Narendrabhai is greatest change agent of last decade in India: Anil Ambani

Speaking at the inaugural session of the Vibrant Gujarat global summit 2011 at Gandhinagar’s Mahatma Mandir, industrialist Anil Ambani today said Narendra Modi is greatest change agent of last decade in India.

Anil Ambani said while Mahatma Gandhi created wealth of values and principal, late Dhirubhai Ambani created wealth of entrepreneurship. Now there is the third individual Narendrabhai Modi who has been the greatest change agent in India in last decade.

Anil Ambani said Narendrabhai was single handed change agent who reformed power sector of India. “Narendrabhai’s Gujarat stands out in the sharpest contrast among all states when it comes to power sector. Gujarat is power surplus state with 24-hour supply. Gujarat has profit making power sector PSU.

He announced that his company would invest in Gas based and coal based power projects and cement plants at three places in Gujarat at Kutch, Porbandar and Junagadh.

Anil Ambani completed his speech with a slogan:”Golden Gujarat, Green Gujarat and above all as a Gujarati I would say, a Garvi Gujarat”

Modi’s leadership exemplary, Gujarat will provide leadership beyond country: Ratan Tata

Speaking at Vibrant Gujarat summit’s inaugural function today in Gandhinagar, Tata sons Chairman Shri Ratan Tata said that soon Gujarat will start to provide leadership in terms of the projects and scale not only to country, but beyond that.

Shri Tata said: “Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership has been exemplary”, adding that Modi has not only made mark on this state, but beyond that.

“For Tata Motors Nano project, when we looked for a location where there was security and political stability, Modi promised that he would confirm the allotment of land and other facilities in a few days,” Tata said adding that “now a few days is difficult thing to follow in India because it often doesn’t happen, but in this case the few days became three days.”

Shri Tata said that his group now employs 5000 people in Gujarat, and potentially employing indirectly several more.

He said Mr. Modi is no longer looking at making investment only, but he is now embarking on advancement of rural community, infrastructure, health and wealth or rural people of Gujarat through Mission Mangalam that he has created.

“In this regard, we are going to sign MoU to provide rural transport during the summit,” Shri tata said.

Modi redefined politics, performance and principals: Subhash Chandra

Essel group Chief Subhash Chandra today announced partnership with Gujarat in primary education through civic authority, “to bring more Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and Narendra Modi( to the nation)”.

“Our group is going to sign MoU for pilot project for management of waste and suez treatment plant, but the most significant MoU we are signing on the birthday of Vivekananda today is entering MoU with Municipal Corporation to manage 25 primary schools, as Vivekananda said what we will become is decided during the age of 8-12 the primary education is fundamental and therefore we will develop the children in knowledge skills through unique approaches, and we hope that we will be able to bring more Vivekananda and more Mahatma Gandhi and unique Narendra Modi,” Subhash Chandra said.

Shri Subhash Chandra said, “As media person, the way we see Narendra Modi is that he redefined politics, performance and principals.”

“In one of the Indian states one party promised that if they come to power they will distribute free color television, and they won, and the party contesting against Narendra Modi in Gujarat also promised free color TV(and free agri.power), but when media asked Narendra Modi to respond this, he said he would tax the people who are avoiding tax,” Subhash Chandra said in his speech.

Narendra Modi is a dynamic Gujarati – Maikal Kadri, China

Speaking at Vibrant Gujarat summit’s inaugural function today in Gandhinagar, Maikal Kadri from China said “Narendra Modi is a dynamic Gujarati and the person who has facilitated so much for so many of us.”

Encouraging others present, he said, “I would encourage you all to invest here because it has been an even-playing field for me.”

He also showed great confidence in Gujarat saying, “Please look Gujarat leading India which is a superpower in this Century.”

My aim for the next Vibrant Gujarat Summit is that United States is there as its partner country– San Romers, USA

Speaking at Vibrant Gujarat global investor’s summit’s inaugural function at Gandhinagar’s Mahatma Mandir, San Romers, a delegate from USA said, “Friends for this is a home coming of a sort. I have spent atleast 5 years, very fond five years in Baroda. So may I begin by saying Namaskar. Two quick points that I would like to add on behalf of US India business Council. US India business council is more than just a friend to India. Today its 500 members companies make it a larger bilateral association in the United States of America advancing US America commercial ties.”

Praising Gujarat’s balanced growth, he added, “We all know that growth is not even, there are states that are engine of growth and Gujarat is one of these...Gujarat is shining beckon of opportunity, its progressive leadership, its transparent interpretation of policy, its extraordinary work ethics and talent pool is known world over. These attributes are worthy of notice and so for USIVC 2012 we will try to shine the light, the torch light on Gujarat's shining growth story in the hopes of attracting more and more US companies to this great state.”

Showing his desire for the USA to be a partner country of Gujarat in the next summit, he said, “I firmly believe that United States and India's partnership will shape the destiny of 21st century. And Hon’ble Chief Minister, as for Vibrant Gujarat my aim in 2012 next year, as I look up the board and see Canada and Japan as your partner countries.My aim in 2012 is United States is there as your partner country.”


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