Shri Narendra Modi addressed BJP Minority Cell 

BJP different from other parties, it is not ‘family Raj’ and it does not believe in votebank politics: Shri Modi 

I challenge ‘secular’ political pundits to weigh the development of Muslims in Gujarat and other states, Gujarat will emerge on top: Shri Modi 

Muslims in Government jobs in Gujarat at 9% more than other states like West Bengal, Maharashtra or Delhi: Shri Modi 

Bharuch and Kutch, with heavy Muslim populations seeing unprecedented fruits of development: Shri Modi 

Sagar Khedu Yojana benefitting Muslim fishermen: Shri Modi 

Addressing workers and leaders from BJP Minority Cell on Wednesday, 30th May 2012, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi strongly rejected votebank politics and politics of appeasement, saying in reality it benefits nobody.

Speaking on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Shri Modi affirmed that this is a party that is truly different from the rest. In the BJP, organization work goes on round the clock… poll or no poll. Shri Modi said in the entire nation, it is unlikely there would be such a political organization. While other political parties are ‘family Raj’, this is the only party where organization is respected, internal democracy is maintained and decision-making is collective where views of all are taken, the Chief Minister spoke, adding this is what gives the BJP fresh air and some quality fresh ideas. Shri Modi said that the BJP is not a membership driven party but one that builds strong relationships between its workers with a determination to serve Bharat Mata.

Shri Modi welcomed friends from Salaya village, from where the entire Nagar Palika along with most members of the village from Muslim community joined the BJP. 

On the occasion, the Chief Minister stated that he was fully aware that the Minority Morcha workers might have a tough time due to the lies spread by others. He recalled Jana Sangh days when the party had it difficult to engage the Dalit communities as a product of lies spread by a select group of people. Then some pointed out that the BJP is anti-women party but Shri Modi again remembered an episode from 1997-1998 when a woman rights group from USA hailed the BJP manifesto saying no party is so forward looking on women issues as the BJP. Shri Modi expressed pride that most women MPs and MLAs from Gujarat belonged to the BJP only. Still the lies go on.

In addition, Shri Modi shared another myth on the BJP- that it is a north India, cow belt, Hindi-speaking party when the truth is that the BJP is in every nook and corner of the country infact in some parts where even the Congress is not. Shri Modi asked whether Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa be considered cow belt? Can Orissa where the BJP had been part of the Government be considered cow belt? The party has a sizeable workforce in Kerala, Tamil Nadu but surely they aren’t Hindi-speaking states. Shri Modi spoke of how BJP was deliberately shown was a Brahmin- Bania party when the party has most Dalit and ST MPs in India.

Likewise, Shri Modi spoke of the other canard of minority relations with BJP. The Chief Minister pointed out that the country has seen 50 years of Congress rule, they have Communists rule West Bengal, Kerala, Tripura and the people have also seen the rule of regional parties such as the DMK and they have seen Governments of the BJP. He challenged the ‘secular’ political pundits to decide a criterion and see themselves, which Governments are working for minorities and he expressed confidence that if there is any party under whom minorities have progressed it is BJP. Shri Modi made it clear that the BJP was not a party that believed in any form of exclusion. This party is determined to bring a person, irrespective of ones religion to come into the mainstream and participate in the journey of development.

Shri Modi cited instances of many parties and vested interests that do not want to do development but instead take the ‘easier’ route of defaming others. He held that these parties had only instigated minorities and tried to take them on the wrong path. Shri Modi asked have any of their Chief Ministers gone to the homes of the poor, asking parents to educate the girl child? He asked who are the people we mean when we say poor? Many of them are minorities. In Gujarat, if there is 100% school enrollment, doesn’t it include minorities, Shri Modi further asked. He pointed that the difference between the Congress and his Government is that the Congress says we did this for minorities but we say we did it for Gujarat! 

Talking on appeasement politics, Shri Modi believed they only serve leader but not the country or society. Eventually, votebank politics will fail.


Accusing the Congress of creating votebanks, Shri Modi said despite all this, the most suffering in BPL are minorities. Raising the issue of 20 Point Programmes for the poor, the Chief Minister stated that this had been on since the time of Smt. Indira Gandhi and every 3 months the Government does an audit. He expressed joy that Gujarat has consistently topped the list in its implementation of which the top 5 states are BJP or NDA ruled. In addition the PM have a 15 point programme for minorities that was rated by the Centre as Good, Fair or Poor in which 18 (most Congress ruled) states fell in ‘Poor’. Gujarat is in the ‘Good’ category. Shri Modi credited this to lack of politics of appeasement. 

Shri Modi talked about how the poor are the worst hit when politics of appeasement be it when there are curfews, or when rickshaws stop running on the roads. He said that the peace seen in Gujarat in the last decade has not been seen in the last century or so and gone are the days when no decade would pass without heads rolling and the poor missing out on his daily bread. The Chief Minister pointed out that if the country has to be kept one, the path Gujarat has shown would be extremely useful.

Sharing some facts, the Chief Minister brought out how Gujarat’s Muslims were progressing much more than their counterparts elsewhere. Gujarat has spent Rs. 140 crore for scholarships to 63 lakh Muslims students in the last 10 years. While rate of Muslim education in India is at 43%, in Gujarat it is 57%. 

On the front of Per Capita Income (PCI), Gujarat outshines the rest. While nationally the per capita income of Muslims is Rs 804, in Gujarat it is Rs 875 compare to Rs 748 in WB, Rs 662 in UP and Rs 559 in Bihar. In Andhra Pradesh it is Rs. 803. These states, led at one point by champions of secularism such as Lalu Yadav show dismal figures still they defame Gujarat, spoke Shri Modi. When most Muslims going on Haj are from Gujarat, can anyone say they there is no prosperity? If not, how can they go?

Similarly, on Muslims in the Government jobs, Gujarat has as many job for Muslims as their population in the state, 9%. In West Bengal there are 2% Muslims in Government jobs, in Delhi it is 3%, in Bihar 7% and in Maharashtra 4%, still they anti-Gujarat elements find it fashionable to pontificate to Gujarat, Shri Modi declared. Furthermore, Gujarat is the only state extending Baxi Panch benefits to as many as 30 Muslim communities.

Shri Modi left no issue un-raised. He talked about fishermen in Gujarat’s coasts, most of who are Muslims. For them the Sagar Khedu Yojana to the tune of Rs. 21,000 crore was brought out, which has greatly helped Muslim fishermen. In addition, aware of the fact that fishermen may not enjoy a steady income 12 months in a year, Sakhi Mandals have been strengthened and women have been taught sea weed farming, an initiative that would add up to Rs. 15,000 in their kitty. 

The Chief Minister asked the people to remember the plight of Bharuch and Kutch, to districts with heavy Muslim populations in the yesteryears. Today, Muslims from these districts are tasting the fruits of development. In four major cities of Bharuch, 40% businessmen are Muslims. Muslims purchase 25% new vehicles. Muslims form 30% of total property deals. In land N.A. applications, Muslims form 47% part. Surely, this didn’t happen with cheques from Delhi, Shri Modi said. In Kutch, 45% of shipyard business is under Muslims while in Congress times this industry had totally shut down.

Concluding his speech, Shri Modi declared that leaders had safeguarded their chairs but Muslims had stayed behind. He urged the workers to go out and spread the efforts of the Gujarat government to ensure the development of 6 crore Gujaratis with the mantra of ‘Sauno Saath, Sauno Vikas’ and congratulated Muslims voters for voting for BJP.

BJP National Vice President and former Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi was present on the occasion along with leaders and workers of the BJP Minority Cell.

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