State Budget for the year 2012-2013 presented in Gujarat Assembly

Published By : Admin | February 24, 2012 | 09:55 IST

Annual Budget for the year 2012-2013 presented by Finance Minister Vajubhai Vala on the floor of the Assembly

Shri Narendra Modi says the budget show details of how the state will achieve inclusive growth

All sectors of the economy covered in the Budget. New measures in the health, education and women development also announced.

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi said that the Annual Budget for year 2012-2013 shows the details of how the state will achieve inclusive growth.

“This budget shows that the state is heading to which direction. In last fifty years the size of planning was Rs 2,30,000 crore , while only in last five year the size was Rs 2,50,000 crore. Even a common person can understand this leap jump of the state in the direction of development,” said Shri Modi.

He added that both in terms of figures and economic soundness, this budget is on top and his very ambitious. He said that the term ‘inclusive growth’ is often repeated but through the budget we can come to know what it actually means. Shri Modi believed that the budget gives an impetus to development in an organized way and that there was something for everyone in this budget. It allows the farmers of Gujarat to stand on their own feet, Shri Modi said.

BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS Finance Minister Shri Vajubhai Vala presented the annual Budget for the year 2012-2013 on the floor of the Gujarat Assembly in the presence of Shri Narendra Modi. The Budget contains a series of new development measures and several pro-people announcements that spread across all sectors of Gujarat’s economy.

The Finance Minister said that the Government would clear all pending applications for new agriculture power connections in the state within the next 3 years. In the last decade the Gujarat Government has already given 4 lakh connections whereas all previous governments gave 6 lakh connections in total, Shri Vala said.

A dedicated TV channel for agriculture training and promotion would be launched. 2 food parks and food-processing mission have been announced. The Minister announced Rs 20 crore for 3 lakh cotton farmers as an aid for cotton crop insurance premium.

The Budget also included 5 new animal hostels, 50 veterinary dispensaries and 57 new mobile veterinary centres. The Gauseva Board will now be renamed as Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board and will work for development of Gauchars.

For women development, a special women’s economic zone would be set up at the Sanand GIDC. In addition 5 new it is and 41 Naari Adalats were announced.

In the health sector, Shri Vala announced the purchase of 50 new ambulances for the 108 service. Himmatnagar in North Gujarat will have a new medical college. The Adivasi dominated areas would get new Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Colleges. The Amrutam Scheme was announced whereby there would be free treatment worth Rs. 200 crore for BPL patients of burns, neuro or cancer with each a limit of Rs 2 lakh per patient. Rs 100 crore was announced for Ahmedabad’s Civil Hospital and Rs 40 crore for a new trauma centre there. Rs 20 crore was allotted to expand Ahmedabad’s kidney hospital and Rajkot would get a new cancer research institute.

15 new arts, science and commerce colleges were announced in the budget.

On the infrastructure front, Rs 133 crore was announced for the Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway. A new river bridge at Vautha connecting Ahmedabad and Kheda was allotted Rs. 16.35 crore. 1600 new state transport busses would be added and Rs 2000 crore was announced for urban middle class housing.

With instruments for heart treatment becoming tax free, hear treatment would become cheaper in Gujarat. Various ‘Pooja Samagri’ would also become tax-free since this year.

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प्रधानमंत्री ने 'विकसित भारत, विकसित छत्तीसगढ़' कार्यक्रम को संबोधित किया
February 24, 2024
Inaugurates, dedicates to nation and lays foundation stone for multiple development projects worth over Rs 34,400 crore in Chhattisgarh
Projects cater to important sectors like Roads, Railways, Coal, Power and Solar Energy
Dedicates NTPC’s Lara Super Thermal Power Project Stage-I to the Nation and lays foundation Stone of NTPC’s Lara Super Thermal Power Project Stage-II
“Development of Chhattisgarh and welfare of the people is the priority of the double engine government”
“Viksit Chhattisgarh will be built by empowerment of the poor, farmers, youth and Nari Shakti”
“Government is striving to cut down the electricity bills of consumers to zero”
“For Modi, you are his family and your dreams are his resolutions”
“When India becomes the third largest economic power in the world in the next 5 years, Chhattisgarh will also reach new heights of development”
“When corruption comes to an end, development starts and creates many employment opportunities”

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the ‘Viksit Bharat Viksit Chhattisgarh’ program via video conferencing today. During the programme, the Prime Minister inaugurated, dedicated to the nation and laid the foundation stone for multiple development projects worth over Rs 34,400 crores. The projects cater to many important sectors including Roads, Railways, Coal, Power, and Solar Energy.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister greeted lakhs of families that were connected with the programme from all the assembly constituencies of Chhattisgarh. The Prime Minister emphasized that Viksit Chattisgarh will be created by the empowerment of the youth, women, poor and farmers and modern infrastructure will strengthen the foundation of Viksit Chhattisgarh. He said the projects that are being inaugurated or foundation stones being laid today will create new opportunities for the people of Chattisgarh.

Referring to the dedication of NTPC’s Super Thermal Power Project to the nation today and the foundation stone laying of Stage-II with a capacity of 1600 MW, the Prime Minister said that electricity will now be made available for the citizens at a lesser expense. He also highlighted the government’s endeavor to make Chhattisgarh a center for Solar Energy and mentioned dedicating solar power plants in Rajnandgaon and Bhilai that have the potential to supply electricity to nearby regions even during the night. “Government strives to cut down the electricity bills of consumers to zero”, PM Modi remarked, informing about the PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity scheme which currently comprises 1 crore households around the country. He informed that the government will provide financial aid directly into the bank accounts for setting up rooftop solar panels where 300 units of electricity will be made free and the excess electricity produced will be bought back by the government, thereby creating additional income for citizens worth thousands of rupees. He also mentioned the government’s emphasis on transforming the annadata into urjadata by assisting farmers to set up small-scale solar plants on barren farmlands.

The Prime Minister commended the completion of guarantees by the double-engine government in Chhattisgarh. Lakhs of farmers in the state have already received a bonus that was pending for two years. Double-engine government has also fulfilled the election guarantee of increasing the emoluments of Tendu leaves collectors, he informed. Schemes like PM Awas and Har Ghar Nal se Jal have picked up a new momentum, he said. Irregularities in various examinations are being investigated and the Prime Minister congratulated women of the state for Mehtari Vandan Yojana.

PM Modi said that Chhattisgarh has hard-working farmers, talented youth and natural treasure, everything that is needed to become Viksit. He criticized the myopic and selfish dynastic politics of earlier governments for lack of progress in the state. He said, “For Modi, you are his family and your dreams are his resolutions. That is why I am talking about Viksit Bharat and Viksit Chhattisgarh today”. He further said, “To each of 140 crore Indians this servant has given the guarantee of his commitment and hard work” and recalled his 2014 guarantee of making every Indian proud of India's image in the world. Similarly, strong action is being taken against those who have looted poor citizen’s money. This money is being utilized for the scheme for the welfare of the poor, he said. He mentioned free ration, free medical treatment, affordable medicines, housing, piped water, gas connection and toilets for the poor. Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra saw Modi's Guarantee vehicle going to every village.

Recalling Modi’s guarantee 10 years ago, the Prime Minister mentioned creating the India of the dreams and aspirations of our ancestors and said that such a developed India is emerging today. He mentioned the Digital India initiative and gave examples of real-time payments, banking systems and notifications for payments received, and underlined that it has become a reality today. He informed that the present government has transferred more than Rs 34 lakh crores to the bank accounts of the people of the country through Direct Benefit Transfer, assistance of Rs 28 lakh crores to the youth for employment and self-employment under the Mudra Scheme, and assistance of Rs 2.75 lakh crores under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. He also pointed out the leakages in the transfer of funds that would have occurred during the previous governments due to a lack of transparency. “When corruption comes to an end, development starts and creates many employment opportunities”, PM Modi said, throwing light on the development of health facilities and education infrastructure, and the construction of new roads and rail lines as a result of good governance.

The Prime Minister said that such works will create a Viksit Chhattisgarh and in the next 5 years when India will emerge as the third largest economy in the world, Chhattisgarh too will reach new heights of development. “This is a big opportunity, especially for first-time voters and young people studying in school and college. Viksit Chhattisgarh will fulfill their dreams”, the Prime Minister concluded.


The Prime Minister dedicated NTPC’s Lara Super Thermal Power Project, Stage-I (2x800 MW) to the nation and laid the foundation Stone of NTPC’s Lara Super Thermal Power Project, Stage-II (2x800 MW) in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh. While Stage-I of the station is built with an investment of around Rs 15,800 crore, Stage-II of the project shall be constructed on the available land of Stage-I premises, thus requiring no additional land for the expansion, and entails an investment of Rs 15,530 crore. Equipped with highly efficient Super Critical technology (for Stage-I) and Ultra Super Critical technology (for Stage-II), the project will ensure lesser Specific Coal Consumption and Carbon Dioxide emission. While 50% power from both Stage-I & II is allocated to the state of Chhattisgarh, the project will also play a crucial role in improving power scenario in several other states and UTs, such as Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, Daman & Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli among others.

The Prime Minister inaugurated three key First Mile Connectivity (FMC) projects of South Eastern Coalfields Limited, built at a total cost of more than Rs 600 crores. They will help in faster, eco-friendly, and efficient mechanized evacuation of coal. These projects include Dipka OCP Coal Handling Plant in SECL’s Dipka Area and Chhal, and Baroud OCP Coal handling plant in SECL’s Raigarh Area. FMC projects ensure the mechanized movement of coal from pithead to coal handling plants equipped with silos, bunkers, and rapid loading systems through conveyor belts. By reducing the transportation of coal via road, these projects will help ease the living conditions of people residing around coal mines by reducing traffic congestion, road accidents, and adverse impacts on the environment and health around coal mines. It is also leading to savings in transportation costs by reducing diesel consumption by trucks carrying coal from the pit head to railway sidings.

In a step to boost production of renewable energy in the region, the Prime Minister inaugurated the Solar PV Project at Rajnandgaon built at a cost of around Rs 900 Crore. The project will generate an estimated 243.53 million units of energy annually and will mitigate around 4.87 million tons of CO2 emissions over 25 years, equivalent to the carbon sequestered by about 8.86 million trees over the same period.

Strengthening the rail infrastructure in the region, the Prime Minister dedicated Bilaspur – Uslapur Flyover to be built at a cost of around Rs. 300 Crores. This will reduce the heavy congestion of traffic and stoppage of coal traffic at Bilaspur going towards Katni. The Prime Minister also dedicated a 50MW Solar Power Plant in Bhilai. It will help in the utilization of solar energy in running trains.

The Prime Minister dedicated to the nation, the rehabilitation and upgradation of 55.65 km long Section of NH-49 to two lanes with paved shoulders. The project will help in improving connectivity between two important cities Bilaspur and Raigarh. The PM also dedicated rehabilitation and upgradation of 52.40 km long section of NH-130 to two-lanes with paved shoulders. The project will help improve the connectivity of Ambikapur city with Raipur and Korba city and will boost the economic growth of the area.