Hon'ble CM's appeal to the people to maintain peace and poise

Published By : Admin | September 29, 2010 | 11:45 IST

Court verdict in the decades-old Ayodhya case is scheduled to be announced tomorrow on September 30, 2010. With the apex court removing the impediment I am sure of an early legal recourse for a solution to the dispute over Ramjanmabhoomi at Ayodhya.

The dispute remained a topic of discussion in the country due to some reason or the other for the last one week, and yet the people of Gujarat did not enter into any controversy or instigation nor did they muddle the peace prevailing in the society.

I am fully confident that after the court verdict on Ramjanmabhoomi at Ayodhya Gujarat would show to the world a unique precedence of maintaining peace, harmony and coexistence.

The court judgment on Ayodhya is scheduled at a time when the state is celebrating a democratic process of general elections to the local self-government and panchayati raj. All the political parties, the administrative machinery and the electorate are immersed in the people’s festival of sorts – alongside the socio-religious festive season like Navratri round the corner, Vijaya Dashami and Diwali next knocking at the doors, to be followed by encouraging the spirit of sportsmanship during the Swarnim Jayanti of ‘Khelkood Mahakumbh’.

We have to make a concerted effort to strengthen its competence in all round development, enjoy myriad of colours during the festivals, conduct the democratic process of elections and at the same time maintain peace and harmony.

Gujarat has to remain extra cautious as a border state. In no way can Gujarat tolerate the evil eyes and ill-intentions of the adversaries of the nation. The peace-loving people of Gujarat have long back buried violence, curfews and communal riots. It is my humble prayer to all to thwart vested interests out to anyhow pollute or disturb peace in Gujarat.

The state respects the coming court verdict on Ayodhya and is every moment awake to maintain peace, self-control and patience in the rule-of-law. It is my humble prayer to all the stakeholders the society to be extra careful from the elements hell bent on ruining the social fabric of Gujarat.

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