During 'Mann Ki Baat', PM Narendra Modi shared an interesting telephonic conversation with the singing sensation, Lata Mangeshkar Ji. Prior leaving for the US visit, PM Modi had called Lata Mangeshkar Ji to extend his well wishes on her birthday.

In the telephonic conversation, PM Modi can be heard saying, "Lata Didi Pranam. I have called at this time because I will be in flight on your birthday. So, I thought of wishing you in advance! I pray for your good health may your blessings be upon us."

The Prime Minister said that Lata Ji's humility served as an inspiration for the people, especially the younger generation.

Responding to PM Modi's greetings, Lata Mageshkar Ji thanked him and extended her blessings. Appreciating the Prime Minister for his works, Lata Ji said, "The picture of India has started changing ever since you arrived on the scene. This gives me immense happiness."

PM Modi also recalled how whenever he had had an opportunity to meet with Lata Ji, she offered various Gujarati delicacies to eat. The PM also promised the next time he would meet her, he would have some of those dishes.

The Prime Minister said that the conversation with Lata Mangeshkar Ji was like a younger brother talking to his elder sister.

Here is the transcript of their conversation:

Modi Ji    :      Lata Didi, Pranaam. This is Narendra Modi speaking.

Lata Didi:       Pranaam.

Modi Ji    :      I gave you a call, since on your birthday this time, I would be travelling on a flight.

Lata Didi:       Okay.

Modi Ji    :      So, I thought, before leaving, I would wish you in advance… heartiest best wishes on your birthday. May you stay healthy, may your blessings always be showered upon us, we pray. And I called you up before leaving to greet you.

Lata Didi:       I was touched when I came to know that you would be giving me a call. When are you returning?

Modi Ji    :      I am returning in the intervening night of the 28th & the 29th, slightly past your birthday.

Lata Didi:       Okay, Okay. What’s there to celebrate on a Birthday! Just at home with near & dear ones.

Modi Ji    :      Didi, you see….

Lata Didi:       I seek your blessings.

Modi Ji    :      It is we who seek your blessings, you are much elder to us.

Lata Didi:       There are many who are elder just by age, but greater are the blessings of those who do great work, and hence are greater.

Modi Ji    :      Didi, you are greater, not only in terms of age, but also, in terms of your illustrious work. Your attainment through your glorious achievements are the result of your perseverance, your Sadhana & Tapasya.

Lata Didi:       All this is just the fruit of the blessings of my parents; the blessings of my listeners. I am a nobody.

Modi Ji    :      That is your humility. For everyone from the new generation, it is a lesson. For us it is an immense source of inspiration that even after reaching glorious heights, you have always accorded the highest priority to acknowledge the upbringing, the sanskar bestowed by your parents and also to being humble.  

Lata Didi:       Jee…

Modi Ji    :      And it gives me joy when you proudly say that your mother was a Gujarati.

Lata Didi:       Yes.

Modi Ji    :      And whenever I visited you, you offered me a variety of Gujarati dishes.

Lata Didi:      You do not have an idea of what you are. I know for sure that your advent is transforming the landscape of India. It gives me joy, feels nice.

Modi Ji    :      Didi, all we want is that you continue blessing us, blessing the whole country, may we keep on doing the good work. I keep getting your letters and gifts as well. Our close bond feels like family and gives me immense joy.

Lata Didi:       Of course. I do not wish to trouble you further, since I can see how busy you are with myriad pressures on the work front. There are so many things that you have to think of. After you had gone to touch your mother’s feet, I too sent someone to her to seek her blessings.

Modi Ji    :      Yes. My mother remembered. She was telling me that.

Lata Didi:       And she blessed me over the telephone. I felt overjoyed.

Modi Ji    :      Your affection made Mother very happy. And I am extremely thankful to you for the concern that you show towards me. Once again, I extend my heartiest wishes for your birthday. This time when I had come to Mumbai, I felt like meeting you in person.

Lata Didi:       Yes, certainly.

Modi Ji    :      But I could not be there because of paucity of time. But I shall come very soon to your place. And I would love you to feed me a Gujarati dish.

Lata Didi:       Of course, sure. I shall feel fortunate & privileged.

Modi Ji    :      Pranaam, Didi.

Lata Didi:       Pranaam.

Modi Ji    :      Lots of good wishes to you

Lata Didi:       Greetings to you.

Modi Ji    :      Pranaam Didi.

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Prime Minister attends All Parties Leaders Meeting ahead of Winter Session of Parliament beginning tomorrow
November 17, 2019

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi attended the All Parties Leaders meeting here today. Leaders from all major political parties were present on this occasion and they put forth their views on the upcoming session of Parliament.

In his remarks, Prime Minister observed that this session of the Parliament will be a special occasion for it will mark the 250th session of the Rajya Sabha and expressed his happiness that special events and activities were being planned to mark this occasion. Prime Minister emphasized that the 250th session of the Upper House provided a unique opportunity for highlighting the unique strengths of the Indian Parliament as well as the Indian Constitution, in providing an overarching framework of governance institutions for a diverse country like India. The backdrop of the session being held as India celebrates the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi also made it a unique and special occasion.

Prime Minister, while responding to specific issues raised by the representatives of various political parties said that the Government would work together with all parties in a constructive manner to address pending legislations and frame policy solutions for specific issues related to environment and pollution, the economy, the agricultural sector and farmers, and the rights of women, youth and the less privileged sections of society.

Prime Minister also complemented the Presiding officers of the two Houses for smooth running of the last session of Parliament and observed that this had helped to create a positive impact amongst the people about the functioning of the legislative arm of Government. In this regard, Prime Minister made a particular mention of the energetic participation by first term members of Parliament on discussions related to diverse issues and expressed the hope that constructive engagement between the Treasury and opposition benches will make the present session a successful and productive one.