My heartfelt greetings to the National President of Bharatiya Janata Party Shri Rajnath Singh Ji, State President of Bharatiya Janata Party Shri Prahlad Joshi Ji, Respected Shri Venkaiah Naidu Ji, General Secretary of BJP Shri Thawar Chand Ji Gehlot, Shri Ananth Kumar Ji, our former Chief Minister Shri Sadananda Gowda Ji, Shri Jagadish Shettar Ji, all the senior leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party on the dais and all my brothers and sisters from Bangalore and Karnataka!

// A part of speech in Kannada //

Friends, today when I have stepped on the land of Bangalore, first and foremost I would like to extend my sincerest compliments to Bharat Ratna Prof. C. N. Rao, who has made India proud in the area of Science. I would also like to congratulate Sachin Tendulkar, who has taken India to new heights in the area of sports and is an inspiration to the youth of the country, on the occasion of his felicitation with the Bharat Ratna!

Friends, our Bangalore has got its name marked in the developmental journey of country, even before independence. The first city in India where electrification was done is Bangalore. This is the century of knowledge and today all over India, whether it is the area of research or of higher education, whether it is a matter of center for excellence or anything else, Bangalore is ahead of all in every area and it has made its identity as the knowledge city. I congratulate all the people of Karnataka for this, and heartily compliment them!

Friends, I have got the opportunity to come here many times during elections, I have seen many political events here. Friends, in the history of Karnataka, no political party got the opportunity to witness such a spectacular sight, and I would like to congratulate you all for this. Wherever my sight rests, it seems as if saffron waves are tiding. What a sight you have presented, friends! I was asking to Prahlad Ji, Ananth Ji and the in-charge of this rally Ashok Ji that when and where was such a scene sighted before this? They told me that not only in the history of BJP, but in the entire political history of Karnataka, there has not been such a huge event of any political party. Friends, this itself is a great achievement of the Karnataka Bharatiya Janata Party, and I congratulate you all for this!

Shri Narendra Modi  addressing Bharatha Gellisi Rally in Bengalore, Karnataka

Friends, these days the attacks on BJP have just intensified, attacks on Narendra Modi have also aggravated by manifold! These attacks have increased because neither can these people see this sight, nor can they digest it, and thus they use such language, make such conspiracies and use do-not-know-what-kind-of-methods to demotivate BJP!

Friends, today I want to remember two Prime Ministers of our nation together. If we have to change the destiny of India and take it ahead, then we can only do this by the slogans given by these two great men. Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji said, ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ and respected Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji said, ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan’!

Friends, today the IT professionals and the software engineers of our Bangalore, Karnataka have made the world recognize their strength and have made India proud. If, after Silicon Valley, somewhere in the world that the IT profession is at such a large scale, then that city is Bangalore and the state is Karnataka! Friends, how did this get possible? When there was NDA government and Atal Bihari Vajpayee was India’s Prime Minister, at that time a separate Ministry of Information Technology was formed for the first time in India, and special arrangements were made for that, budgets were allocated, and it was established as a focus area through an independent setup. After that, the youth of India never looked back. The youth of my nation with their magic on computers succeeded in attracting the world and made the entire world recognize the potential of India!

Friends, in 2003, the government of Atal Ji for the first time formulated a policy for science and technology. In 2000, the government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji first time formulated IT act. The dream that Atal Ji saw for the modern India, and he emphasized on science and technology, that dream was related to the youth of India, to his future and the ‘Moon Mission’ that Atal Ji announced from the Red Fort on 15th August, 2003. Today we can proudly say that the dream that Atal Ji saw on 15th August 2003, the youth and scientists of this nation realized it in 2008 and we started toward Chandrayaan successfully! Friends, this is the miracle of science and technology policy that recently we are also moving towards the Mars Mission successfully!

Shri Narendra Modi  addressing Bharatha Gellisi Rally in Bengalore, Karnataka

Friends, the great men are foresighted, they develop systems, but when the systems go into the wrong hands, the plight that the nation faces is well-known to the IT professionals. Well, when it was Atal Ji’s government in the country, the growth rate of IT sector in the country was 40%, when UPA-1 came to power, it reduced from 40% and dropped to 30%. Who suffered this loss? This was the loss to the future of the youth, there were questions on the youth associated with IT sector. Not only that, with advent of UPA-2, the growth rate of 40% at the time of Atal Ji, today dropped to 9%! You people tell me, if there’s no growth, then where will the youth get employment! You people tell me, when there will be no growth, how will there be any export, how will the youth get employed, and if the youth of nation gets unemployed, what will be the fate of our nation?

Friends, we are not able to develop as many Centers for Excellence in India as are required. Sometimes I think that India has the longest railway network in the world, there is expertise needed to work for the railways, their engineers are given a different kind of training in it, a different kind of quality is provided in railway management. Can’t the Indian Railways itself open four good universities in the four corners of the country to prepare required manpower like engineers, technicians, managers equipped with skills and electronic knowledge, in which the youth of our nation can be prepared and efficiency of the railways is increased? Couldn’t we modernize our railways this way? Couldn’t we make railways more useful to the people this way? But these people have made railways also a part of their politics. Increase a coach here, add a route there, make voters of this place happy, keep the railways running to win the elections; and as a result of it, the entire railway network is on a slump today, this is their thinking!

Friends, today the economic condition of the country is very much in crisis. These days there is a competition that whether the rupee will fall lower or the reputation of the UPA government! Who will fall the lowest, there is a competition going on for it! Friends, the current account deficit has taken the country in a deep economic crisis. The value of rupee is falling every day, it seems as if the rupee of UPA government is in ICU! The main reason of current account deficit is that we are not able to export enough in the sector of import and export. Earlier the growth of software was 40% which has today dropped down to 9%, because of which our export has dropped. On the other hand, what did the UPA government in Delhi do, they announced the Pink Revolution. What is this Pink Revolution? Pink revolution is export of mutton and meat! Because of this the invaluable cattle of India is being slaughtered illegally. The Delhi government is introducing new schemes and incentives for the export of mutton and meat. I want to ask the UPA government in Delhi that, the way you are announcing policies for the slaughterhouses, the way banks are ready to fund the slaughterhouses, if you would have introduced such schemes for the youth of Karnataka, if you would have brought such special packages for them, incentives for software engineering, incentives for infrastructure and incentives for exports were introduced, then today the situation of current account deficit would not have prevailed, our youth would have made the nation proud by exporting the software and our cattle would have been saved, the livestock would have been safe. Not only this, look at their priorities, just now they have formed a new government in Karnataka, and look at their mentality, the first decision they took in the cabinet was to put a stopper to the act that the BJP government has induced for protection of the cows, so that their vote bank politics can strive! When the first UPA government came in power, their first step was to eradicate the POTA act, so that their vote bank politics continues and the terrorists get full freedom, the naxalites get full freedom! Friends, they are giving such huge subsidies to the slaughterhouses that you can’t even imagine. Friends, I have come here to request you that this Delhi government has no attachment with the people, they have no connect with the people, they are the people sitting in the ivory towers. They are the indoor players, while we play outdoors!

Shri Narendra Modi  addressing Bharatha Gellisi Rally in Bengalore, Karnataka

Friends, today the entire world is discussing that who will rule the 21st century! Some say it will be of Asia, some say of China and some say of India. Friends, it is the dream of all of us to make 21st century, the century of India. Answer me everyone, will you make 21st century, the century of India? Will you make India renowned in the 21st century? Friends, there are so many opportunities to make this century the century of India because we have two such invaluable assets which our competitors do not have! We are fortunate that we have a vibrant democracy, the largest democracy of the world, and the second strength is that we are the youngest nation in the world. Today 65% population of India is below the age of 35. Friends, the country which has such a large force of youth, the country which can rule the world with the mind and arms of youth, if we pay attention to the youth of the country, then we can contribute in changing the face of the world..! But for Congress, youth is just a bank of voters, but for us youth is power, it is the power of the nation and our priority is to empower the youth. The more we will empower the youth, more powerful India will be, we are moving ahead with this dream..! 

Friends, when the country has such strengths of vibrant democracy and demographic dividend, then it is possible to do it. I said this already that they do not have any vision or any plan for the youth. Every country in the world uses the power of youth in building the nation and for it they are focusing on skill development. Skill development is a priority for every nation in the world. Friends, today there is an employment crisis in India, the youth is unemployed, Congress promised to give employment to the youth but Delhi government has not been successful in fulfilling that promise. All my young friends, answer me today that has anyone of you got a job from Delhi government, has anyone got employment through them? Not only this, they have committed the crime of de-employing crores of youngsters. The factories are closed, electricity is not being generated, the coal is devoured, not only coal but the coal files are also devoured and they say in the Supreme Court that the files are missing; not only the files but the entire government is missing! For Supreme Court only the coal files have gone missing, but for India the life has gone missing..! The entire world is working on skill development to employ the youth, but what has our Delhi government done for skill development? You will be shocked to know that the Government of India’s budget for skill development in entire India is Rs. 1000 crore. Gujarat is a small state but its budget for skill development is Rs. 800 crore! Why is it so? Because it is not their priority, because they do not care for the future of India, because they are not concerned for the strengthening of the youth!

Friends, what have these people done till date..? They are in government since 2004, entire world is emphasizing on skill development, India is the youngest nation, and thus our first priority should be skill development. In 2008 a committee was formed by Delhi government and was named as Prime Minister National Council on skill development. A huge committee was constituted associating with the name of the Prime Minister. Friends, it is a matter to understand that within 25 days of its constitution, they formed another committee, one more child was given birth! They formed a skill development coordination board. Look at their condition, they started a second venture within 25 days and then did not do anything for next 2.5 years, they did not discuss anything, not cared, not planned any schemes, did nothing for next 2.5 years, they kept mum for 2.5 years. After this in 2011, an office of skill development advisory was opened. What did they do after 2.5 years, opened an office of Prime Minister’s skill development advisor, and in 2013 they closed all of them, all that was constituted was shut down and constituted a skill development agency, now what business will this agency do, that time will tell, because it is just new and formed few months back only!

Friends, they would not have done this if they were at all concerned about the youth! They do not even care about democracy, it is the character of Congress to suffocate the democracy. The democracy of India was demolished at the time of emergency, the media was restricted, and emergency was induced. I am again being reminded of those days! You would have noticed that the IT professionals are all over the social media these days. Social media is on a boom everywhere. Every person is raising his voice through social media. And the government of Delhi, it is afraid of social media and are trying new means everyday to shackle social media, to impose controls on it, because they have no faith in democracy.

Friends, lately the Minister of Information Dept. has sent an advisory to the media of India, especially the electronic media. It is pronounced as an advisory but it seems to be a deceptive threat letter, which in a manner seems to be introducing a detainment on media. The advisory that they gave was that on 15th August the Prime Minister made his speech from the Red Fort, an important event, a matter of pride for the position of Prime Minister as per the constitution, it is a matter of national pride, so after his speech how could media telecast the speech of Narendra Modi, a small Chief Minister of a small state, from Lalan College, Kutch? They got fuming that how did they telecast the speech of Modi equivalent to the Prime Minister? The Delhi government released a warning in the name of advisory. Not only this, this incident also presents an example of what irreverence do they have for the democracy!

Friends, Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar Ji! You all are Kannadiga, do you respect her? Do you listen to her songs? Do you feel happy and peaceful listening to her voice? Do you feel proud taking her name? Do you feel like bowing down to the Indian Army listening to the tunes of ‘Aye mere watan ke logon’? She is a name of national pride! A few days back Lata Mangeshkar Ji said that if Modi Ji becomes the Prime Minister of India, then it would be good! Now you people tell me, does everyone have the right to express their opinion in the democracy or not? If someone says that Modi should be imprisoned for life, does he have the right to say that or not? If someone says that Modi should be hanged till death, does he have the right to say that or not? If someone says that Modi should be made the Prime Minister, does he have the right to say that or not? You will be surprised to know that my friends from  Congress, the leaders of UPA, they got infuriated, they created a havoc and declared that Bharat Ratna should be taken back from Lata Mangeshkar who endorses Modi becoming Prime Minister! Congress party does not have any faith and reverence in democracy!

Friends, an international organization, Goldman Sachs, which conducts research in the entire world and work in the area of management and economics, that organization said that since Modi’s name has come forward, Bharatiya Janata Party is moving ahead rapidly and because of that the scene of the market is changing, the Indian economy has got its breath back, and if Modi keeps moving ahead, then the economy of India will be back on the track running ahead! Such a survey which was conducted by an international agency was published in the newspapers. Those people are saying that the economy of India will improve, this is a subject of national pride and celebration, but instead of that the Congress attacked them, their ministers got offended that what does Goldman Sachs thinks of itself, who gave it the right to say that etc! Friends, is this the language of democracy? Is there such attitude in democracy? They are not ready to listen to the other’s opinion! Not only this, there are elections going on in four states, opinion polls were released and they got irritated, and announced that opinion polls should not be shown on television! Till when will you hide, now it is your time to leave! The country’s opinion is decided, whether the opinion is telecasted on television or not, but the opinion is being fully reflected in the voice of the people!

Friends, not only this, they have no faith in the constitutional bodies in the democracy. I am very responsibly putting this allegation that the UPA government in Delhi is not running because of majority, it is running because of the exploits of CBI! Whenever the government is about to fall, CBI knocks the doors of SP, sometimes BSP, takes out someone’s file or the other’s and people stand with Congress out of fear and UPA survives! Friends, this is not democracy, this is not the manner of democracy and thus today I have come here to say that the Congress party which does not have any faith in the youth, which has no faith in science, which has no reverence for democracy, their only priority is the politics of vote bank!

Friends, a year back or so, Shri Chidambaram Ji came here and he gave a statement in your city. He said that you can buy bottled water for Rs. 15, ice-creams for Rs. 20 but if the price of wheat goes up by 1 Rupee, you start complaining about it! Tell me Friends, what mentality is this? Is this language right for the poor of the nation? And along with it, he said that will the government bother about the urban middle class of India? Why, isn’t the urban middle class citizens of India, doesn’t the urban middle class work for India, is the urban middle class not paying tax, does the urban middle class not have the right to express their opinion? He said this and taunted you with the 15-20 rupees statement!

Friends, look at their thinking in the context of inflation, they say that if someone’s daily household income is Rs. 26, they are not poor! Tell me Friends, the person who earns 26 Rupees daily and has a family of 5, is he poor or not? You tell me, such a person is poor or not? You believe he is poor, but Delhi government does not believe so! You only tell me, what will you get in 26 rupees? One does not even get 300 grams onions in Rs. 26, then how will the poor man feed his family? Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay has shown us the path of Antyodaya, he has shown us the path of serving the under privileged, it is the duty and deeds of Bharatiya Janata party to serve the poorest of the poor, to be concerned about him, and this path was paved by Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhayay for us! And one of the leaders of Congress acclaim that poverty is just a state of mind! They are making fun of the poor. Friends, they do not care about the price rise, they do not care for the economy, they are busy running their own business!

Friends, just a few days back a cricket match was being played on the Wankhede Stadium. Sachin Tendulkar was about to retire, entire nation became Sachinated, everything was being connected to Sachin and people in Wankhede were betting that whether Sachin Tendulkar will make century or the prices of onion will! These people have taken the situation of inflation at this level!

Friends, the Prime Minister constituted a committee to control food price inflation, and I do not know for what reasons, he made me the chairman of the committee and connected four Chief Ministers with me. Friends, we submitted a report to the Government of India working really hard on it, that report was not very lengthy, it touched very focused and specific issues and the Prime Minister himself appreciated me a lot on seeing it. I gave him 20 recommendations and 64 detailed acts to control inflation and balance the market, that this should be done, this way! Friends, they are not bothered about the poor, about inflation! The report that I gave in 2011 is still lying in files and no one has ever bothered to go through it! Friends, I want to tell you all that what did I recommend, I will tell you just one point, we said that the essential commodity act should be reformed. It should first be made non-bailable, and secondly, a special court should be formulated for it, there should be fast track justice, people who are involved in hoarding and profiteering should be sent behind the bars! They did not implement it! Secondly I suggested that re-bundling of Food Corporation of India should be done. Along with it I recommended that FCI should be divided in three parts, first should procure, second should store and third should look after distribution. We recommended a scientific method but the Delhi government did not do it!

Friends, today the entire nation is crying because of onion! Once the leaders of Congress had a conference with onion, they called onion and started requesting that what is this going on? So onion said that you people being in government have peeled the entire nation, so we onions have decided that now we will take off your peels!

Friends, look at the foresightedness of Atal Ji’s government, he kept onion under the essential commodities, because of which its price never used to fluctuate. UPA-1 took onions out from the essential commodity category within a few days and the result is that today the poor is crying because of onion!

Friends, every country should have its own dreams! If we look from 1857 before independence, then every citizen of the nation was working with the objective of freeing India, every generation was working for it. After Independence there was a need of moving ahead with a dream of making India great, there was need to convert Swaraj, the independence into Suraaj, the good governance, but the rulers in Delhi did not focus on it after independence. They started saying that power is poison! You should not come in it, it is for us, you do not taste this poison, one family is sufficient for it, let us taste this poison alone, they kept saying this to us! They conspired to keep the people away from power calling it poison time and again, they did not let people get near power and one family kept the power to itself calling it poison!

Friends, today I want to say one thing. After about 8-9 years, our country will observe 75th anniversary of independence. In our country 75th year is celebrated as ‘Amrit Mahotsav’, the Diamond Jubilee. This country should resolve today that after 8-9 years when we will celebrate the diamond jubilee of our independence, there should be sparkle all around! It means good governance, it means welfare of the poor, it means welfare of the village and farmer, we should move ahead for this! Friends, farmer of the country can move ahead, we can progress, but the farmer needs to be connected with technology, if we emphasize on this, then the farmer of the country can prosper. Friends, a country of 125 crore, if it moves ahead with a dream of every Indian and we move ahead with 125 crore dreams in total, if every city, every village has a dream, you can imagine that if we all move ahead with these crores of dreams for 8 years then our country can reach new heights!

Friends, today when I have come among you then I want to say that we have to move towards good governance bringing an end to bad governance, we have to move on the path of clarity from the air of chaos, we have to move towards clean governance leaving this environment of corruption behind, we have to move towards buoyancy leaving aside stagnancy, we have to aspire for love and life forgetting the venom! If we move ahead with this resolution in the coming days then I am sure that our country will rise with new strength and power to lead the world in 21st century!

All of you together raise both your hands,

and call out in such a loud voice that it echoes till Delhi…

Bharat Mata ki Jai..!

Bharat Mata ki Jai..!

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Narendra Modi’s Digital Century Gives Democratic Hope From India Amidst Global Turmoil
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Role of newspapers is crucial in the journey to Viksit Bharat: PM Modi at inauguration of INS Towers in Mumbai
July 13, 2024
“Role of newspapers is very important in the journey to Viksit Bharat in the next 25 years”
“The citizens of a country who gain confidence in their capabilities start achieving new heights of success. The same is happening in India today”
“INS has not only been a witness to the ups and downs of India’s journey but also lived it and communicated it to the people”
“A country’s global image directly affects its economy. Indian publications should enhance their global presence”

Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Ramesh Bais ji, Chief Minister Shri Eknath Shinde ji, Deputy Chief Ministers Bhai Devendra Fadnavis ji and Ajit Dada Pawar ji, President of the Indian Newspaper Society, Rakesh Sharma ji, all distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen!

First of all, I extend my hearty congratulations to all the members of the Indian Newspaper Society. Today, you have been provided with a large and modern building in Mumbai. I hope that this new building will enhance your work efficiency and ease of working, thereby strengthening our democracy. The Indian Newspaper Society is one of the institutions that came into existence before independence, and thus, you have closely observed and experienced every high and low in the country's journey, and have conveyed it to the general public. Therefore, the more effective your work becomes as an organization, the more the country will benefit.


The media is not just a passive observer of the country's conditions. All of you in the media play a crucial role in changing conditions and guiding the nation. Today, Bharat is at a point in time where the next 25 years of its journey are very important. For Bharat to become developed in these 25 years, the role of newspapers and magazines is equally significant. It is the media that raises awareness among the country's citizens. It is the media that constantly reminds the citizens of their rights. And it is the media that makes people realize their potential. You also see that when citizens of a country gain confidence in their potential, they start achieving new heights of success. This is also happening in Bharat today. Let me give you a small example. There was a time when some leaders openly said that digital transactions are beyond the capability of the people of Bharat. They thought that modern technology would not work in this country. But the world is witnessing the wisdom and potential of the people of Bharat. Today, Bharat is breaking huge records in digital transactions globally.

Today, due to Bharat’s UPI and modern Digital Public Infrastructure, the ease of living has increased, and transfer of money from one place to another has become easier. Today, our countrymen living across the world, especially in Gulf countries, are sending the most remittances, and the cost they used to incur has significantly reduced, partly due to this digital revolution. Major countries worldwide are trying to understand our technology and implementation model. This great success is not just due to the government. You all in the media have also contributed to this success, and therefore, you all deserve congratulations.


The natural role of the media is to create discourse and to strengthen discussions on serious topics. However, the direction of media discourse often depends on government policies. You know every action is viewed through the lens of vote arithmetic in governments. We have changed this mindset. You may recall that banks were nationalized in our country decades ago. But the truth was that there were 40-50 crore poor people in the country who did not even have a bank account until 2014. When nationalization happened, what was said and what was the fact in 2014? Half the country was outside the banking system. Did this issue ever become a topic of discussion in our country? But we adopted the Jan Dhan Yojana as a movement. We connected about 50 crore people to the banking system. This became our biggest medium in Digital India and anti-corruption efforts. Similarly, if we look at campaigns like the Cleanliness Campaign, Start-up India, and Standup India! They did not fit anywhere in vote bank politics. But in the changing Bharat, the media of the country made them a part of the national discourse. The word start-up, which most people were unaware of before 2014, was brought into every household through media discussions.


You are all media veterans, very experienced. Your decisions also guide the country's media. Therefore, I have a few requests for you through this program


When the government starts a program, it doesn't necessarily mean it's only a government program. If the government emphasizes a particular idea, it doesn't mean it's just the government's idea. For example, the country celebrated Amrit Mahotsav and ran the 'Har Ghar Tiranga' campaign. While the government initiated these campaigns, the entire country adopted and advanced them. Similarly, today the country is focusing so much on the environment. This is a topic beyond politics, concerning the future of humanity. For instance, the 'Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam' (A Tree in Mother's Name) campaign has just started. This campaign of Bharat is also being discussed worldwide. When I presented this topic at the G7, there was great curiosity because everyone has an attachment to their mother, and they felt it would click well with people. Everyone was saying this. The more media houses in the country join this effort, the more it will benefit future generations. My request is to consider every such effort as the country's effort and promote it. This is not just the government's effort; it is the country's effort. This year, we are also celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Constitution. You can play an important role in increasing the sense of duty and awareness towards the Constitution among citizens.


Another topic is related to tourism. Tourism does not grow solely through government policies. When we collectively make efforts to create a brand and market the country, tourism increases along with the country's honour. You can find your own ways to promote tourism in the country. For example, if all newspapers in Maharashtra decide to promote Bengal's tourism in September, when people in Maharashtra see Bengal being highlighted everywhere then they might plan to visit Bengal, thereby increasing Bengal's tourism. Suppose after three months, you decide to focus collectively on Tamil Nadu. You will see that people in Maharashtra, who are planning trips, will choose Tamil Nadu. This can be a way to boost tourism in the country, and when you do this, similar campaigns for Maharashtra might start in those states, benefiting Maharashtra. This will increase attraction and curiosity among states for each other, and ultimately, the state where you initiate this effort will benefit without extra effort

I also request you to enhance your global presence. We need to think globally. As far as the media is concerned, we are a country of 140 crore people. Such a large country, with so much potential and possibilities, and in a very short time, we are about to become the third-largest economy. You can effectively take on the responsibility of spreading Bharat’s successes to the corners of the world. You know that the image of a nation abroad directly impacts its economy and growth. Today, you see that the stature, credibility, and respect of people of Indian origin have increased abroad because Bharat’s reputation has improved globally. Bharat is also contributing significantly more to global progress. The more our media works from this perspective, the more the country will benefit. Hence, I would like to see your publications expand in as many UN languages as possible. Your microsites, social media accounts can be in these languages as well, and today, with AI, this work has become much easier for you.


I have given you many suggestions. I know that space in your newspapers and magazines is very limited. But nowadays, every newspaper and publication has digital editions where there are no space limitations or distribution issues. I am confident that you will consider these suggestions, conduct new experiments, and strengthen democracy. I firmly believe that even a small edition of two pages in UN languages is seen and read by a large segment of the world, including embassies. Your digital editions can become a great source of conveying Bharat’s message. The stronger your work, the more the country will progress. With this belief, I thank you all very much! And I am glad I got the opportunity to meet you all. My best wishes to you! Thank you!