Hon’ble CM addresses NRG Summit

Published By : Admin | April 30, 2011 | 10:41 IST

Chief Minister Narendra Modi today exuded confidence that the Gujaratis who had established Gujarat's unique identity in the state's development would soon unleash their competence and proficiency at the global stage, too.

Addressing a World Conference of Non-Resident Gujaratis' (NRGs) at the Mahatma Mandir here, he said that even as Gujarat's yearlong golden jubilee celebration comes to an end, begins the state's new golden age. The celebration also helped each Gujarati put forward his best foot forward. It is being attended by nearly 3,000 NRGs from different states of India and abroad.

He asked every Gujarati family to bring at least five Non-Gujarati families on the tour of Gujarat to accelerate the tourism activities in the state.

Tourism and NRG department Minister Jaynarayan Vyas said in his welcome address that Gujaratis living in 18 states of India and 12 nations organized various programmes to celebrate the golden jubilee year of Gujarat. “In industrial development, Gujarat has reached on top from the eighth position in the past. Electricity is made available to all the villages of Gujarat during last decade and Narmda water is now being supplied to the areas of Kutch and Saurastra”, he said.

Gujarat's agro production has increased from Rs.10,000-cr to Rs.50,000-cr, while one tenth of total milk in India is produced in Gujarat only, Mr. Vyas said.

‘Gujarat Global' – a coffee table book was released by Chief Minister on the occasion.

Chief Minister unveiled a silver coin which was brought out by Gujaratis living in America with a view to chip in to the making of world's tallest statue of Sardar Patel – ‘Statue of Unity' – in Gujarat.

Gujarat Assembly Speaker Ganpat Vasava, MP Purshottam Rupala, Cabinet members, Assembly Whip Pankaj Desai, Chief Secretary A.K.Joti, IAS officers, NRGs and people in large number were present on the occasion.

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Indian economy grew 7.4% in Q4 FY24; 8% in FY24: SBI Research

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Indian economy grew 7.4% in Q4 FY24; 8% in FY24: SBI Research
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PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Mathurapur, West Bengal
May 29, 2024
I will put all my strength into making Bengal developed: PM Modi in Mathurapur, West Bengal
TMC only has one weapon left, 'Eta hote debo na’: PM Modi in West Bengal
TMC doesn’t care about you: PM Modi in Mathurapur, West Bengal
TMC insults institutions like ISKCON, Ramakrishna Mission, & Bharat Sevashram: PM in Mathurapur, WB

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a powerful public gathering in Mathurapur, West Bengal, being his last rally in Bengal for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Paying homage to the holy Gangasagar, PM Modi acknowledged the overwhelming support of the people, especially the women, signaling a decisive victory for the BJP. He also expressed heartfelt gratitude to the people of Kolkata for their immense love and affection, which he believes reflects their endorsement of the BJP’s governance. “Your affection demonstrates, Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar,” he affirmed.

Highlighting the significance of the upcoming election, PM Modi described the 2024 Lok Sabha election as unique and remarkable. He reminded the audience of the hardships faced by millions of poor people, the lack of basic amenities, and the dominance of family-based politics that stifled the aspirations of the youth. “This election is being fought by the people themselves, stepping forward. Because they have seen 10 years of development journey and 60 years of decline,” PM Modi remarked.

“Countries that gained independence along with us, reached heights. We had so much talent, so much skill and potential, a growing young population, but we kept falling behind,” lamented the Prime Minister. However, pointing out the transformation that India has undergone in the last decade, he said, “Today, when India is moving forward at a new pace, the whole world is watching. Today, India is being praised all over the world.”

Listing the achievements of his government, PM Modi stated, “In the past 10 years, we have provided houses to 4 crore poor people. Brought water to over 12 crore homes. Provided electricity to every village. Today, we are the fifth-largest economy in the world. We are on the path to becoming the third-largest economy. Now, India is on the path to becoming a developed nation.” He emphasized that the next five years would play a decisive role in building a golden India, starting with the elections on June 4th.

For the development of Bengal, PM Modi stressed the need for electing MPs who share the vision of a developed India. “Therefore, I need as many MPs from Bengal as possible. I assure you, I will put all my strength into making Bengal developed.”

Criticizing the TMC and the INDI alliance, PM Modi accused them of taking Bengal in the wrong direction and being intolerant of the BJP’s growing support. “TMC only has one weapon left, 'Eta hote debo na!' The development work that Modi does. TMC says, 'Eta hote debo na!” He highlighted the obstacles created by the TMC government in various welfare schemes, including women’s safety, Ujjwala cylinders, and the Ayushman scheme.

“The stubbornness of TMC is causing great harm to millions of fishermen in this region,” he continued, outlining the numerous initiatives taken by the central government for the welfare of fishermen, which the TMC government has obstructed. “But, TMC doesn’t care about you. They are only concerned with their extortion and cut-money system. Will you punish such a TMC or not?”

PM Modi also condemned the TMC for its attempts to erase Bengal’s identity and attack religious institutions. “The TMC insults institutions like ISKCON, Ramakrishna Mission, and Bharat Sevashram. Their goons attack the monasteries. The Ram temple is the center of our faith. The TMC people call the Ram temple impure. Such a TMC can never protect Bengal’s culture,” said PM Modi.

Addressing issues of appeasement and constitutional violations, he accused the TMC of creating fake OBC certificates for Muslims, depriving the rightful beneficiaries. “The Kolkata High Court canceled these fake certificates, but the TMC cannot ignore the High Court’s order. They are lying to the Muslims, spreading confusion.” He assured that a vote on June 1st would stop these dangerous intentions and begin a new journey for a safe and developed Bengal.

During his concluding remarks, PM Modi assured the people that the BJP would bring honest development and fulfill their expectations. “Strengthen the BJP in Bengal. Only the BJP will fulfill all your expectations,” he declared, urging support for BJP candidates.