Chief Minister Narendra Modi has heartily thanked the people of Gujarat for giving huge support to his series of fasts under Sadbhavna Mission.

It is noteworthy that Mr. Modi started Sadbhavna Mission with observing of 3-day fast in Ahmedabad on September 17, 2011 with a view to streng then the atmosphere of peace, unity and harmony in the state. Further, he observed one-day fast in 26 districts and seven cities totaling to 36 fasts. Here are the highlights of the Sadbhavna Mission.

  • Around 4.5 lakh people including 1.5 lakh women voluntarily observed fast with the CM.
  • Over 50 lakh people participated in Sadbhavna fast programmes at various places.
  • Around 15 lakh people met the Chief Minister in person, creating a new record.
  • Presence of at least one member of 75% families ofGujaratmade the Sadbhavna Mission a people’s movement.
  • Encouraged by the spirit of Sadbhavna Mission, over one lakh youths went to the fast venues on foot.

  • Sadbhavna Feri
    (Prabhat Feri) organized in thousands of villages which was participated by around 16 lakh people.
  • Around 40,000
    tithi-bhojan was organized voluntarily in villages. Nutritious food was given to 42 lakh malnourished children.
  • Six lakh kilogram of food grain distributed to poor. Thousands of kilos of fruits and nuts distributed among the kids of anganwadis.
  • Donations of around rupees four crore received for Kanya Kelavani.
  • Thousands of people took pledges for the welfare of society.
  • Drawing, elocution and essay competition on the theme of Sadbhavna was held which gave motivation to around ten lakh children.

Sadbhavna Mission became instrumental in creating a new peaceful world.Gujaratdemonstrated before the world the power of peace, unity and harmony that is prevailing in the state.

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