Ease Of Living Ensured Across Various Domains

Published By : Admin | March 19, 2019 | 13:53 IST

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the government has not only focussed on improving the Ease of Doing Business where India witnessed a massive improvement in the past five years as its ranking improved 65 places from 142nd in 2014 to 77th in 2018. Emphasis has also been placed upon improving ‘Ease of Living’ for citizens across different sectors. This has been brought about by lesser government interference and simplification of cumbersome processes.

The government took up certain governance reforms with innovative approaches to chronic problems while eliminating corruption and ensuring ease of living, such as : 

  • Interviews were abolished for all group C and D, non-gazetted group B posts leading to a shutdown of the entire system of ‘recommendations’, thereby reducing the menace of corruption in jobs.
  • Self-attestation of documents was allowed reducing the hardship faced by citizens.
  • Red beacons on VIP cars were removed ending the long-established VIP culture.
  • There was a simplification of the Driving License Application Procedure and the procedure for obtaining passports was streamlined by removing unnecessary delays.
  • Before 2014, there were 77 Passport SewaKendras. This number has now increased to more than 400. People are no longer required to repeatedly visit other cities for getting their passports.
  • The PAHAL scheme for direct benefit transfers for LPG was effectively implemented. This meant the LPG subsidy arrived in bank accounts of beneficiaries directly, with no middlemen involved.
  • Authenticity of online documents was ensured through the Digital Locker System for sharing e-documents through registered repositories.
  • The National Scholarships Portal was set up as a one stop solution for an end to end scholarship process. Not only this, scholarship grants were transferred to students via direct benefit transfer.
  • 100 accessible websites of various State Governments/UTs under Accessible India Campaign were launched easing their access to Divyangs.
  • Long hectic queues at toll plazas are now becoming things of the past. The introduction of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) ensures seamless movement of traffic and collection of fee as per notified rates.With a total number of 440 Toll Plazas, more than 34.3 lakh FASTags units have been issued. There will be further easing of transportation of goods with plans to link e-way bills with FASTags.



As per an estimate, healthcare costs land more than 5 crore India into poverty, with 3.8 crore fell below the poverty line due to spending on medicines alone. In this context, many steps taken show how Modi government has brought ease of living for the people:

  • The launch of Ayushman Bharat is reducing expenditure of poor people, as healthcare is now affordable for all. More than 15 lakh beneficiaries have beenadmitted to hospitals and treated for free. Some treatments availed include Cardio-thoracic & vascular surgery, urology and neurosurgery.
  • Nearly 5,000 PM BharatiyaJanaushadhiKendras are providing affordable medicines and are functional across the country. These provide medicines at vastly lesser than the market price of medicines.
  • In the past five years the price of stents and knee implants have reduced greatly owing to proactive measures by the NDA government to cap their prices.



  • An Online Event Clearance System has been introduced to grant security clearances to conferences, seminars or workshops organized in India. This has eased the issue of Conference Visas for foreign nationals and delegates intending to attend such events.
  • The ‘e-Visa’ facility covers approximately all the countries of the world.Theforeigner arriving does not have to interact with any Indian official till his arrival at the immigration counter, making it easier to reach India. With the implementation of this facility the number of foreigners who visited India on e-visa have gone up from 5.17 lakh in 2015 to 21 lakh in 2018.

All these reforms illustrate the government’s effort towards making a New India as per 21st century expectations, aspirations and hopes to bring about a qualitative improvement in lives of people.

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