Shri Narendra Modi delivers soul stirring address to BJYM workers in Ahmedabad

Shri Modi speaks on the development in Gujarat, tears into the lies spread by the Congress party through various mediums

Shri Modi speaks on the importance of booth level coordination to win in elections.

BJP wins polls on the strength of its organization, its strength are its workers unlike the Congress that spreads lies and follows votebank politics for 60 years: Shri Modi

There is a new trend coming up and that is to say there is no development in Gujarat. Can’t they see Kankaria, BRTS, and Sabarmati Riverfront among other things? I think it is not cataract but blindness that they are suffering from: Shri Modi

Except development there is no way ahead: Shri Modi

Shri Modi seeks solid support in Gutka Mukti Abhiyan. Asks everyone to call on 8000980009 to support a Gutka free Gujarat

In a strong address to the BJYM workers on 8th September 2012 in Ahmedabad, Shri Narendra Modi asked them to focus on the booth level and spelt out some of the misdeeds of the Congress party. In reference to the Congress, he questioned how a car that itself lacks a driver is talking about providing Disha to an entire state! The speech created an air of immense passion among BJYM workers, who were constantly cheering Shri Modi as he packed a few punches.

Shri Modi spoke at length about the importance of booth management during elections. He reminded the people that just like you couldn’t win a battle without wining a fort, it essential to secure victory at the booth level to win any city, state or other election. He termed winning at a polling booth as the real test of an election. He stated that what determines the strength at the polling is the link a worker has with the booth, how many people does he know by name and whether he is able to stand by his people both in times of happiness and sadness.

Pointing to the difference between the Congress and the BJP, Shri Modi said that while the BJP wins polls on the strength of his organization with the worker at the centre of things, the Congress spends tons of cash, gives false promises, spreads new lies and follows votebank politics, which they have mastered for the last 60 years. However, Shri Modi expressed confidence that the people of Gujarat are far sighted enough to know the truth. He further added that he shuddered to think the Congress would have done to Gujarat had it not been for the farsightedness of 6 crore Gujaratis.

The Chief Minister said that now some people are creating a new trend and that is to challenge the ‘development’ taking place in Gujarat.  He asked how is it so that these people cannot see how the Kankaria landscape has changed. How the BRTS changed transportation for the people or how the Sabarmati, which was earlier a playground for cricket and circuses now has a spectacular riverfront. Shri Modi affirmed that this was not cataract but blindness on the part of the Congress that is the cause of this.  

Shri Modi told those gathered at the programme that except for development there is no way ahead. He spoke about the UPA promise in 2004 of giving jobs to a person per family and wanted to know what has happened on that front. On the contrary, it is Gujarat that has topped the list in job creation across India! He further spoke that there is no sphere where Gujarat has not developed today.

Speaking on another trend started by the Congress of saying that the money for development belongs to the Centre, Shri Modi said that this was money that was coming from the states too! He affirmed that the money in the treasury does belong to any person, party of family but the hard work of the people of Gujarat! Shri Modi brought out the injustice to the people of Gujarat that despite giving Rs. 50,000 crore to the Centre, all the state is getting is Rs. 6,000 crore. This is how the Centre is slapping Gujarat and when they are enlightening the people on this through advertisements, the already stung Congress goes to court, he remarked.

Shri Modi opined that the Government is creating opportunities so that the youth of the state can stand up with their head held high. He spoke on how there is an atmosphere of peace and dignity in the state over the past decade with the word ‘curfew’ being forever wiped out of the people’s lives.

He urged the people to extend their might to the Gutka Mukti Abhiyan, which comes into force from 11th September this year and sought active participation in the Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra.

Among those present were BJP MP and BJYM President Shri Anurag Thakur, Gujarat BJYM head Pradipsinh Bhai, Ahmedabad Mayor Shri Asit Vora among others.


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