Countdown to Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit 2013 begins!

Published By : Admin | January 3, 2013 | 18:10 IST

High-ranking diplomats, 5000 delegates from over 100 nations to join the Summit 

North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Far East, Australia- every region of the world to be present in Gujarat for 3 day Vibrant Gujarat Summit 

2013 Vibrant Gujarat Summit cynosure of both mainstream and social media 

Visionary zeal of Shri Modi and his decision to focus on knowledge driven partnership immensely hailed!


The countdown has finally begun for the most anticipated business event of the year! Come January 11th, 12th and 13th 2013, from business tycoons to heads of state to top diplomats, all roads will lead to Gandhinagar where the 2013 Vibrant Gujarat Summit will be held. Since it started in 2003, the biennial Vibrant Gujarat Summit has brought in record investment and created new opportunities for the people of Gujarat. This year the summit is expected to continue its anchoring role in taking the state to greater heights of development.

The brain behind such an event is none other than the dynamic Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi! When he assumed office in 2001, he dreamt of a Gujarat where there is opportunity for each and every person of the state, where prosperity reaches the doors of every citizen and where policies not only cater to the present but also the future generations! The Vibrant Gujarat Summits have played a major role in turning this dream of Shri Modi’s into a reality.



The Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit 2013 will be attended by top-level delegates of over 100 nations! The number of delegates will cross 5000 and many heads of state will also be attending the 3-day summit.

The geographic spread of those attending the Summit is extremely vast and covers all parts of the world! The 2 partner nations are Japan and Canada. There is no region of the world that is left out. Apart from Canada, USA is the other North American nation that will participate in the summit. From South America, Brazil will be participating as well.

European nations that will participate include UK, Denmark and Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland are the eastern European nations who will be present. A large number of African nations will send high level delegations.

Closer home, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman will joint the 3 day business meet. From South Asia Sri Lanka and Pakistan will be joining the summit and moving further eastward there are China, Japan, South Korea who will have significant delegations in Gujarat when the summit commences. Australia too will be a part of the biennial summit.



Sharing details about the 2013 Vibrant Gujarat Summit, Shri Narendra Modi affirmed that the summit would be knowledge-based strategic partnerships and global collaborations.

The Government would give special emphasis to youth, women and employment opportunities as well. A boost would be given to sunrise sectors such as green energy.



As the date for the Vibrant Gujarat Summit draws closer, the excitement in the media and on social media has reached a completely new pitch! Every minute aspect of the Summit and its various events have been widely covered across the media.

The focus on knowledge based strategic partnerships has been widely covered by the media. While conventional business summits (including earlier editions of the Vibrant Gujarat summits) focus primarily on investment, this year’s Vibrant Gujarat Summit has gone a step beyond with the focus of knowledge tie-ups and collaborations. The Gujarat Government has realized the importance (of these 2 aspects) and the value created by them for the industries and society. The VGS will focus on these two issues,” Mr. Modi stated. 

Knowledge sharing is expected to take place in various spheres. Most notable, international port authorities and port operators will share technical and management expertise with private port operators in Gujarat.

There are several other events lined up in the run up to and during the 3-day summit. Representatives from 157 foreign universities and 100 universities from Gujarat and India will attend a 2-day International Conference for Academic Institutions.

On 4th January Shri Modi will speak at ‘Sparkle International’, which is an exhibition for gems and jewelry.

The excitement over Vibrant Gujarat is equally visible on social media. Netizens have hailed it as a benchmark event that must be emulated by other states so that more and more opportunities are created for people. Many have lauded the visionary zeal of Shri Modi due to which not only was such a summit possible but also that every year it scaled newer heights, surpassing its own records in terms of investment received.

Shri Modi’s decision to focus on small-scale industries has been welcomed across social media and is seen as a landmark step in strengthening a robust culture of entrepreneurship among the people.

Social media was abuzz with congratulations for Shri Modi that he has been able to get over 100 nations, leaving no region left out, for the summit. It was pointed that no other Chief Minister has been able to gather so many diverse nations under one roof.

11th January no doubt going to be a memorable day- one when Gujarat’s development story that has already made a mark for itself across the world will have yet another chapter added in its march towards a Bhavya and Divya Gujarat!


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