CM honours outstanding anganwadi workers, sportswomen, girl students

Published By : Admin | March 31, 2012 | 13:27 IST

Gujarat is blessed by Matri Shakti, owes its success to women’s participation, contribution in various fields – Narendra Modi

Ahmedabad, Saturday: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today attributed Gujarat’s all round development to the women’s participation and contribution in various fields.

Addressing a largely attended state-level women’s convention here, he said that Gujarat is blessed by the motherly figure, Matri Shakti, which serves as a talisman to ensure the continuous progress of the state.

He described the function attended by representatives of 25 districts assums special significance as it coincides with the Chaitri Navratri culminating in Ramnavami to invoke the blessings of the Goddess. Mata Yashoda is the symbol of a mother’s extreme affection and blessings.

The Chief Minister and other ministers presented Mata Yashoda Awards worth Rs.3.81-crore to 2,254 outstanding anganwadi workers, cash awards worth Rs.61.04-lakh to 1,390 sportswomen who excelled in various national and state-level events, and cash awards of Rs.1.04-crore to 3,339 meritorious girl students from the government’s fund for girls’ education, called ‘Kanya Kelavani Nidhi’.

Mr. Modi also presented the presitigious Mahila Vikas Puraskar worth Rs.50,000 to Ms. Paluben Vagh, representing Bhal Nal Kantha Khadi Gramodyog Mandal of Ahmedabad, and Mahila Vikas Pursakar worth Rs one lakh to Rajkot’s Medical and Education Trust for working in the field of women’s empowerment.

Interestingly, he said, the value of Yashoda Awards has been fixed at Rs,51,000 which is higher than even the Best Collector’s Award of Rs.50,000.

Elaborating on motherly prowess, he said the anganwadi workers though hailing from economically poor families perform a yeoman’s job of nurturing future citizens, instilling higher moral values among the children in their formative years. The government has improved the condition of these anganwadi workers during the last ten years.

Mr. Modi said the government has allocated Rs.400-crore during the new financial year’s budget to construct newly designed 12,000 Nandan Ghars across the state, each provided with a cooking gas connection, instead of the earlier practice of fuel wood ovens.

Congratulating the women workers, he said that over 25 lakh members of 2.50-lakh Sakhi Mandals do an annual business of Rs.1,600-crore. The anganwadi workers have a big contribution in it. These anganwadi workers also contribute to the success of government schemes for providing nutritious diet to pregnant women and removing malnutrition among poor children.

Talking about the women’s participation in sports, Mr. Modi said that a record seven lakh sportswomen took part in the last Khel Mahakumbh in the state. Sportswomen comprised almost 45 per cent of total prizes won by sportspersons of Gujarat in national games and sports events.

The Chief Minister also spoke about the government’s unique scheme to uplift the standard of education among girl child with the help of Kanya Kelavani Nidhi, raised by institutions and individuals for the fund. He said that auction of the gifts he had received on various occasion fetched Rs.56-lakh which was also donated to the cause.

Mr.Modi wished that Gujarat would overcome all obstacles and go ahead with its development mantra ‘Sauno Sath, Sauno Vikas’ meaning ‘Inclusive Growth through Collective Efforts’. The success is sure to come, he said.

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