Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra reaches South Gujarat

Shri Modi addresses a massive gathering at Unai in Navsari District

Shri Modi announces measures for farmers of Gujarat

Rs. 300 crore relief to farmers on crop loan interest

50% concession in power bills for farmers

Tribal community 15% of nation’s population still for more than 40 years Congress Governments did not create a separate Ministry for Tribal welfare. It was BJP Government under Shri Vajpayee that did it: Shri Modi

Dividing society is the Disha of the Congress.

Coal scam has darkened the face of the entire nation. AICC is now the abbreviation for All India Coal Congress: Shri Modi

After a phenomenal response on Day 1, Shri Narendra Modi’s Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra reached South Gujarat. Speaking in front of a massive audience at Unai in Navsari district, Shri Narendra Modi announced a series of measures for farmers and took on the Congress for their divisive politics for the last 60 years.

Shri Narendra Modi has announced to give 100% relief on the payment of interest on agricultural credit availed by Kharif cultivators by August 15, 2012. The Chief Minister has also announced to give 50% relief on the agricultural electricity bills.

Speaking about the announcements the Chief Minister said that around 14 lakh farmers have availed agricultural loans worth Rs.7,000 crore for the cultivation of Kharif crops. Since there was a delay in rain, the Kharif cultivators have suffered loss this year. In such a situation the state government has decided to free them from the burden of paying interest on the Kharif loans availed by August 15, 2012. Instead the burden of a huge sum of Rs.300 crore pertaining this will be borne by the state government. Gujarat government has given priority to the interests of the farmers.

He said that due to the rain deficiency the farmers had to avail water from different water conservation structures, which compelled them to pay huge electricity bills. The state government already gives Rs.3000 crore subsidy for such electricity bills, which is highest in the country. But considering the difficult situation this year, the government will give 50% relief in agricultural electricity bills to the farmers.

The Chief Minister said that the farmers do not get fresh loans if they fail to repay it in due time. Gujarat farmers have already suffered loss due to delayed rain and are now unable to repay their loans in due time. In this regard he also urged the Centre to increase the loan repayment period by one year and show generosity in giving fresh loans to the Gujarat farmers.

In his speech, Shri Modi tore into the divisive politics of the Congress Party. He pointed out that about 15% of the country’s population is Tribal but for more than 40 years successive Congress Governments could not think of creating a special department for tribal welfare. It was the BJP Government under Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee that created a department for Tribal Welfare. In contrast, despite being 10% in population, the Congress created a department for minorities from the very beginning. The Chief Minister asked whether dividing society in this manner is the Disha of the Congress Party and that the nation will not forgive them for this.

He further stated that nepotism and dynasty politics is the Disha of the Congress manifested by the repeated glorification of one family at the cost of others. Shri Modi affirmed that if such is the Congress’ Disha, Gujarat does not want embrace it.

On the issue of rampant corruption, Shri Modi said that he heard of gold and diamond being stolen but the Congress people have stolen the nation’s coal as well. He declared that the AICC is now the abbreviation for the All India Coal Congress! He further spoke that the coal scam has darkened the face of the entire nation and urged the people of Gujarat to keep the state Congress Mukt (Congress free).

He also said that the advertisements showing the Centre’s slaps to Gujarat were now hurting the Congress and giving them sleepless nights so much so that they had to rush to Delhi after the ads came out. He termed the large Congress ads as eyewash and said they are misleading the people.

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