"Shri Modi pays tributes to Shyamji Krishna Varma on his birth anniversary "
"In 2003, Shri Modi had travelled to Switzerland to get back the Ashes of Shri Shyamji Krishna Varma "
"In 2010 Shri Modi dedicated Kranti Tirth, a memorial dedicated to life of Shri Shyamji Krishna Varma"


Shri Narendra Modi has always considered Shyamji Krishna Varma as one of his ideals and has sought to preserve his legacy in the hearts and minds of a billion Indians. From getting his Ashes back to the creation of Kranti Teerth, here are some efforts of Shri Modi and the Gujarat Government. 

Recreation of India house and statute of Shri Shyamji Krishna Varma & his wife at Kranti Teerth

Shyamji Krishna Varma was a devout patriot and he also inspired several nationalists both in India and overseas. He is a proud son of Gujarat, born on 4th October 1857 in Kutch.


Shyamji Krishna Varma left for his heavenly abode in 1930 with a dream that his ashes will return to his Motherland after it has attained freedom. India attained Independence in 1947 but the Government did nothing to fulfill this last dream of a man who devoted his life at the service of Bharat Mata.

In August 2003 it was Shri Narendra Modi who went to Switzerland and personally got back the ashes of Shri Shyamji Krishna Varma and his wife. This step was hailed by the people and especially the youth, who see Shri Shyamji Krishna Varma as a source of inspiration.

Shri Modi receiving ashes of Shri Shyamji Krishna Varma at Switzerland in 2003


Shri Modi envisioned a place where the memory of Shri Shyamji Krishna Varma could be brought to life so that the people of this country can get further inspired to know about this great revolutionary. That is when the idea of Kranti Teerth came up.

The Chief Minister laid the foundation stone of the memorial on 4th October 2009 and dedicated it to the nation on 13th December 2010. Recreating the life and times of Shri Krishna Varma, Kranti Teerth is home to many memorial exhibits paying tributes to the heroes of our freedom struggle. India House, which holds a special place in the history of India’s freedom struggle, has been recreated at Kranti Teerth.

View of Kranti Teerth


Shri Shyamji Krishna Varma was the epitome of patriotism and his devotion to Bharat Mata knew no boundaries. His ideals made him a source of inspiration and he ignited the flame of patriotism among many revolutionaries. Among those who were deeply influenced by him were Shri Veer Savarkar, Shri Madanlal Dhingra and Lala Hardayal.


Sharing an anecdote about Shyamji Krishna Varma, Shri Modi said that he was someone who helped many people but his only precondition was- you shall not serve under the British! Despite being miles away from India, his passion and Bhakti towards Bharat Mata remained unblemished till his very last breath.


Time and again, Shri Narendra Modi has spoken about the need to present the true history of India’s freedom struggle. This distortion has happened because some of us are still stuck in the colonial mindset while for some this nation is nothing beyond a piece of land. Similarly, he has stressed on the need to move beyond viewing history in the prism of the sacrifices and glories of only one family.

Today, as we breathe the air of freedom and liberty let us not forget the likes of Shyamji Krishna Varma, who devoted an entire life towards creating an India where its people can walk with their heads high and where there is no room for any kind of injustice or foreign subjugation!

Inside Kranti Teerth

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