CM attends Bihar Centennial Celebration at Surat

Published By : Admin | May 6, 2012 | 19:46 IST

Bihar Centennial Celebrations at Surat 

Gujarat and Bihar share unbreakable ties. Bapu began Satyagraha from Bihar, JP began anti- corruption movement from Gujarat: Shri Modi

CM called upon to revive the lost glory of Bihar

Large turnout of people of Bihar and Jharkhand settled in Gujarat

Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi today stated that the ties between Gujarat and before were unbreakable and one that have been strong since the times of Buddha and Mahavira. Shri Modi was attending the Bihar Centennial Celebrations on Buddha Jayanti in Surat where he interacted with families from Bihar and Jharkhand who had settled in Gujarat. The celebrations were held under the aegis of Bihar-Jharkhand Samaj Trust.

The Chief Minister pointed out that Bihar began its development journey in 1912 when it was carved out of Bengal province. He added that for centuries Bihar had given lots to the nation and the world too. He said that across Asia and beyond, everybody is influenced by the life and ideals of Buddha and that being influenced by Buddha is being influenced by Bihar. 

He also said that the influence of Buddha and Mahavira continue to be very strong in Gujarat. Shri Modi said that Chinese chronicler Hiuen Tsang mentioned his own native place of Vadnagar as the place with a large Buddhist institution that could house 10,000 people. He said that Gujarat also intends to build a ‘Buddha Bhavya Smarak’ in the future.

Reaffirming the close ties between Gujarat and Bihar, Shri Modi said that when Gandhi ji wanted to start a Satyagraha against colonial injustice, he did so in Champaran in Bihar. And when Bihar’s proud son Jayprakash Narayan started his anti-corruption movement, it was in Gujarat.

The Chief Minister said that our nation is a single entity and that even in the development of Gujarat, there is the scent of sweat of people from every part of India. He stated that Gujarat is as much theirs as it is his! He pointed out that Surat is a truly cosmopolitan city and there would be no part of the country that is unrepresented in Surat.

During the Bihar Centennial Celebration in Surat the Chief Minister Narendra Modi called upon the Bihari families settled in Gujarat to revive the lost glory of Bihar. “Throughout the history, Bihar has been the region that served the mankind most significantly and yet its image today has dulled”, he said.

During his speech, the Chief Minister asked that the centennial celebrations should not stop only in Surat. There are people from Bihar in other parts of Gujarat too where the celebrations must go. He pointed out that Swarnim Gujarat celebrations were held in Patna, Dhanbad and Ranchi and he sees no reason why the Bihar Celebrations should not be held in other places too.  He said that just the way in which people from Bihar settled in Gujarat took part during Swarnim Gujarat celebrations, the people of Gujarat will rejoice in Bihar’s celebrations.

On the occasion, Bihar Health Minister Shri Ashwini Chaube said that Bihar has been the land of Mahavira, Gautama Buddha and King Ashoka. He thanked Shri Modi for giving all respects and acceptance to the people of Bihar in the State. He exuded faith that Shri Modi, as a national leader, would continue to act as a guiding force.

Panchayat Minister Shri Narottam Patel, Forest and Environment Minister Shri Mangubhai Patel, MP Shri C.R.Patil, Rajya Sabha MP Shri Bharatsinh Parmar, Mayor Shri Rajendra Desai, MLA Shri Kishor Vankavala and Shri Nanubhai Vanani was also present on the occasion.

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In response to a tweet by the Prime Minister of Bhutan, the Prime Minister said;

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In response to a tweet by the Prime Minister of Commonwealth of Dominica, the Prime Minister said;

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