GOG spokespersons’ statement regarding SC verdict on Jakia Jafri’s petition

Published By : Admin | September 12, 2011 | 06:23 IST

Vested interests wanted to subvert the state government by making false allegations

SC has not paid heed to allegations and expressed confidence in SIT report, judiciary of Gujarat

On the Supreme Court's today's verdict on the petition of Mrs Jakia Jafri, Gujarat government's spokespersons Health Minister Mr Jay Narayan Vyas and Minister of State for Energy Mr Saurabh Patel said that –
  • Government of Gujarat has been committed from the beginning to punish the criminals and to deliver justice to the victims.
  • From the beginning there were certain vested interests who never wanted victims to get justice, and these elements are working hard to obstruct the judicial process by various means and to give a political tint to this case. Such important cases have seen a stay of six years because of the hindrance of these elements.
  • These elements, wanting to arouse the anger of the victims and to plot political games, then resorted to making a series of false allegations.
  • Even after three years of the incident they kept on coming up with new allegations and imaginary episodes.
  • In the want of settling their political accounts, they made false allegations on the Gujarat government including the Chief Minister.
  • Today's verdict of Supreme Court has revealed the plain facts before the people of this nation.
  • Good news for those having faith in the constitution of India is that the Apex Court 's verdict has completely rooted out the serious allegation that was leveled at Gujarat government.
  • SIT (Special Investigation Team) – a team appointed by the Supreme Court itself and made up of the senior officials of CBI – had thoroughly probed into the case and submitted its report which is endorsed by the Supreme Court.
  • SIT consistently worked under the guidance of Supreme Court. By now it has submitted over 15 reports to the Court. The Supreme Court has continuously monitored the working of SIT and even praised its work many times.
  • Efforts were made to put serious allegations on SIT, lies were spread, but not paying heed to such things the Supreme Court endorsed the SIT report.
  • Certain elements having vested interest, wanted to subvert the Gujarat government by making FIR against the Chief Minister and government officials. But the Supreme Court did not let succeed such malicious motives and rejected the demand of lodging FIR.
  • Elements with political interest made strenuous efforts to entrust the probe to CBI but the Supreme Court has once again expressed confidence on SIT quashing the demand for CBI inquiry.
  • These people leaved no stone unturned in throwing mud on the judiciary of Gujarat. But the Supreme Court has expressed full confidence in the judicial process of Gujarat and has directed the concerned court to deal with the case.
  • Supreme Court's verdict that there is no need to monitor the functioning of SIT proves that the Apex Court has complete trust on SIT.
  • People of Gujarat know that the Chief Minister of the state always prefers to be lawful. Government of Gujarat once again expresses its commitment to get justice to the victims.
  • Wish that those playing narrow politics learn a lesson from this.
  • Hope that they will not obstruct Gujarat's peaceful march on the path of progress.

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