I am visiting Nepal from 3 to 4 August 2014 at the invitation of the Government of Nepal. I am excited about my visit and pleased that I am able to go there within weeks of assuming office as Prime Minister. 

My visit reflects our shared heritage of nature, history, culture, spiritualism and religion. It highlights the high priority that my Government attaches to our relations with Nepal and our determination to take our relationship to an entirely new level. 

My visit will be the first bilateral visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Nepal in 17 years. 

I was delighted that Prime Minister Sushil Koirala had graced my swearing in ceremony with his presence, which demonstrated the solidarity of the people of Nepal with India and our shared commitment to democracy. The India-Nepal Joint Commission Meeting chaired by our respective Foreign Ministers also met recently after a long gap of 23 years and reviewed the entire gamut of our bilateral relations and cooperation with a focus on economic relations, trade and connectivity. 

During my visit, I will have the opportunity to hold detailed discussions with the Nepalese leadership on the entire gamut of bilateral relations. I look forward to working with the leadership of Nepal to forge a new relationship for the new century between our two rapidly transforming countries. 

We will identify steps to strengthen our bilateral cooperation in key sectors, including trade and investment, hydro power, agriculture and agro-processing, environment, tourism, education, culture and sports. I will also discuss with Nepali leadership and their business leaders how we can harness the full potential of the new digital age to empower and create new opportunities for the youth of the two countries. 

Nepal has made admirable progress in its peace process and political transition towards a multiparty democracy. The successful conduct of the Constituent Assembly-cum-Parliamentary elections in November 2013 is yet another tribute to the sagacity of the Nepalese leadership and the people of Nepal. I am truly grateful to the people and the elected representatives of Nepal for giving me the rare honour of addressing the Parliament of Nepal. 

As a close friend and neighbour, we have had the privilege of being a leading partner in Nepal`s socio-economic development. We are committed to continuing our support to Nepal in its development efforts. Our ongoing major projects for development of border infrastructure will usher in economic prosperity to people living on both sides of the border and also enhance connectivity. During the visit, we will explore the ways to further strengthen our development cooperation. 

I will also discuss with the Nepalese leadership the steps to further strengthen people-to-people contacts between our countries, and how to connect lives across our open borders more seamlessly, particularly among the youth. 

I hope my visit will open a new chapter in India -Nepal relations, characterized by more frequent political engagement and closer cooperation across the full spectrum of our extraordinarily broad-based relations, which will serve as a model and catalyst for South Asian partnership for prosperity. 

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ಚಾಲ್ತಾ ಹೈ' ವರ್ತನೆಯನ್ನು ಬಿಟ್ಟು  ಮತ್ತು ' ಬದಲ್ ಸಕ್ತ ಹೈ'  ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಯೋಚಿಸುವ ಸಮಯವಿದು : ಪ್ರಧಾನಿ ಮೋದಿ

ಜನಪ್ರಿಯ ಭಾಷಣಗಳು

ಚಾಲ್ತಾ ಹೈ' ವರ್ತನೆಯನ್ನು ಬಿಟ್ಟು ಮತ್ತು ' ಬದಲ್ ಸಕ್ತ ಹೈ' ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಯೋಚಿಸುವ ಸಮಯವಿದು : ಪ್ರಧಾನಿ ಮೋದಿ
PM Modi responds to passenger from Bihar boarding flight for first time with his father from Darbhanga airport

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PM Modi responds to passenger from Bihar boarding flight for first time with his father from Darbhanga airport

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As humanity faces a crisis in form of COVID, Lord Buddha's teachings have become even more relevant: PM
July 24, 2021
Lord Buddha have us eight mantras for life: PM
As humanity faces a crisis in form of COVID, Lord Buddha's teachings have become even more relevant: PM
India has shown how we can face greatest of challenges by walking on Lord Buddha's path: PM
Countries are joining hands with each other and becoming each other's strength, taking the values of Buddha: PM



Hon’ble President, other guests, ladies and gentlemen!

Wishing you all a very Happy Dhamma Chakra Day and Ashadha Purnima! Today we also celebrate GuruPurnima. On this day, Lord Buddha gave his first sermon to the world after attaining enlightenment. It is said in our country that where there is knowledge there is perfection. And when the preacher is the Buddha himself, it is natural that this philosophy becomes synonymous with the welfare of the world. When Buddha, who is forged by renunciation and forbearance, speaks, then these are not mere words, but the entire cycle of Dhamma begins. He gave the sermon to only five disciples then, but today there are followers of that philosophy all over the world, people who believe in Buddha.


Lord Buddha gave us the formula of whole life and complete knowledge in Sarnath. He explained the cause of suffering and how it can be conquered. Lord Buddha gave us the noble eightfold sutras (path) or eight mantras for life. These are ‘SammaDitthi’ (right understanding), ‘SammaSankappa’ (right resolve), ‘SammaVacha’ (right speech), ‘SammaKammanta” (right conduct), ‘Samma Ajiva’ (right livelihood), ‘SammaVayama’ (right effort), ‘Samma Sati’ (right mindfulness), and ‘Samma Samadhi’ (right meditative absorption or union).If there is harmony between our mind, speech and resolve and between our action and effort then we can come out of pain and attain happiness. This inspires us to work for general welfare during good times and gives us strength to face difficult times.


Lord Buddha is all the more relevant in today’s times of Corona pandemic. India has shown how we can face even the most difficult challenges by following the path of the Buddha. Today all the countries are moving in solidarity and becoming each other’s strength by following the teachings of the Buddha. In this direction, the ‘Care with Prayer’ initiative of the International Buddhist Confederation is very commendable.


The Dhammapada says:

न ही वेरेन वेरानि,

सम्मन्तीध कुदाचनम्।

अवेरेन च सम्मन्ति,

एस धम्मो सनन्ततो॥

That is, enmity does not quell enmity. Rather, enmity is calmed with love and by a big heart. In times of tragedy, the world has experienced this power of love and harmony. As this knowledge of Buddha, this experience of humanity gets enriched, the world will touch new heights of success and prosperity.

With this wish, many congratulations to all of you once again! Stay healthy and keep serving humanity!