Chief Minister sternly criticise the Central Budget

Published By : Admin | February 26, 2010 | 06:15 IST

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi has cracked upon the Central Budget, he has described it anti-poor and Anti-people budget. Shri Narendrabhai Modi has made stern and critical observations about it,” It depicts anti-Gujarat mindset. The Budget is Anti-poor, anti-farmer, anti-youth, and anti-women. It also works against the Dalits, making great harm to the deprived classes.”

Chief Minister regretted that it lacks the vision, in 21st Century, India has to emerge as the Supreme Economy, but nothing of the sort is visible to support it in the Budget. It seeks sadistic pleasure by adding hardships to common man; UPA Government has made exorbitant increase in the prices of Petrol and Diesel. Not coming true to the aspirations of the people, it does not offer any respite from the rigors of the price rise.

Gujarat being a progressive State, it expects a lot from the Central Budget. In contrast, it displays Anti-Gujarat Mindset of the UPA Government. Chief Minister made critical observations, “The Manufacturing sector plays crucial role in Industrial and economic Development of Gujarat. It also makes great contribution to the national economy. By increasing Central-Excise on manufactured goods, it has made severe adverse impacts.”

On Central Budget:

It has served a death blow to the Textile Industries. Because of the wrong policies of, Diamond Industries has suffered a lot in past. Shri Modiji asked, is not a scam to finish the Textile Industries? UPA Government has paid step motherly treatment to Gujarat. It has given a package of Rs. 200 Crores to Tamilnadu- Tirupur Hosiery Textile Industries, for taking pollution control measures. Where as, the Central Environment Department is not giving nod to 60 odd projects,- be it present or future- in Gujarat. It has also caused severe damage to Gems and Jewellery sector, which is offering massive employment opportunities in Gujarat. Rise in import duty on silver and gold would have adverse impacts, added C.M.

Indirect tax burden on Steel and Cement, rise in Petrol-Diesel prices victimizes Gujarat.

Chief Minister raised valid point, “UPA Government gives Rs. 200 Crores for Beach Development- under Green Project-why there is nothing for Gujarat, it has 1600 K.M.long Coast-lines. Central Government does not care at all for Swarnim Gujarat. Why such Injustice? ”

Centre has not supported the ambitions Soil Health Card Project too. This helps the farmers.

For the greed of power, the Communists did not allow them to march on financial reforms for five years. During this budget, what holds them? Chief Minister sternly rejected it, as it lacks the vision of development, it can not bring qualitative changes. It does not show any concern about Agriculture, Employment, Rural development, women empowerment. It is apparent that the Budget is just repackaging of old schemes, nothing more.

Finance Minister is misleading by claiming that fiscal deficit is contained to 5.5%. It has further increased the sufferings and plight of common man. The Budget breaches the trust of the people. But they must not dare, people would give befitting reply to them.

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