also experiencing what it is like if their MP is the PM.

A cheque bounce law was scrapped, on the request of small business men from Varanasi, who went to PM Modi with their grievance. The law allowed filing a case in a court only in the state where the bank on which the cheque was drawn, is located. This created a lot of inconvenience to traders, especially small businessmen. Within a month, a new executive order was passed and it reversed the earlier position. Not only Kashi, but small business men from the whole country will benefit from the new order.

The Jan Sampark office of PM Modi in Kashi is dedicated for the service of common people in the city. When floods had hit the city, the workers of PM Modi’s Jan Sampark office worked round the clock to help the city.

When the PM is your MP, and when the PM happens to be someone who’s transforming the face of the country itself, the constituency will clearly see fast-paced, unprecedented and impactful progress.