Gujarat's unique initiative to achieve Millennium Health Goals of Maternal and Child Health

  • Healthcare Programme assumes Significant prominence through People's Participation
  • Chiranjeev Scheme proves to be a boon for the underprivileged : Saves 9000 lives
  • 108 EMRI provides timely treatment to 45000 pregnant women: 600 deliveries in the Ambulance Van
  • Impressive improvement in Institutional Delivery :Rate- Rose from 54% to 87%
  • 37 Lakh Kids-Girls-Mothers get direct benefit out of the battle against the Malnutrition

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi expressed his firm resolve to make Gujarat No-1 by achieving the Millennium health goals of Maternal and Child Health. He was speaking after inaugurating the four days International workshop, which is jointly organised by the WHO and the State Government; as many as 150 delegates of 14 South-East Asian countries are participating in to the seminar.

Elaborating about the unique and innovative initiative, Chief Minister said that Gujarat has accepted the Development as a mass public movement. Outlining the outstanding initiatives in the health sector, including the Maternal and Child Healthcare and the glorious people's participation won in the fight against the malnutrition. Gujarat is committed to offer a new model to the nation in the HDI, Healthy society and the straight battle against the malnutrition. He highlighted the special focus on health, nutrition, and health care education, and the priority attached to the sector by the State Government. During the last 50 years the pace and development of addressing the health problems of mothers and children was very low, but Gujarat has taken a giant leap during the last three years by making concrete and result oriented efforts.

Shri Narendrabhai Modi said, Before three years, Gujarat had Maternal Mortality rate of 179 out of every One Lakh, which has reduced to 130. By the year 2010, we aim to further reduce it up to 100. The Child Mortality rate was 70 out of every 1000, which has been brought down up to 49, in the 2010 Swarnim Gujarat ,we aim to further down it up to 30.

Chief Minister accorded the credit of Chiranjeev Scheme's success to the contribution received from the people, in the first year of its implementation the scheme has won the Asia Innovative Award. Around 865 private doctors have joined in to the scheme, which has saved lives of 9000 underprivileged and poor mothers and children. Under the scheme, 2.35 lakh safe deliveries have taken place, the institutional and hospital delivery rate has rose up to 87% from previous rate of 54%. Ninety percent beneficiaries are the poor and deprived mothers.

Elaborating the success of the 108-EMRI Health Services, the service has included deliveries under the prompt services. Around 45000 expectant poors have taken the benefit free of cost, along with the 600 deliveries in the Ambulance Van itself.

A special public movement is launched to address the issue of malnutrition. Under the Mamta-Day, on the 9th of every month, the pregnant mothers get free of cost treatment up to the 9th month. The appeal to distribute Sukhadi-Healthy Diet Supplement- and milk to the poors has received tremendous response.

Nirogi-Bal Varsh would architect the goal of Healthy Gujarat. From neonatal care up to the 16th year of age, considering the noble social obligation, Gujarat is going to take care of safe delivery, eradicating malnutrition, safe drinking water, infant healthcare and health education is included.

Under the ICDS Progect, 25000 child volunteers are trained for infant care. The Nutrition Diet covers 45000 Anganvadies, 37 Lakh Mothers; the Bal-Bhog Scheme very well covers the kids. To eradicate gender imbalance, a movement has been initiated. He also outlined the theme of Fortified Floor-Edible Oil schemes and the success of Save the Girl Child campaign and Kanya Kelavani Mahotsavs.

Chief Minister delved upon the qualitative change in health services, tremendous contribution from the public, research, skill building. Chief Minister also released a book on Innovative Initiatives of Gujarat.

Health Minister Shri Jaynarayan Vyas said,” After the glorious and landmark achievements in Industrial and Agricultural development, the economic progress, Chief Minister has vowed to achieve a breakthrough in health and social service sector. He is fully committed to make Gujarat a Model State in this regard. Gujarat is the only State whose budgetary allocation has increased by 43.50% in only one year. “He also highlighted upscale health initiatives and slew of measures taken by the State Government.

Regional Director WHO, Dr Dini Latief said,” The crisis of Maternal and Child mortality and its graveness in the Asian countries compels us to attach top priority to address the related issues also. WHO is also impressed by the breakthroughs earned by Gujarat in these sectors.

Joint Secretary to the Union Government Shri Anuradha Johri appreciated the prodigious of the Health Department Team under the leadership of the Chief Minister. She also elaborated the successful innovative experiments.

State Level Minister for Health Shri Parbatbhai Patel, Principal Secretary Smt Rita Teaotua, Commissioner Dr. Amarjeetsinh, health experts were among the others who attended the International Workshop.

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