Green Adivasi belt will become the golden corridoor of Guj's progress

Published By : Admin | September 22, 2012 | 22:43 IST

Vivekananda Yuva Parishad in Dahod 

Shri Modi speaks about the state Government’s initiatives towards development of Tribal community in the last decade 

This green corridor will become the golden corridor of progress in the next decade: Shri Modi 

Shri Modi shares various initiatives for better health and education facilities for Tribal communities. 


Shri Narendra Modi addressed youngsters at the Vivekananda Yuva Parishad in Dahod on the afternoon of Saturday 22nd September 2012. In his speech Shri Modi spoke at length about the Government’s efforts towards development of Adivasi community in the last decade.

Commenting on Dr. Manmohan Singh’s address to the nation in which he stated that money does not grow on trees Shri Modi stated expressed surprise that an economist is explaining things in such language. He added that the country is aware that for the Congress 2G and Coalgate are the trees of money and what bigger trees do they need than this?

Speaking about the development in the last decade Shri Modi said that Swami Vivekananda himself was a firm believer in the philosophy of Daridra Narayan and taking inspiration from him the Gujarat Government has taken several steps for development of Tribal community.  Shri Modi recalled the lack of development earlier and recounted that Dahod was known as the place from where people who made roads hailed. The Chief Minister affirmed that those days are gone when the youth of Dahod will only be making roads for Gujarat and that the Tribal stretch from Umargam to Ambaji will become a golden corridor in Gujarat’s progress in the coming decade.


View the full programme of the Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Parishad at Dahod.


Shri Modi declared that this green corridor would become the golden corridor of progress. He remembered how the Congress had ridiculed his idea of Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana but instead of the Rs. 15,000 crore promised the state spent Rs. 18,000 crore on development and today the package has increased to Rs. 40,000 crore. The Chief Minister shared that the Government has given great stress to health and education. Thanks to initiatives like 108 a qualitative difference has been made in the lives of the people. Further the Government has spent lot of money for healthcare Adivasi children. Shri Modi declared that what had not happened for the preceding 40 years became possible in a span of a decade!

In the field of education Shri Modi said that earlier there was poor primary education facility that served as a big handicap for the Tribal youth but that has now changed as the Government has opened the floodgates. The Chief Minister shared that today the Tribal districts have 23 ITIs, from 1 College the number has gone up to 51, 6 Agro polytechnics, 2 engineering and 3 nursing Colleges. Furthermore, each district will have a medical College for the youth. Shri Modi expressed immense joy in the fact that today many Tribal youngsters are going overseas to study and in the Khel Mahakumbh Dahod district did extremely well by winning high number of medals. He also spoke about how the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana created better irrigation and drinking water facilities.

On the occasion Shri Modi made some announcements as well. He announced a 650 km Narmada floodwater pipeline in Dahod. This will irrigate more than 2 lakh acres of land will cost the state Rs. 3500 crore which is more than entire Government budget in the past.

Shri Modi also announced to set up construction technology institutes in Dahod and Panchmahal districts. He said these institutes would train construction workers and enhance their skill of road and housing construction through modern technology. The Chief Minister announced to build Anganwadis, schools, ‘ren baseras’ in cities for tribal laborers who migrate to city areas for road and housing construction.

Earlier, Cabinet Minister Fakirbhai Vaghela spoke on the occasion and lauded the development in Gujarat under Shri Modi. The Chief Minister presented kits to youngsters. Several dignitaries were present on the occasion and youngsters in large number turned up.

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